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Oct 30 2013

Liberal Demigod Harvey Milk Preyed on Troubled Underage Boys

When decent people gag on learning that the US Post Office is issuing a Harvey Milk stamp, it is not just that Milk’s sole notable accomplishment was to be acknowledged as a pervert. He was a particularly disgusting type of pervert that any healthy society would strive to eradicate rather than deify. Matt Barber has enraged liberals by drawing attention to Milk’s “deviant sexual appetite for underage, drug-addicted, runaway boys”:

Harvey Milk’s only claim to fame is that he was the first openly homosexual candidate to be elected to public office (San Francisco city commissioner). His chief cause was to do away with the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. In 1978 Milk was murdered over a non-related political dispute by fellow Democrat Dan White.

And a “progressive” martyr was born.

Like many in the sacred (to moonbats) gay caste, Milk was drawn to the young — the illegally young:

One of Milk’s victims was a 16-year-old runaway from Maryland named Jack Galen McKinley. As previously mentioned, Milk had a soft spot in his, um, heart for teenage runaways. Motivated by an apparent quid pro quo of prurience, Milk plucked McKinley from the street.

Randy Shilts was a San Francisco Chronicle reporter and close friend to Harvey Milk. Though Shilts died of AIDS in 1994, he remains, even today, one of the most beloved journalists in the “LGBT” community.

Shilts was also Harvey Milk’s biographer. In his glowing book “The Mayor of Castro Street,” he wrote of Milk’s “relationship” with the McKinley boy: ” … Sixteen-year-old McKinley was looking for some kind of father figure. … At 33, Milk was launching a new life, though he could hardly have imagined the unlikely direction toward which his new lover would pull him.”

McKinley later committed suicide.

Milk didn’t have much use for what he called the “heterosexual model” of sexual relationships. He preferred multiple partners. This is how AIDS spreads so quickly. McKinley was hardly his only prey.

Another teen who crossed paths with Harvey Milk was Christian convert and former homosexual Gerard Dols. In a 2008 radio interview with Concerned Women for America, Dols shared of how – as a physically disabled teen – the “very nice” Harvey Milk had encouraged him in 1977 to run away from his Minnesota home and come to San Francisco.

According to Dols, Milk told him, “Don’t tell your parents,” and later sent him a letter with instructions. Thankfully, the letter was intercepted by Dols’ parents who then filed a complaint with the Minnesota attorney general’s office.

Too bad the authorities dropped the ball on this, no doubt for political reasons. If Milk had been thrown in prison where he belonged, California might have been spared the ignominy of an actual state holiday called Harvey Milk Day, and the nation as a whole might never have to behold Harvey Milk postage stamps.

You can tell a lot about people by the people they admire. Sometimes you can tell even more by the people they demand that others admire. Evidence that normalization of pedophilia will be the next great civil rights crusade continues to accrue.

An evil creep we are told to revere.

On tips from R F, Python, and Scott Drummond.

25 Responses to “Liberal Demigod Harvey Milk Preyed on Troubled Underage Boys”

  1. Son of Taz says:

    Homosexuals live a distorted life. All members of their own sex are possible hook-ups. Homosexual men are more aggressive and age is clearly no barrier.

    They are all sick.

  2. Klae says:

    Not sick, that becomes an excuse. “Evil,” as noted in the caption.

  3. Sam Adams says:

    If I receive a letter with a Harvey Milk stamp, I’m thinking of taking the following actions:

    1. Throw the letter away.
    2. Inform the sender that a Milk stamp indicates their tacit approval and support of pedophiles.
    3. Refuse acceptance of the letter; mark it “Return to Sender.”


  4. Sam Adams says:

    One statistic that can’t be changed about homosexuals is their high rate of suicide. They can blame it on the lack of acceptance by society, but “gay” people do not lead happy lives. This article helps explain why.

  5. Clingtomyguns says:

    Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter

    Isahia 5:20

  6. RKae says:

    Sam Adams:

    You can go to the Netherlands (the most homosexual accepting culture on Earth) and the high suicide rate is the same.

  7. TED says:

    Oh yes, he has ALL the qualifications of a liberal god. And remember, “it’s for the children”.

  8. joe says:

    As a teen boy, I hitchhiked around the US a lot. I met many gay men, they hang around likely hunting grounds and look for vulnerable teens.

    As you say, gay men are aggressively promiscuous. Actually I think “will screw anything they can” is a better description, since most are bi.

    Teen boys are cuter. And vulnerable. And modern teens have had a lot of propaganda stuffed into them.

    Allowing open homosexuality means that parents cannot leave their boys with any male, or there is no limit to the compulsion they will face.

    So every youth activity(including school!) is ruined for the youngsters, so that gays can flaunt their perversion openly. A poor trade-off.

  9. So let me get this straight. If a Catholic priest molests a teenage boy, the whole church is at fault, but if a homosexual activist molests a boy, the matter is swept under the rug and he is a hero.

  10. Not to mention that you are a bigoted homophobe if you note any connection between his orientation and a habit of molesting teenagers.

  11. IslandLifer says:

    Child rapists should be handled the old fashioned way. Or cut off their pecker and shove it in their mouth. Then suture it closed until they choke it down.

  12. el polacko says:

    good grief ! i’ve never read such hateful nonsense in my life. i knew harvey personally and the man was most certainly NOT a pedophile…nor did he ‘sleep around’. harvey cared deeply about the entire community (and did a great deal of good for his constituents) but, of course, had a particular concern for society’s treatment of gay people. providing support for a young man who was rejected by his family for simply being gay only equals ‘molesting’ him in the dirty minds of bigots.

  13. 762x51 says:

    So the difference between Harvey Milk and Jerry Sandusky was . . . . . geography?

  14. Spurwing Plover says:

    The Harvey Milk stamp even worse then the Ceasar Chavez stamp

  15. Moe says:

    762X51…..good one. If Sandusky would just have admitted being a homo up front….we’d be hearing crickets now.

    el polacko….sounds like you got Harvey Milked!!!!

  16. Reagan Conservative says:

    Queers will love licking the back of the new Harvey milk stamp – it will taste like ass.

  17. Clingtomyguns says:


    “But Harvey Milk, deceased politician and gay icon, didn’t just limit himself to molesting underage boys. It was much worse than that:

    “Rev. Jones is widely known in the minority communities here and elsewhere as a man of the highest character, who has undertaken constructive remedies for social problems which have been amazing in their scope and effectiveness,” Supervisor Milk wrote President Jimmy Carter seven months before the Jonestown carnage.

    The purpose of Milk’s letter was to aid and abet his powerful supporter’s abduction of a six-year-old boy. Milk’s missive to the president prophetically continued:

    “Not only is the life of a child at stake, who currently has loving and protective parents in the Rev. and Mrs. Jones, but our official relations with Guyana could stand to be jeopardized, to the potentially great embarrassment of our State Department.”

    John Stoen, the boy whose actual parents Milk libeled to the president as purveyors of “bold-faced lies” and blackmail attempts, perished at Jonestown.

    Harvey Milk was part of a political establishment, that included Jerry Brown, that politically benefited from Jim Jones’ Communist cult and protected his abuse of children.

    December 17, 1978 – New York Times – Determined to help elect politicians friendly toward his People’s Temple, the Rev. Jim Jones ordered what former temple members say was an organized campaign of fraudulent voting practices that included importing busloads of illegal voters to cast their ballots in this city’s 1975 municipal elections.

    Among those named by some of Mr. Jones’s former followers as recipients of his political support were Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, both of whom were shot and killed in their City Hall offices, three weeks ago, allegedly by an enraged former city official.

    Voter fraud isn’t a problem. Just ask any Democrat.

    Milk had used Temple volunteers, wrote endorsement letters, and, in a hand-written note, told Jones “my name is cut into stone in support of you – and your people.”

    In stone.

    None of that stopped Obama from awarding the Medal of Freedom to Harvey Milk. Bob “Filthy” Filner wanted to name a Navy submarine after Milk. And now the bankrupt post office will be giving Milk a stamp.

    Why not?

    What’s a few dead and molested kids between Democratic pals?”

  18. […] Liberal Demigod Harvey Milk Preyed on Troubled Underage Boys […]

  19. Irv Spielberg says:

    Harvey Milk Stamped “Out” Forever !

    The Obama Cabal is
    behind universal GAYety with a “forever” postage stamp glorifying Harvey
    Milk, a Jewish homosexual predator “attracted to boys aged 15-19,”
    according to WikiAnswers! (Also see Wikipedia.)
    Global gaydom was even predicted by Jesus (see “days of Lot” in Luke 17 and compare with Genesis 19).

    And the Hebrew prophet Zechariah (14th chapter) says that during the
    same end-time gay “days” ALL nations will come against Israel and
    fulfill the “days of Noah” at the same time (see Luke 17 again) – a
    short time of anti-Jewish genocide found in Zechariah 13:8 when
    two-thirds of all Jews will die.
    In other words, when “gay days” have become universal, all hell will break loose!

    The same “days” will cause worldwide human government to collapse in
    just a few short years! For the first time ever there won’t be enough
    time for anyone to attend college, have a family, enjoy retirement, etc.
    It will also be the last time anyone like ObabaBlackSheep will be able
    to keep pulling the wool over our eyes!
    One final thought. The more we see gays “coming out,” the sooner Jesus will be “coming down”!

    For more, Google or Yahoo “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up,” “Jesus Never
    Mentioned Homosexuality. When gays have birthdays…,” “FOR GAYS ONLY:
    Jesus Predicted…,” “USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans!” and “The
    Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”
    (PS: HOMOgenized Milk is preferred by Gov. Schwarzenaggravator and Pres. ObabaBlackSheep.)

    [Good blog, Dave. The foregoing piece was discovered on the net.]

  20. WarrenHart says:

    Great ceremony at the White House unveiling the new Harvey Milk stamp.

  21. Irv Spielberg says:

    US Pederastal Service puts pederast Harvey Milk on a postage stamp!

  22. thinkingabovemypaygrade says:

    So sad. I actually read one person “justifying” Milk’s pouncing on the 16 year old male because there was some state (not sure which) where 16 was the age of consent. Evil. Wonder how many other young males were destroyed or at least damaged by predator Milk??/ (You have to wonder when someone has to regularly target those much younger than himself!)

  23. thinkingabovemypaygrade says:

    and watch for more promotion of pedophilia!

  24. NotTheSheeple says:

    Might as well make a stamp for homosexual pedophile John Wayne Gacy as long as the USPS is promoting gay child molesters.

  25. WarrenHart says:

    Pedophiles are adults or older adolescents who are sexualy attracted to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or younger. Neither John Gacy or Harvey Milk would fit that description. John Gacy was a sadistic serial killer who preyed on vulnerable young males where vulnerability was the common denominator not age. Some of his victims were over 20 years old.

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