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May 01 2013

Phobias Rightly Named

It’s true that normal decent Americans can be phobic, but the freaks attempting to marginalize us misname the phobias. It isn’t Islamophobia and homophobia; it’s getting-blown-up-phobia and leave-our-traditions-the-hell-alone-phobia. Other countermoonbat phobias documented by Joe Dan Gorman at Intellectual Froglegs include: lying-media-that-tries-to-pin-Muslim-terrorism-on-patriots-phobia, taxpayer-subsidized-nationwide-Kermit-Gosnell-phobia, condescending-idiot-running-the-DHS-phobia, clinically-retarded-congresscritter-phobia, welfare-for-terrorists-phobia, envirofascist-phobia, and more:

  • Crazylegs Hirsch

    Don’t forget economic wipeout and worthless dollar phobia.

  • Steve

    Benghazigate Update. Benghazi survivors threatened by Obama admin

  • ED357

    Hey Paddy…

    How bout just “FROG PAD”?

  • grayjohn

    We can’t use profiling because it works and that’s not fair to vermin trying to kill us.

  • Flu-Bird

    CLUASEIPHOBIA: The fear of a bearded guy wearing a red and white outfit who comes on the night of DEC 24th SQUAWK,SQUAWK SQUAWK HYUK HYUK HYUK

  • Jodie

    Another great Joe Dan Gorman video! I have been busy lately and almost missed it. I’m glad I watched it this morning! I loved Janet Napolitano in the “Pat” outfit. Very fitting.

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