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Mar 30 2013

Planned Parenthood Argues for Post-Birth Abortion

Characterized mainly by his tendency to vote “present,” Obama’s career as a state senator is notable only for his repeated opposition to measures that would prevent children who are born alive following botched attempts to kill them in the womb from being left to die, then treated as medical waste. This depraved indifference to human life is shared by his lavishly federally funded Planned Parenthood allies:

Florida legislators considering a bill to require abortionists to provide medical care to an infant who survives an abortion were shocked during a committee hearing this week when a Planned Parenthood official endorsed a right to post-birth abortion.

Alisa LaPolt Snow, the lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, testified that her organization believes the decision to kill an infant who survives a failed abortion should be left up to the woman seeking an abortion and her abortion doctor.

That is to say, unless Mom has second thoughts, kill the critter.

Seeing is believing:

Liberals push the envelope further every day. If we continue on this course, soon chasing crawling babies around with an axe won’t raise an eyebrow.

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  • Skyfall

    Yeah Alisa, it’s kinda hard to talk without stammering when speaking the truth would expose the kind of creature you really are.

    I have said before that I feel a woman who might believe life doesn’t begin until the baby is born isn’t a murderer. Yes, it’s the killing of an unborn child, but if the woman truly doesn’t understand that it is already a human life and not “part of her body” or “just cells”, then I wouldn’t call her a murderer.

    BUT…then there is Alisa who (a) knows better and (b) supports post…POST!..birth abortions. At that point it’s not only murder, but a crime against humanity.

    Anyone besides me see a resemblance in both looks and attitude to Sandra Fluke?

  • Skyfall

    By the way, I know several women, including someone I was involved with, who had abortions back in the 80’s. They were not murderers, and have since done 180’s on their views of abortion.

    At some point, when it becomes clear that it’s a human life, even before birth, then unless someone is an inhuman monster (listening, Alisa?), they will “get it” and break free of the progressive mind-set.

    All the women I know now feel terrible about it and would never consider an abortion again.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    This is simply Planned Parenthood proudly declaring “we are all Kermit Gosnell now”

  • Frank

    Post-birth abortions? Isn’t that a lot like “retroactive”?

    If so, we can start at the top of one’s local Democratic registry and work towards the bottom.

  • Flu-Bird

    Hey liberal anti-gun freaktards the NRA has killed no ones kids cant say the same for PLANNED PARENTHOOD

  • johnnosk

    What is next, abortions up to 12 weeks after birth?

  • Gutsy Call

    Convince him that the ones to be aborted will grow up to be democrap voters on welfare and his position will evolve.

  • Ed Wallis

    Dear Author: Don’t buy the deceptive language of the Left. “Post-birth ABORTION”?!? *NO*, it’s called MURDER, when you take the life of another person.

    Either *that*, or the Left has signed its own death warrant, as we could then decide whom we want to “abort” at will. Why limit it to “mothers” and “doctors”?! That’s *so* “judgmental”!!! I’m only calling for “tolerance”…heh.

  • ThisObamaNation

    Allowing abortion at all was a slippery slope to start with. Now these morally bankrupt, soul-less, sub-human, individuals are calling for retro-active abortions.

    The bottom live is this… women and men who simply do want to be burdened with children, but cannot or will not control their sexual urges, are rationalizing and justifying the mass murder of innocent children.

    No matter how you sugar coat it this is precisely what abortion is…

    A rationalization or justification for mass infanticide.

    Very, very, bad karma folks.

  • IslandLifer

    Logistical concerns my ass. The health care provider is obligated to perform CPR until the patient can be transported to a hospital. There is no difference between this and any other human being who collapses at a doctors office due to a MI or any other health related issue requiring CPR. If you deny the patient the care it needs and the result ends in death or injury you are to be charged with crime. This is complete horse shit and her stammering shows it.

  • no money for tours?
  • Jay B.

    Kind of chilling isn’t it? The woman is so used to killing babies she doesn’t blink an eye when we’re talking about killing breathing ones. Just business as usual for her.

  • GoinSane

    Epitome of Evil.

  • And Satan howls with perverted glee.

    She has ice for eyes.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    johnnosk says:
    March 30, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    What is next, abortions up to 12 weeks after birth?
    Actually, yes

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    And this is exactly where the Lightworker stands on the issue!

  • Steve

    Pastor Rick Warren’s Easter Sermon – What is Hope?

  • SNuss

    From the link provided by Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    March 31, 2013 at 6:20 am:

    “Nonetheless, to bring up such children might be an unbearable burden on the family and on society as a whole, when the state economically provides for their care.”

    Using that criteria, couldn’t we then justify post-partum “abortions” of all “tax and spend” Liberals?

    Of course, we would also have to adopt their near-total lack of moral principles, in order to implement such a horrific policy.

  • gemalo

    Alisa LaPolt Snow— I have learned early in life, never trust a woman with two last names.

  • Jodie

    And once we get past this, they’ll be wanting to kill babies who are born with Down Syndrome, or those with deformities; perhaps those who are born the wrong color or the wrong sex.

  • Ed Wallis

    To: “SNuss” – Yes We Can! Got a problem with that?! πŸ˜‰

  • John Knoefler

    Her stance was obvious even if she did try to be as obtuse and verbious as possible. Horribly dishonest woman.

  • wildman

    im all for post birth abortion. lets start with her.

  • DJ

    @ Skyfall.

    We agree again … at least in principle.


    Can anyone guess which Dante’s circles of Hell people such as Alisa LaPolt Snow will be cast into?

  • Shooter1001

    Eugenics is next!
    What good are the retarded, disabled, sick, diseased, crippled, learning disabled, birth defected, jews, homosexuals, hermaphrodites? Sorry, homosexuals can stay.

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  • Flu-Bird

    If those wanks want to save lives then why dont they picket the HQ of PLANNED PARENTHOOD but then that wont get them the big media coverage they want

  • Sweep the leg

    If it’s “post-birth”, is it still an abortion?? WTF are we living through? How about “aborting” your 16 year old because he back-talked you?

    On the other hand, maybe we can “abort” all these black thugs running around with impunity? Just like a pure as snow baby is a burden on the C-word “mom”, these blacks are a burden on all of us.

    Just a thought…

  • Herod the Great in Hell

    With the right of post-birth abortion, no toddler would survive the terrible twos.

  • DJ

    DJ’s balanced approach to the abortion issue:

    I’m pro-life for white babies and pro-choice for everything else.

  • Flu-Bird

    Time to overturn ROE vs WADE

  • Dr.9

    If there was ever a case made for why Planned Parenthood should be considered as nothing more than serial killers, she made it. I’m surprised that none of the elected clowns present thought to ask her, “so, since you can’t answer some of the questions, and you clearly refuse to answer others, why are you here“?

    And here’s a thought for both the elected clowns and this baby-killer. For a Dr. to refuse to give life-saving treatment to “anyone”, is a crime!

  • Sweep the leg

    @ DJ


  • Musicmaven

    Hasn’t Planned Parenthood killed exponentially more children than guns in the USA…..where is the outrage and legislation to control them?

  • Carrie

    She did a good job of showing how callous people who still support abortion are. Anyone remember when rep Gwen Moore argued that it’s better for a child to die than to have to eat “poor people” food like ramen noodles?

    Instead of free abortions, Planned Parenthood should give out free sterilizations instead.

  • Carrie

    I also can’t help but notice that when I Google this story, the only websites that come up are non-mainstream ones. Sad how a celebrity breakup is bigger “news” than an organization supporting the right to commit infanticide is.

  • bobdog

    I support “post birth abortions”, as long as you’re referring to capital punishment.

    It’s just a matter of semantics.

  • Flu-Bird

    Time to write CEASAR CHAVEZ on a peice of paper and stomp on it

  • Backbone 76

    Who the hell is this fat little piggy? It makes me physically sick to even look at her let alone listen to her ignorant babble. If our society has to have a hearing to discuss what sort of medical attention we should give a newborn then I am very scared for our future.

  • JNN

    Who is the sicko?

  • Elizabeth

    The medical profession does push abortion for babies deemed “not perfect”. I have personal experience with it. If any of you are pregnant or thinking of having kids, I highly recommend finding a Christian doctor who won’t be pushing you for amnio’s, blood tests & abortion if something doesn’t look right. My first doctor very much tried to sell abortion to me even though he knew it wasn’t an option. I personally don’t know why they cared. But they did.

    There are various statistics around, but the best guess is that 90% of down syndrome babies are aborted. Expect Jesus soon.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    A DS child is not β€œan empty vessel,” she says. β€œWe now know that these kids can do anything that typically developing kids can do. It just takes a little more work on the front end.”

    We had a very similar situation play out.

    In the end there was a perfect child, because (Downs Syndrome or not) that’s the only way it can be.
    ( BTW their screening turned out a false positive)

  • A. Levy

    Isn’t it amazing how those on the Left have no problem killing thousands of babies, while at the same time, always using “the children” as political props?

    And while they see no problem with killing all those innocent children, they will fight you tooth and nail to save a convicted killer, rapist, or child molester from being legally executed. Now you can see why they consider liberalism to be a mental disorder.

  • Catch-22

    Because of her extremely poor health, early during her pregnancy in 1971, my wife briefly considered having an abortion — until she realized (with no prodding from me) that the unborn baby inside her was indeed a human life.

    Thanks to the Dalkon Shield, she lost what would have been our third child about 16 weeks into her pregnancy.

  • Whitney Moore

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