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Aug 04 2013

Sarah Palin Was Right

So right that even Howard Dean is now admitting it when it comes to the ObamaCare debacle, as Bill Whittle observes:

On tips from G. Fox and Stormfax.

  • Son of Taz

    Another 4-bagger from Bill Whittle!

  • Dr. 9

    If the American people weren’t so weak, dumb, and gullible, Sarah Palin would be in the Oval Office instead of the Muslim-in-Chief.

  • jan

    why shouldn’t democrats have death panels republicans have had them since nixon. sara palin is brain dead already so she doesn’t have to write on her hand any more!

  • F.D.R. in Hell

    “…into the upper level seats in right field!” 😉

    The White House Moslem Leader closes the Middle East Embassies for a week? Careful, peeps… that could mean something’s brewing to take place on American soil, because the clown is a damn evil magician. 👿

  • TED

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