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Apr 11 2013

Travel Advisory

Travelers are advised to steer clear of the dystopian People’s Republic of New York, where the liberties Americans take for granted no longer exist. You don’t want to end up like Beth Ferrizzi of Fargo:

She is an average American women who considers herself a law-abiding and even upstanding citizen. She is married to Air Force Master Sergeant Joe Ferrizzi and they are expecting their second child.

Joe, who is deployed to Honduras serving his country, was recently able to meet Beth and their 6 year old daughter in Pennsylvania for a family visit. He also wanted to show her the Philadelphia neighborhood where he grew up.

The happy family reunion went awry when Beth left the American Sector.

Beth took her husband’s firearm with her when she flew to meet him. He has a North Dakota carry permit which is also recognized in Pennsylvania and he wanted to have it for personal protection while they were visiting.

However, her fatal decision was made when she booked her return flight from New York’s La Guardia Airport.

Queue up the recording of jackboots on cobblestones.

Despite going out of her way to insure that she understood the complex process of legally transporting a firearm on a airplane, she ran afoul of New York’s soviet-style web of draconian gun laws and was arrested, handcuffed, separated from her 6 year old daughter, and kept overnight in a New York City jail before finally making her way back to Fargo.

She is due back in the Rotten Apple for a hearing around the time the baby is due. To judge from Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown’s grim rhetoric, they plan to throw book at her.

Play it safe. Don’t set foot in the Evil Empire State. More importantly, don’t let liberals do to your state — or to your country — what they have done to New York.

Beth Ferrizzi, Enemy of the People.

On a tip from Wiggins.

  • Skyfall

    THIS IS WHAT I MEAN! The LAW now becomes the weapon, not the gun.

    They will intimidate the legal gun owner until his firearm has no value. You will be terrified to pull the trigger because you know no matter what, it will be YOUR FAULT, and they’ll tie you up in court (and maybe jail) for years.

    This will not stop…until the day that true Americans decide enough is enough. Then, woe to those that perpetrated this crime against humanity knows as “progressivism”.

  • Sam Adams

    I don’t understand why some enterprising attorney doesn’t file suit against New York for depriving this woman of her constitutional rights?

    The right to keep and bear arms is a constitutionally guaranteed civil right. If New York passed a law that only white folks could vote, or only men could vote, would you ever hear the end of it? The right to keep and bear arms is a far more fundamental civil right than the right to vote.

    These folks are depriving this woman of her rights under color of law. They have engaged in a conspiracy to violate her civil rights. They should be criminally prosecuted.

  • justme

    NY is Not part of the US, its laws or the Constitution. You have no expectation of any Rights or guarantees proscribed in such laws. NY is far closer to the world of Snake Plisken than George Washington.

  • bjd

    Not that it’s much better, being a NY GIANTS fan I am able to say TECHNICALLY they play in NJ.

    They need to leave that hell hole of the NY/NJ area and move to New Hampshire when Kelly and Jean are gone and replaced. Given Kelly’s voting record, she’s done next election.

  • Fiberal

    Yeah, the Jews ignored this stuff in their country as well:

  • Son of Taz

    I’m headed to NY in a week for three days and dammit I’ll be carrying my favorite firearm. There’s no effing way I’ll go there without it.

    God help anyone that interferes with my rights.

  • Sam Adams

    Son of Taz says:
    April 11, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    I’m headed to NY in a week for three days and dammit I’ll be carrying my favorite firearm.

    Hope you will be driving your own car and don’t get stopped. Otherwise, know the name of both a good bail bondsman and an attorney?

  • wingmann

    Are we not passed”enough is enough”?

  • F.D.R. in Hell

    I’m convinced that Americans are no longer SHEEP…

  • F.D.R. in Hell

    …they’re damned EUNUCHS. 😮

  • Dr. 9

    My advise to this woman is, if you come back to NYC, you’re crazy! To hell with the court date. In NYC, criminals and corrupt politicians go free, and innocent people go to jail.

    F.Y.I…. For anyone planning to come here:


    Be warned!

  • Flu-Bird

    Andrew Cuomo and Micheal Bloomberg both need to be voted out of america forever and even longer

  • redneek24

    Too late, just got done to the country, thanks to these fine folks, • Lamar Alexander (TN)
    • Kelly Ayotte (NH)
    • Richard Burr (NC)
    • Saxby Chambliss (GA)
    • Tom Coburn (OK)
    • Susan Collins (ME)
    • Bob Corker (TN)
    • Jeff Flake (AZ)
    • Lindsey Graham (SC)
    • Dean Heller (NV)
    • John Hoeven (ND)
    • Johnny Isakson (GA)
    • Mark Kirk (IL)
    • John McCain (AZ) (Surprised?)
    • Pat Toomey (PA)
    • Roger Wicker (MS)

  • gemalo

    Not that it will make her feel better, but Micheal Moore’s bodyguard was in the same situation a while back. If they treat their allies like that, we the people have no chance.

  • Sam Adams

    Gun laws are for the little people. Bloomberg, for example, gets around most gun laws by having his personal bodyguards members of “law enforcement.”

    The woman in this story will be branded a criminal and will not be eligible for a concealed carry permit because of it.

  • Bunky Archer

    Thanks for the tip but I wouldn’t go anywhere near the rotten maggot infested apple if they were paying by the hour. Same for shitcago, detroilet, san fagsicko and all other moonbat occupied areas.

  • Good luck to this woman. I hope she will talk to a laywer in ND about staying in ND and not ever returning to NY. I wonder if ND would extradite her.

  • token liberal who acknowledges reality


  • Flu-Bird

    Redneck 24, Their all traitors and deserve to be totaly voted out of office next year

  • jarhead

    Avoid NY at all costs!

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven

    They don’t call it the “Big Craphole” for nothing!

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