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Feb 18 2013

Day of Resistance Reminder


This Saturday, February 23, mass public resistance to the media/government attack on the Second Amendment begins. Don’t miss it. Find the nearest rally on the official list, or sign up to get more information.

If you get some good pictures you want to share, send them along to Moonbattery.

An invitation from Roger Stockton of Western Representation PAC.

Hat tip: Freedom Outpost.

  • Wish I could go, I’d take videos of it.

  • Flu-Bird


  • Gunny G

    I’ll be there in AK. I’ll take some pics.

  • Dr Spock

    Nice idea but why only one rally in the peoples republic of Illinois? The Sparta Illinois rally is 300 miles from Chicago, the city that needs it most. Let’s get some more of these going!

  • Dr. 9
  • A. Levy

    This, from the Peoples Republic of Seattle:

    “In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing shall … safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection.” In other words, come into your home without a warrant to (poke around). Failure to comply could get you up to a year in jail…

  • Flu-Bird

    If Obama issues a excutive order banning guns and for gun confiscation there should be imediate calls for his IMPEACMENT Impeacment for ERIC HOLDER,JOE BIDEN and inditments for the BLACK PANTHERS

  • .
    I’d love to attend, but I’m going to be at a gun show ( We’ve had gun shows in Phoenix every month (rather than quarterly) ever since Hussein was elected.

  • Flu-Bird

    Register liberal politicians not guns

  • Nathaniel M
  • dan
  • Dude

    Register the mentally ill

  • Flu-Bird


  • HMS Surprise

    We either convince them to stand down now, or this could get very uncomfortable. I would suggest making every effort to show up, be civil but firm, and declare with mild belligerence… MOLON LABE

  • Ladysforest

    There is a big rally planned in Albany NY for the 28th of Feb. Many groups are going to be there, and many great speakers as well. Capitol Park, State Street, Albany. Parking can be a bear, so do your homework on this. It is a weekday (Thursday) so there will be regular traffic and parking will be a challenge. Contact the visitors center for Albany, 518-434-0405, for a possible source of info and advice on securing a parking spot at the area of the event.

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  • Hey! I did that graphic for one of the main organizers (not gonna namedrop)…glad to see it’s getting used, I was starting to wonder…

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