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May 03 2013

Separated at Birth?

I always knew there was something creepy about explosively anti-Christian bigot Mikey Weinstein, who has been recruited by the Obama Regime to impose “religious tolerance” on the Armed Forces. But I didn’t realize he is Uncle Fester’s identical twin:

uncle fester  mikey_weinstein

Uncle Fester isn’t the only member of the Addams Family household to have a moonbat twin in the Obama Regime:


Compliments of Clingtomyguns.

  • Major Kong

    Historians won’t be kind to this lefty rat traitor rouge’s gallery.

  • DJ

    You can’t help but notice that both Uncle Fester and Lurch are much better looking than their twin brothers … and no doubt allot smarter too.

  • Sweep the leg

    Like Fester used to say “Shoot him in the back!”

  • Flu-Bird


  • Comrade Kulak
  • MicahStone

    FYI: Weasel Zippers has for a long time referred to Hanoi-John kerry as “LURCH.”

  • Well Good

    @Micah we have a bozo button, a cookie and a gift certificate at Chuck E. Spears for ol’ weasel.

  • grayjohn

    I much prefer the originals.

  • Red State Radio


    Looks like they didn’t wait on the chicago dear leader messiah to take care of business.

  • jc14

    Agree with you, Micah, but you should know that Rush coined the nickname initially, many, many years ago. That it’s perfectly apt for John F-in Kerry tells you a lot about Rush’s perspicacity and prescience.

  • modd kenwood

    so this is how the kid from the Life cereal commercials turned out…what a shame.

  • Dr. 9

    Mikey Weinstein? Gee, that’s a big surprise.

    Mikey is living proof of why we need to reinstate public hangings.

  • Mary

    I wonder if Mikey Whine-Stein ought to be included in the long list of fake “hate crime” hoaxers:

    He has written that at the Academy he encountered a string of incidents of psychological harassment, including notes emblazoned with swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs , death threats, and two violent incidents of hazing where he was ambushed, beaten, and in one case hospitalized

    Yeah, no doubt this “horrible persecution” by so many evil Christians didn’t damage his promotion prospects one bit , huh…..

    But good to see this founder of the anti-Christian non-profit he runs (a FOUR TIME NOBEL PRIZE nominee to boot– insert laughter here) supports good wholesome specimens like The Fort Hood Mass Murderer in blaming a “hostile Christian working environment” for the poor baby’s rampage:

    Following the Fort Hood shooting, Weinstein suggested that proselytizing by “fundamentalist Christians” may have created a hostile environment that contributed to the psychological pressure on Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Hasan reportedly claimed that he had faced harassing insults related to his Arab ethnic background and Islamic faith.

    The enemy within looks a lot like a Mikey Weinstein.

    Like Dr. 9 says, the Day of the Rope for these cretins would be most welcome.

    Mikey Whine-Stein

  • Clingtomyguns
  • Ivan

    One thing that has to be respected about the “Mikey Weinsteins” is the depth and comprehensiveness of their revenge for whatever slings and arrows, real or imagined, they suffered. A normal fellow would plot to get even with the person who did him wrong, or forget about it after a while when the sting is gone, but not the “Weinsteins”. Nothing less than a takedown of the superstructure would satisfy them.

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