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Sep 23 2013

Common Core Turns First Graders Into Advocates of Social Justice

We’ve recently seen how Common Core exposes children to pornographic literature and promotes ghetto culture, and how speaking out against it at the wrong place and time can get you thrown in jail. Here’s how Common Core trains 6-year-olds to become social activists like the Community Organizer in Chief:

The tradition progressive quotations apply.


“When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’”


“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

On a tip from Dr. Theo.

  • Cheryl

    Argumentative, persuasive writing is the theme from first grade through high school in the Common Core. Little indoctrinators in training, maybe?

  • Fat Richard

    The youfs need sharp uniforms with brown shirts while serving in the sobama jugend core comrade.

  • IslandLifer

    Informational Texts

  • Anonymous

    Racist black bus driver insults passenger:

    You’re short, fat, and white.

    Driver not fired.

    No media outrage. (VIDEO)

    School administrators in Pennsylvania caused a media uproar after using the ‘n’ word (allegedly) in text messages. But a black bus driver insults a white passenger by saying, “You’re short, fat, and white” and gets to keep her job. No outrage!

    I wonder: Will this white woman get a statue next to Rosa Parks? Will her name be canonized in the annals of American history as an example of black-on-white racist indignities?

    What about the skinny white teen who was beaten nearly to death on a school bus by three black thugs? Will he get a statue?

  • Hitler and Lenin were better men than obama. As for Common Core avoid it by not paying taxes and by homeschooling.

  • Jack Reid

    This is where this battle will be won and lost, the right MUST use the words in these books and show the people this directly. Its far more powerful than arguing intellectually against it.

  • Spurwing Plover

    This is called INDOCTRINATION im sure Lenin,Marx,Stalin,Hitler,Kruschev and Castro would approve of Common Core

  • Matuski Basquez
  • So Cal Jim

    I’m so glad my kids are out of school. Some advice to all you out there with school aged kids; talk to them. Talk to them every day. Talk to them about morality, honesty, and doing one’s duty despite “feelings” or fears to the contrary. And you MUST talk to them about how wrong their teachers/lessons are whenever you believe them to be wrong.

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  • Flu-Bird


  • whotothewhat

    When I saw my 9 year old son’s shocked and revolted facial expression last week when I was telling him and my wife about Homo Depot story from Moonbattery in which a management type dude asks the lowly warehouse dude for his hand in marriage, I felt relived that my Christian
    son gets it. I will be very proactive in his up bringing and will work to correct any moonbattery as i find it.

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  • Michael

    How can Hitler, a traditionalist who believed in nation, race, class, flag, military, be called a progressive? Not in the wildest dreams of the most deluded Fox News fan was he a progressive.

  • Michael

    What is wrong with teaching children the elements of rhetoric, or introducing them to it as a concept? What’s wrong with the idea of taking action to change things? Isn’t that what happened in America in the 18th century, when Americans rebelled against the British? Didn’t they use rhetoric and “emotional words” then? Didn’t they take collective action? How do you know this material won’t be used for conservative purposes?

  • Iconoclast

    Helpful hints for the factually-challenged:

    -“Nazi” is short for the German words for “National Socialist”.
    – Traditionalism, nation, race, class, flag, and military do actually involve the political spectrum. The political spectrum only refers to how much control has over its citizens. The more government control involved, the more left wing it is. The less, the more right wing. Hence, the “far right wing” is actually anarchy.

    – If you don’t want to expose yourself as a deluded MSNBC fan and low information voter, it’s not a good idea not to refer to those who are actually informed as “deluded Fox News fans”.

  • Iconoclast

    And to counter more low information…

    “What is wrong with teaching children the elements of rhetoric, or introducing them to it as a concept?”

    Because that’s not something age-appropriate? Rhetoric is something for high school. It’s like teaching Multi-variable Calculus to third graders.

    “What’s wrong with the idea of taking action to change things?”

    You appear to be laboring under the illusion that any change at all is a good thing. A beginning logic class should disabuse you of that rather self-important delusion.

    ” Isn’t that what happened in America in the 18th century, when Americans rebelled against the British? Didn’t they use rhetoric and “emotional words” then? Didn’t they take collective action?”

    Not really. Your view of the whole matter is simplistic on the level of a first-grader.

    “How do you know this material won’t be used for conservative purposes?”

    Setting aside the rather obvious examples we’ve already seen in the ACTUAL MATERIAL, there’s also the whole history of education from the 20th Century onward, and the fact that the grand majority of educators are leftists. The Cubs have a better chance at winning the Superbowl* than for this not to be the leftist hot mess it’s already proving to be.

    * -Which would be exceptional, since the Cubs are a baseball team

  • michael

    The Nazis may have had “socialist” in their name, but it was modified by “national”. Socialism proper is international. The only “socialism” they had was for war purposes.

    The basic left wing belief is equality. The basic right wing belief is hierarchy.
    Egalitarianism is “left”. Authoritarianism is “right”. You can’t have an authoritarian left without severe contradictions, which were clear for all to see in Soviet Russia. Just as an authoritarian left is a contradiction in terms, so is a libertarian right.

    Authoritarian leftists (of which hardly any still exist) have to accept the historical baggage of Lenin, Stalin and Mao. I’m afraid that you on the right have to accept the historical baggage of Hitler and fascism. There can’t be any viable “libertarian right”. The natural mode of the right wing is authoritarian.

    If the Nazis were so “left”, how come the very first people that they rounded up were socialists, communists, and trade unionists? How come their modern descendants consider themselves right? How come they liked all the things that the modern American right liked, and disliked all the things that they liked? They believed in government intervention for war and patriotic purposes, sure, but plenty of people on the American right believe in that too.

    Left wing doesn’t mean government control. It means liberty, equality, fraternity. Anarchists are left wing. I know that this is how it’s presented in America, but it’s a complete mistake, a fallacy put about by vested interests.

    I disagree that rhetoric isn’t appropriate for young children, or at least an introduction to it. They used to teach it to children in the classical world and the middle ages, very young. Ancient Rome and its ideals was one of the main inspirations for the Founding Fathers of the United States.

    I didn’t say any change at all was a good thing. But some things do need to be changed. For instance, America needed to stop being a British colony and start being an independent country. I take it you agree with that?

    So the American colonists didn’t take collective action? Of course they did. They didn’t use emotional language? “No taxation with representation” “Liberty or death”.

    I don’t get your last point at all. The material could just as easily be used to inspire conservative political action, like some sort of tea party thing.

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