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Sep 05 2013

Open Thread


Via PJ Tatler, on tips from Stormfax and Bob Roberts.

  • F.D.R. in Hell

    Yes, he did have some work done before arriving on Earth.

  • Eleanor in Hell

    Now, Franklin, we mustn’t judge a book by…
    shit, YES we can. 🙁

  • dan

    a few words for the religeon of peace and perhaps their black brothers: patcondell a word to rioting muslims

  • Will

    Flattery towards Obama will get you nowhere.

  • Flu-Bird

    Too bad for libeals that Hugo Chavez is dead otherwise he would smell the brimestone Come to think of it where Chavez is he is smelling the brimestone

  • berlet98

    Al Gore’s Lack of Climate Angst

    Not that he’s hurting in any way, former senator, former vice president, and failed Democratic candidate for the presidency Albert Arnold Gore, aka the Goreacle, should at least once in a while feel like a classic climate doofus.
    Gore’s entire raison d’être, the source of his new-found wealth, the basis for his bizarre Nobel Peace Prize and his documentary’s equally-strange Academy Award, is unravelling almost daily. To his great credit, he braves on, confident that his global warming/global freezing/global climate change warnings will consistently resonate with liberal-leftist dolts who are always willing to reward and grant him awards because they don’t know any better.

    Just consider some recent events that, like so many others, expose the fabrication that is global warming, Gore’s linchpin climate lie, the basis for Nobel Prize, his Academy Award winning “An Inconvenient Truth,” and for his newfound billionaire status:

    Select headlines from

    –”North Pole Sees Unprecedented July Cold–Arctic Sees Shortest Summer On Record– ‘Normally the high Arctic has about 90 days above freezing. This year there was less than half that.’ “

    –”Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection has shut down all field offices and laid off 90% of staff –Budget down 80%; Ex-donor calls goals ‘naive.’ “

    –”Arctic Ice Almost Back To 2002 Levels: ‘This year has obliterated the record for year over year ice gain, by a factor of two. It is now close to what it was in 2002.’ “

    –”Fewest Tornadoes On Record In the U.S. in 2013.” . . . (Read more at

  • Laurie


    Two white women are raped by 12 black teenagers:

    Here’s where the race of the victims is mentioned:

    And here’s how the cops are handling it: they’ve put out a bulletin to the scumbags: “Take accountability, step up, turn yourselves in so that way we could move forward”

    Oh yeah…that’ll do it.

    Naturally, the LameStream Media isn’t saying a word. But it’s obvious that blacks are deliberately targeting whites. How much longer are we going to take this sh!t?


  • TED
  • Steve

    Devastating list of companies and organizations cutting hours to Avoid Obamacare:

  • TED
  • TED

    Welcome to the liberal culture…


  • TED
  • ThisObamaNation

    Just Say No To Letting Obama PIMP OUT Our Military To Muslim Extremists!!!

  • ThisObamaNation

    Lindsey Graham Warns Of Nuclear Strike On Charleston S.C. After Military Whistle Blower Sounds The Alarm About An Off The Record Transfer Of Nuke From West TX to S.C.

    It Looks Like The Entire State of S.C. May Be Being Held Hostage By The NWO.

  • Sam Adams

    If I had a son, he would look just like Dear Leader.

  • dan

    Nobody does mockery better than Jon Stewart…
    ….except Dave

  • DJ

    Laurie asks: “How much longer are we going to take this sh!t?”


    Until whites smarten up and elect leaders that explicitly advocate for the interests of white people, the war on them/us will continue unrestrained.

  • DJ,
    Not just white people. Right and wrong.
    Till then, go armed. Pepper spray at the very least.

  • Flu-Bird


  • Dr. 9

    That’s a great depiction of the Muslim-in-Chief. It should be put on huge billboards and put up all over the country.

  • Clyde Deville

    Have you blasphemed against dear leader messiah, the one, again? Sobama Jugend Corps will be by for attitude adjustment comrade. Thoughtcrime and blasphemy against the messiah will not stand.

  • Lockie Warth

    A Heads up-Dear Leader Messiah, the immaculate savior of the world who loves all humanity, will give a speech on how to save the muslime brotherhood err I mean Syria Tuesday. Make plans to tune out now.

  • anon

    It’s getting a bit tiresome how everyone photoshops Obama to look better than he really is…

  • fruity pajamas

    If the Russians take umbrage with Dear Leader Messiah and won’t give us a ride for muslime outreach we can always catch a ride with Venezuela:

  • testicle safety assessors

    Homeland Security Allocates Nearly One Billion Dollars For Explosives Storage Magazines:

  • still loves me some rhetorical questions
  • Whooo! Go Wombats!
  • Elvis has entered the building

    Murphy: Pork chop, Pork chop. Greasy, Greasy. We beat your team, fuckin easy easy. WHOOO Go Wombats!

  • DJ

    A more accurate portrayal would be a diaper wearing Barry sitting in a high chair, banging his rattle whilst crying his eyes out in a temper tantrum for not getting his way.

  • dan

    Nuking Charleston…if it looks like a fish , swims like a fish and smells fishey ….

  • Flu-Bird

    The movie OMEN III has the son of satan running for president

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