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Nov 07 2013

Trajectory of South Africa’s Descent Steepens

economic freedom fighters south africa

New York City and Virginia aren’t the only places to be pushed off the deep end by demographically supported left-wing ideology. It happened to South Africa when the country committed suicide at the insistence of the sanctimonious “international community” by turning control over to a mob of savages. The formerly civilized nation’s descent is gaining velocity:

South Africa’s beleaguered white minority—already subjected to an unprecedented campaign of murder, robbery and violence—are facing a renewed assault in the build-up to the 2014 national elections with the growing support for a new violently anti-white party called the “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF).

The EFF was founded by the former head of the African National Congress’s Youth League, Julius Malema, after he was expelled from that party.

The Left will always push the envelope. Not long ago, it would have been difficult to imagine being so radical as to get kicked out of Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC), a socialist organization known for the savage practice of necklacing.

The EFF’s policy position of the party is based on the not unjustifiable claim that twenty years after the handing over of power to the black majority in 1994, black people are still not economically “liberated”.

By this they mean that blacks are still overwhelmingly poor, and even though white wealth levels have dropped dramatically, that group still appears to be in possession of most of the remaining financial assets of the country.

Equality will not be achieved until everyone is forced down to the lowest level.

South Africa is already a hell for the whites who once raised it up out of the Stone Age. Much of the white population has escaped due to endemic racial violence and systematic racial discrimination. But so long as there are any left at all, whites will be blamed for Africans continuing to live like Africans. EFF policy

demands the nationalization of land, mines, banks and other assets without compensation and, in particular, on a racial basis.

At a recent launch of its party group in Marikana (in the old western Transvaal, now called the North West Province), EFF supporters carried banners reading “Honeymoon is over for whites” and “To be a revolutionary you have to be inspired by hatred and bloodshed”.

Already South Africa has a president who publicly sings about killing white people. Now the leadership will escalate from encouraging and facilitating freelance thugs to becoming a Third World Third Reich.

Whites have lived in South Africa for nearly 400 years. They won’t be there for much longer, because civilization is shrinking as it dies of political correctness.

According to a recent survey, 42% of young blacks approve of “land reform” as the EFF defines it — i.e., confiscating most if not all property owned by whites. No doubt the percentage of white college professors in the USA and Europe approving of the EFF would be even higher.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a thousand pictures. The video below demonstrates the practice of necklacing, made famous by liberals’ beloved ANC. WARNING — GRAPHIC:

That is the world’s future if civilization continues to wither and withdraw under the effects of the self-hatred inflicted by liberalism.

On tips from DJ.

  • Softly Bob

    That’s one of the most barbaric and sadistic things I have ever seen in my life. Every single one of these ‘gutter-niggers’ deserves a place in Hell.
    The reason that Apartheid came into existence in the first place was not because ‘Whitey’ is racist, but because ‘Whitey’ realised that he could not live amongst these savages, and that the only way to keep law and order was to keep these black devils on a short leash.

  • nev

    the negro who for thousands of years , walked barefoot on acres of diamonds , and never once bent down to pick them up ?

  • Subject Bob

    What animals!! Hope the whites leave and they all starve.

  • Tchhht!!!

    You can take the bunny out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the bunney. Ooohhh, did I say that?

  • ThisObamaNation

    Once Atlas Shrugs in South Africa, (as it surely will) the indigenous savages will have no choice except returning to the jungle. They simply do not have the intelligence or skills needed to run a civilized country.

    The moral of story is: YOU CAN’T POLISH A TURD.

  • Rob Banks

    Funny, but I don’t see any Western nations offering asylum to South African whites…

  • BobM

    We’ve seen this movie before, haven’t we? Can anyone say Zimbabwe?

  • Rob Banks
  • Dr. 9

    Obviously, the best way for Whites to deal with this is, to leave ASAP. What’s going to happen will make the old Mau-Mau wars look like child’s play. South Africa will become a huge anti-White terrorist state.

    Leaving is also the best form of revenge, since blacks can not/will not support themselves in any way. With blacks in charge, Africa will implode, as do all other places where blacks become a majority. Personally, my (only) concern is for Africa’s wildlife. Poaching will now become the rule and the wild animals will suffer most.

  • A. Levy

    Will the Left now call for massive boycotts and disinvestment as they did when White South Africans were in charge? Obviously not, since the Left now has what it wanted all along. Communist control.

  • Mickey Shea

    Economic Freedom Fighters…also known as the GibsMeDat

  • IslandLifer

    Maybe they can eat themselves out of existence.

  • nev

    the people of Africa “are very dangerous children” dr.livingston Victorian explorer

  • nev

    the black man will always be the white mans burden ” Rudyard kipling”

  • justme

    Bono and all of the rock groups are coming together to bring attention to these terrible atrocities along with Danny Glover and all of Hollywood – Wait for hysterical laughter 3…. 2….. 1….

  • justme

    It would take a Sub-Saharan black to make a Muslim savage look civilized.

    Nice to know they are on another continent, but bear in mind Liberals will import them en masse as they are doing with another group of sub-animal savages – Somali Muslims who now colonize parts of Michigan and Minnesota.

  • nev

    the black man has yet to evolve from the stone age ” and I see them as a sub-species “Charles Darwin”

  • Beef

    “Equality will not be achieved until everyone is forced down to the lowest level.”

    Equality is never the goal. Victory is.

    @Dr.9: Unlike with most other refugee applicants, our government makes it very difficult for white South Africans to come to America. A lot of them are trapped their, awaiting their ultimate fate.

  • modd kenwood

    this is the AFRICAN trait that America’s so-called “African-Americans” still retain after many centuries of living in a civilized country,as well

  • Spurwing Plover

    Back when the hollyweird crowd were making crappy movies like OUT of AFRICA with Robert REDford and I DREAM OF AFRICA i say phooie on them let these wanks go live there if they like it so much AFRICA IS STILL THE DARK CONTNENT

  • Jester

    So where was that video shot? Was it in Washington DC, Detroit, or Chicago?

  • Cameraman

    These are nothing more than the Retarded sons of Satan, never quite made it to Human!!! Only Mooselime are a Tad More Violent!!!

    Leave Africa to devolve back into the DARK Continent!!!

    Semper Fi

  • FrankHD

    South Africa was nothing when the Boors settled there, scattered tribes, no real settlements, the blacks came in mass later, the vermin hadn’t even invented the wheel yet!
    If any whites in SA still have wealth they better start hiring Merc’s to save them. There needs to be a brutal response to these actions. I know that SA is lost for whites but they need to take out as many of these subhuman shits as possible, I mean massive strikes, fire bomb neighborhoods take out any and everyone they see…there are no innocents.
    I bet this poor bastard did nothing but belong to the wrong tribe.
    FK’em all let their ‘god’ sort them out.

  • ET

    Subhuman savages

  • Skidd

    This is why I left south africa, I could not deal with these kaffirs anymore. They are a plague and should be wiped of the planet.

  • rex freeway

    People don’t realize that when Whites showed up to build South Africa, there were no shitskins around. They were brought from the north to help build the city. Once up and running they realized they were basically useless. Now after the Liberal thought process turned the government over to the bottom feeders, it is in a nose dive that cant be reversed. A petri dish of what happens whenever Groids are put in a position of power. This isn’t an isolated case. In fact you cannot point to one town in Africa or America with majority pop. of groids that is successful and thriving. It cant be done.

  • Conan

    I cannot think which is worse. Subhuman Muslims or subhuman niggers?

  • DJ

    That horrific display of savagery filmed in Africa is not too different to that which frequently happens right here in Amerikwa.

    One of the more memorable examples:

    Reginald Denny Beating

  • MissAnthropy

    I just wish the White Man would learn to pick his own crops and scrub his own toilets. Every White country that is burdened with “diversity” got that way because at some point in time somebody thought menial labor was beneath them.

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    Blacks and Sean Penn are why we keep our guns. And Mary Landrieu, Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton, John McCain……………

  • Marian

    This is just proving the theory that once a savage, always a savage. This is what will happen to America if we don’t get those lily-livered RINO’s out of the way.

  • Gary Benson

    With niggers in control, it’s bound to be hell on earth.

  • FrankHD

    @DJ… FK YOU!
    “…not too different”…are you a FK’n retard??
    I guess in your shit filled brain some guy getting a beating from some asshole cops is the same as having your face beat in, being doused with gas, set ablaze, and having a barn fire built upon you is the same. Do the world a favor. Crawl back up you hooker moms c**t and hopefully this time she gets kicked in the gut and miscarries you…FK’n waste of sperm.

  • FrankHD

    @DJ…sorry I was way out of line…I douched out, didn’t read your post right.

  • Anonymous

    There is a driveling, vulgar imbecile commenter that apart from having an antisocial personality disorder suffers from a hopeless case of speed dyslexia.

  • Ummah Gummah


    These very people are also allowed to “immigrate” into the Europe and America.

    We have already seen a Nigerian jihadist dismember
    a British Soldier on a crowded London street.

    RIVERS OF BLOOD, anyone?


  • Ummah Gummah

    Beef says:
    November 7, 2013 at 1:20 pm
    “Equality will not be achieved until everyone is forced down to the lowest level.”

    Equality is never the goal. Victory is.

    @Dr.9: Unlike with most other refugee applicants, our government makes it very difficult for white South Africans to come to America. A lot of them are trapped their, awaiting their ultimate fate.

    They should just get on boats and land on European shores and demand to be let in like all the North Africans currently invading via Italy.


  • oldguy

    The black man is a stone around the white man’s neck.

  • Anonymous

    Equality is a modern invention.

  • Hank

    Black communist rule worked so well in once prosperous S. Africa, America decided to give it try in 2008.

  • Ray McIntyre

    What a bunch of racist maroons,

  • Rotohammer

    So western civilization brings to the African continent the automobile, based on the wheel and the internal combustion engine. This is how they apply it to their culture. However, we are told all cultures are equal, so are we to judge?

  • Rotohammer

    @FrankHD, I get that you maybe saw “Reginald Denny” and thought “Rodney King” – an easy mistake to make. You apologized, and that’s cool IMO. But when you go off on somebody, you really spread it on thick! LOL.

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  • Savingstone

    Truly frightening…I know a few white people from SA and after hearing about the insane amount of security white neighborhoods have to employ, I can’t understand why they would want to live there anymore…Just as many nations have crumbled after expelling the productive class…so will SA

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