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Feb 12 2013

Parenting in the Age of Hope & Change

As we willfully revert to savagery in the name of poltical correctness, this is what passes for parenting.

Any adult who takes a school matter into his or her own hands – like a mother who allegedly entered Withrow High School without permission Thursday and helped her daughter beat up another girl – will be held accountable, Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig said Monday.

Police say the mother, her daughter and another woman burst into a classroom at the school on Madison Road about 2 p.m. Thursday. The mother and daughter, according to police, assaulted a 15-year-old girl, striking her with fists, feet and a combination lock. Teacher Kim Kilby suffered a black eye in the scuffle.

Police charged the mother – Precious Allen, 31, of West Price Hill – with felonious assault and aggravated criminal trespass.

Reports Cincinnati police School Resource Officer Shawn George:

“Some words were exchanged, and (the mother) told her daughter to ‘get her.’ Her daughter and the other young lady started to tussle with each other and the mother … thought the other young lady was getting the upper hand, so Mom got involved and started punching the young lady and held her down while her daughter was striking her in the face with a combination lock she had in her hand.”

Invariably promoting its statist agenda, the media seized on this opportunity to point out it was a good thing Mom didn’t have a gun, as if it weren’t a bad thing that no one else did either, so that the innocent were once again at the mercy of violent maniacs.

Elections hardly even matter. A culture like ours is becoming will inevitably produce the sort of leadership that is currently looting out of existence what remains of the great nation our forefathers left to us.

Precious Allen, modern American mom.

On a tip from Hillman.

  • Joe Mama

    Avoid the groid.

  • Jay B.

    Is it racist for me to say I knew the color of both girls the moment I read she assaulted an underaged female in class? Yes? Oh well.

  • Flu-Bird

    Will JESSIE JACKASSON or AL SHARPTON get involved with this case? Knowing their both big time busybodies sticking their long fat snouts into such things as this

  • Matt G

    Jay B.: No, it was common sense.

  • Clint Beastwood

    When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    ‘so that the innocent were once again at the mercy of violent maniacs.’ My guess is, there weren’t any ‘innocents’. Let ’em rot in the rot they voted for. 31 year old mama with a 15 year old daughter who’s probably got a two year old left at the house with the mama’s new boyfriend, unless 45 year old grandma ain’t bangin’ her boyfrien’ that day or 60 year old great-grandma or 75 year old great-great-grandma. Ain’t none of ’em gots a husban’ since nineteen sisty five.

  • Skyfall

    We have to face it: The press now controls this country. They no longer report news, they simply advance agendas.

    Unless and until we purge the press of the leftist parasites that are now setting this countries course, there is zero hope. ZERO.

    So what are we going to realistically do…?


  • Skyfall

    …should have written “this COUNTRY’S course”. Sorry.

  • Mickey Shea

    I knew it was a chimpout from the gitgo.

  • Sam Adams

    What…the assailant was a woman of color? Shocked! Shocked I tell you. These folks were oppressed for generations (generations ago). And they now oppress each other?


  • Zippy

    Precious Allen? Geez, that sure eliminates the need for a photo, doesn’t it.

  • gemalo

    B.O.— “If I had a daughter, she would be like Precious”

  • Mr Evilwrench

    I see no spark of intelligence in those eyes, breath of life you may call it, just the dead, dull stare of an animal looking at you through the bars of its cage.

  • AZRon

    PC once again trumps the facts.

    The truth is out there, we’re just not allowed to repeat it.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    Sounds like they were filming a Jerry Springer episode…….on location

  • dmgore

    wow. she doesn’t look anything like I thought she would.

  • Dr. 9

    After reading the story, the pic was not necessary.


  • DJ

    I think Precious was just having a bad hair day. 😉

  • bee

    Myyyyy PRECIOUS!!! (Gollum)

  • Flu-Bird


  • The thing in the photo – it’s female? Are we sure on that? I knew when I read about its conduct and its ridiculous name well I was certain of what race it would be. And when the article said it was a mother I was pretty sure it would be female. Now I’m confused by its photo. Oh well.

    For the rest of us – add this incident to the list of reasons to home school.

  • Louie

    I was gonna say the thing about not needing the photo, but so many of you beat me to it that I need not bother.

    The truth speaks for itself.

  • Yep, what Louie said.

  • AngryK9

    She has a daughter? Somebody bred with that thing?

  • Bill T

    AngryK9 she was the door prize at a keg party.

  • This civilization thing is hard for some folks.

  • rex freeway

    Is the security at all Chicago public schools this lame? A mother who did not belong there, went into a classroom in session and egged her daughter on in front of a classroom full of children and a teacher. I would think that everyone in a position of authority within the school system would be worried as to how they did get in and made it to the classroom

  • Jodie

    When my daughter was in grade school, her teacher read a passage from a book about slavery – in an attempt to show how bad it was. The next day, the mother of a black boy (who was a nice kid and one of my daughter’s friends) and the mother’s black boyfriend came into the classroom and tried to start a fight with the teacher (a white women) over what she had read to the class. The teacher tried to explain that she was on their side, but they didn’t want to hear a word of it and almost assaulted her over it – right in front of the students.

  • kickaniggass

    porch monkey please please try that with whitty

  • KHarn

    I wish these news idiots would stop calling trashy, violent people “ladies” and “gentlemen”.

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