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Sep 05 2013

Jeb Bush to Award Shrillary With Liberty Medal on Day Before Benghazi Anniversary

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If you didn’t already consider voting for potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush out of the question under any circumstances, maybe this will do the trick:

Possible 2016 Republican contender Jeb Bush is presenting Hillary Clinton, the presumptive front runner for the 2016 Democratic nomination, with an award Tuesday, Sept. 10 in Philadelphia …

Bush, the chairman of the National Constitution Center, is presenting Clinton with the organization’s 2013 Liberty Medal.

September 10 is 1 day shy of the 1-year anniversary of the Benghazi debacle, which Shrillary helped cause if only through neglect and incompetence, absurdly tried to blame on a YouTube video out of California, and then dismissed with the infamous phrase, “what difference does it make?”

Jeb Bush is the quintessential RINO, in that he sucks up to liberals and exists to advance their policy objectives. He is John McCain without the war record. If he or the comparably intolerable Chris Christie is nominated in 2016, the GOP is finished.

hillary benghazi
To receive Liberty Medal from a RINO.

On a tip from Clingtomyguns. Hat tips: Daily Dose, Michelle Malkin.

  • marcus t. cicero

    Another “has been” that wants in the Game…
    Suck up to DemocRATS is not only degrading but
    SOOO PATHETIC that makes me sick…Clowns to
    the Left and Clowns to the Right!!!

  • metalgarth

    One of the standard rumors out of DC is that the Bushes and Clintons have been close friends for years. It really wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Jodie

    It looks like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are vying for the position of Hillary’s vice president.

  • Dr. 9

    We’ve already had two Bushes too many, or doesn’t this clown think we remember. A medal for Hitlary? I think an indictment and a prison cell would be more appropriate.

  • JustAl

    The Republicrat party, more like professional wrestling every day.

  • .

    That’s why Jeb Bush is already the Chosen Loser for the Professional Loser Party (

    He’s a perfect choice for the GOP to put up to be their loser in 2016: He’s a hated Bush, he wants to give amnesty to illegals, and he sides with the enemy. He’s a perfect loser!

    We’d better get Rand Paul or Ted Cruz to run for president. If not, get used to saying “President Hillary”, because the GOP is going to do its damndest to make sure she gets elected.


  • DANEgerus

    Maybe Jeb Bush should give Hillary 4 medals of freedom, 1 per abandoned American at #Benghazi on 9/11

  • Flu-Bird

    She arive by broom and escorted by a bunch of flying monkeys

  • never civil (never will be)

    Hanoi Heinz got his manties in a twist when asked about Benghazi. Did you know he served in Vietnam and is so smart he can think holes in a boiler plate?

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  • Fiberal


    The key here is 2014.

    With a clean sweep of RINOs in Washington, the course the Stupid Party is on for 2016 may be averted by sending a strong message to the RNC, voters and delegates.

    The current system of primaries, caucuses and national conventions is a mess bc of reforms initiated by Dims in the late 1960s and constantly changed, mostly but not entirely by Dims, ever since.

    But we may get a conservative if the the Tea Party rallies.

    On the other hand, Dims vote name recognition or race almost exclusively.
    Hilliary is not actually black and Democrats hate women. So the Dim turn-out may be relatively lower.

    Then also, now there’s a good chance of getting rid of Lindsey Grahmnesty. And we could get rid of the abhorrent racist Marco Rubio. I don’t what’s wrong with Arizonians and McLame but unfortunately, he’s in.

    The other factor is getting indolent, apathetic, economically-illiterate, blank-eyed, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, contrary, Slurpy-drinking, gun & bible clinging republicans off their sluggish, nose-picking, television-watching, atavistic, arguing, beer-drinking, tree-climbing, sports-radio, sports-obsessed, entertainment-driven, fossorial republican asses up and out to vote.

    ReStupicans let Romney go down (I think there were re-runs of Dallas on TV on election day).

    So that last one is going to be one very, very difficult job.

  • sTevo

    Words escape me.

  • Hill

    Both Bush and Clinton illustrate why there needs to be a law that prohibits family dynasties forming in any level of government.

    i.e., No Bushes, Clintons, Gores, Kennedys, Pauls, or Murkowski.

  • Wear black on 9/11 for the victims of Benghazi. Show their families we have not forgotten.

  • TED
  • apostle53

    No more Royal families!! Say no to Chelsea Manning/ Clinton for Queen!

  • Flu-Bird


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