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Nov 17 2013

Oprah Goes Overboard, Calls for Genocide

Whoa. Oprah Winfrey has done as much as anyone to bring pro-black racism into the mainstream. But if this passes for mainstream, we are heading into scary territory. Quoting Oprah from the video below (starting at 3:14):

“There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it — in that prejudice and racism [i.e., political incorrectness] — and they just have to die!”

Oprah then goes even further off the deep end by declaring that the same liberal media that hyped Obama into office primarily because of his race — and that has kept him there by downplaying when not totally ignoring impeachable and even prison-worthy scandals such as Fast & Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, et cetera — is actually abusing him because it is racist against blacks.

Anyone who actually believed this appalling woman’s demagoguery would have to be clinically insane. But Oprah knows that squealing about anti-black racism — even if with no justification whatsoever — is how you get the self-loathing white liberal establishment to give you any damned thing you want.

Oprah is worth $2.9 billion. Think how rich she would be if she weren’t oppressed by racists.

On tips from Annie-Esq, Ummah Gummah, and Bob Roberts.

  • Jim

    Hate speech, just hate speech from the left. Will someone who knows her tell her that, please.

  • IslandLifer

    Look bitch, you may have pulled the wool over the eyes of a great number of females but I have always seen straight through your greedy ass tactics. You are a shame to decent humans everywhere, bitches like you have no heart. Your fake charity and emotions may have fooled some but you’re no better than that bitch who claims to be Barry’s wife. You’re both negro monsters.

  • Xavier

    LOL that was what I wrote on another blog, except since blacks are the worst racists it seems like she’s asking for negro-cide.

  • Xavier

    O/T but this has potential: The LA Times is running a story about a volcano found underneath Antarctica. Since Antarctic melting is the Crown Jewel of Warmism, the implications are huge. It’s a bad week to be a moonbat.,0,6645564.story#axzz2kwqTM9q9

  • baldowl

    Oprah Winfrey is a GD devil.

  • Grunt

    You first, DOPE-rah.

  • jack

    My sister was living 2 blocks from the Manhole in Chicago in 2000. She scored free Ocra tickets and was more than happy; as a yuppie white female to attend the show. She told me that when the cameras were rolling, she was a bundle of diverse joy, bantering with her black & white guests alike. During commercials though, the true racist Ocra would come out and she would ignore all of the white guests, even going so far as inviting black only guess to a luncheon following the taping of this show. It is no surprise that Oprah hates white people. She is wealthy enough to own up to it now.

  • DJ

    Lest we forget, Oprah was a congregant of the same anti-White black-supremacist church that Barry attended for 22 years.

  • Doom

    First thing I thought was… does she realize minorities are far more racist than non-minorities? She ought to look in the mirror before pulling out a gun to shoot people who say things like what she just said.

    On the other hand, white sheets might improve her look. Who am I to dissuade fashion statements, even if they aren’t… to my taste?

  • ArmyMom

    One of my FB liberal friends who dared state that Oprah was ridiculous for saying what she did and was totally surprised at the venom that was suddenly put on his wall by his other liberal friends. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! It is so much fun watching libs eat their own.

  • Sami’s Paki Kebab Shack

    Orca gets a little too excited about her halfbreed messiah and revealing her true feelings. Isn’t it funny watching a billionaire cry about racism all the time like someone is holding her back. Orca better be careful Bull Connors is waiting around the corner at the segregated fountains with a firehose. Oh wait it is almost 2014 and not 1964.

  • Phil Yercraken

    Oh noes!!! Oprah is gonna take your pee shooters and burn your double wides!!!

    Settle down you dumb fuckin racist hicks.

  • Cindy

    So, apparently O doesn’t know that black sold blacks (and still do today) into slavery and child prostitution on the African continent.
    She is as big of racist as Shartpton, Jackson, Holder and obama….funny how she has been so put upon when she is a billionaire, and got all of her money becuase of white folks.

  • Cindy

    BECAUSE of white folks

  • rich

    She’s too smart to use the front door to disrespect America face to face, does she not remember natalie maines (dixie chicks)talking trash outside the USA. Although her swooning fans are the definition after the word un/misinformed voters!!!

  • Would you like to try and take the peashooters?

    Settle down Philistine we’ll break a graham cracker in half for you and put on your favorite Mitt Romney disses the 47% video. And the Karl Marx bedtime story book is on your Spongebob nightstand.

  • Jim

    The hooved, obese, sow, Oprah Wontheracelottery ought to stop attacking law-abiding Whites and go back to smoking crack and having sex with her uncles, cousins, and mammy’s boyfriends.

  • Phil Yercraken

    Smell that? It’s the impotent rage of a bunch of stupid, bucktoothed white racists on this thread.

    Oprah is going to bed a billionaire and you assholes are laying in your own shit filled double wide.

    She was RIGHT you assholes SHOULD fuck off and DIE!

    Go Oprah!!!!

  • Go Away!

    Relax Phil Fagboy beat off to your sobama shrine cocksucker.

  • You put me in the position of defending Oprah Windbag – but damn, she was NOT even suggesting at all that anyone be killed, exterminated or any of that. Please stop spreading manure.

  • The Fuck Off Poseur Show

    Fuck Off Poseur.

  • marcus t. cicero

    Them Grits got into her little stupid brain…
    How about all them Blacks go back to Africa, no more need
    to be Raaaaaaaacist, uh,uh….

  • Shes Texan

    Phil here is allowed to be a good liberal bigot, I see. Reverse racism they call that, every bit as ugly as the original and promoted by the same idiots who don’t know the KKK was founded by Democrats, that Planned Parenthood was founded by a Democrat to keep “the number of colored races down”, that the first slaveowner was a black man and that Barry Soertoro isn’t the first partly black man to become in American history…he’s just the first to use it as a marketing technique.

  • Shes Texan

    Oops. To become US. President, that is. He isn’t the first partly black man to do that.. Five before him, Google that!

  • Stehen E Dalton

    Oprah was raped/molested three times before she was twenty by her soul brothers. Yet, she hates us white folks? Whoa, someone has a really ad case of misplaced anger and rage here!

  • The New Civility

    Philicia that is not very tolerant of you. Can’t we all just get along in the glorious each according to his needs workers of the world unite redistributive utopia? Your worldwide laughghinstock epic FAIL communtiy organizer messiah who had a hard road rising up from the $20,000 a year Punahou private academy loves you and is fighting hard to make sure you get some free shit from those whitey crackas.

  • Hedgehog Rugged Defense

    But I thought we had a glorious post racial hopetopia with the election of the one back in 2008BB. (before barack)

  • Alborn

    Oprah knows how to lie to get the white establishment to give her money. She lied to get where she is. For those people that have some kind of white guilt I can only say you have been suckered all the way to the bank. It takes a liar to support a liar. Obama and Oprah are two peas in a pod. What have they done for all the blacks living in poverty in this country. Stop watching Oprah and stop listening to these stations that give them a voice to spout lies.

  • RobL

    Oprah believes white people should die.

    Oprah is a racist.

    Truly, this fat black racist needs to be killed.

    Or shut up before that should happen.

  • WTSherman1864

    Oprah and Obama and their ilk only increase racism.

    Division is what they do:

    The Great Dividers.

    The color purple my arse!

  • SafeTea

    @ Phil Yercraken

    So wealth is your yardstick for success? Not goodness, righteousness, kindness, but money?

    You and Oprah are cut from the same cloth, apparently.

  • Jim

    When the fat-assed racist, Oprah, signed on to star in “The Color Purple” she thought it was about those with blue gums and purple lips.

  • Fenria

    Doesn’t she realize that the wives of these so called “old racists” are her core audience?

  • Tchhht!!!

    Orca, Democrats, and Hollyweird are pushing racism as hard as possible to keep blacks on the plantation. We saw 12 Years a Slave this weekend. Watch for an increase of black on white crime after this film completes its run.

  • desiree

    Oprah would do the world more good if she were in a BODY BAG!

  • Pegon Zellschmidt

    Your sistas and brothas are influencing a new replacement cadre of whites who shake their heads and vomit at the murders, rapes and otherwise uncivilized behavior they exhibit on a daily basis. John Derbyshire is still right.

  • Drury

    Tchhht!!! says: We saw 12 Years a Slave this weekend.


    Why the FUCK would you waste time and money watching anti-White propaganda designed to inflame low-IQ blacks into committing more genocidal crimes? If you were pushed into seeing this by a spouse or other friend/family member, then you really need to grow a pair and straighten their ass out. Open their eyes to the anti-White genocide taking place all around you. And stop supporting hollywood’s production of this kind of filth with your hard earned money. Nothing much worse than seeing members of my own race happily funding their own demise. WAKE UP!

  • GhostOfGBShaw

    She is talking progressive eugenics, pure and simple. “Eliminate (fill in the blank with whatever group you fancy to be sub-standard) and the world becomes a better place.”

    It’s been tried before, Oprah. Get rid of retarded people or Jews or the blind…just liquidate them from the gene pool and the race of supermen will finally emerge? It might have worked the last time except for that trouble on the Russian Front.

    Ms. Winfrey’s mask is coming off rather quickly, and what’s underneath isn’t pretty.

  • justme

    Well you know that genocide has been raging against Caucasians in Zimbabwe, South Africa and our own living testament to racial equality. However, in America our media who acts as the Ministry of Truth refers to the ongoing Genocide of Caucasian America as “Games.” The “Games” of “Polar Bear Hunting” and the “Knockout Game” are daily occurrences of Caucasian Genocide that the media televises rarely, but only as games “teens” play.

    Time for the “Hangin’ Game”.

  • firefirefire

    She’s right, just think how many more millions upon millions of dollars Oprah might have earned had it not been for racist white people.
    The Camps are open, plenty of ovens, no waiting. step right up.

  • ThisObamaNation

    Had Enough Yet?

    1. Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case Dropped and Perps Let Off Scott Free.
    Also ACORN’s and SEIU’s Scandalous Behavior, Encouraged and Intentionally Over Looked by Obama Administration.

    2. Declaring The Fort Hood Terrorist Attack “Work Place Violence”.

    3.The Solyndra Debacle. Millions of Tax Payer Dollars Flushed Down The Obama Hole.

    4. Fast & Furious

    5. The IRS Scandal and Cover Up.

    6. Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate and Selective Service Registration Card Used to Deceive the Public.

    7. The Benghazi Lies and Cover Up.

    8. Appointing Muslims with known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood to the Obama Administration.

    9. Obama Repeatedly Telling Lies To Pass Obama Care.

    10. Obama Wasting Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Tax Payers Money to Build a Government Website that does not Even Work!!!

    How Much Worse Can It Get?

    Tomorrow, Nov. 19th, Between 10am and 6:30pm, At Layfayette Park, Directly Across The Street From The White House…

    Please Join Us To DEMAND The Immediate Resignation Of Barack Hussein Obama!!!

  • jeigheff

    I wonder if Oprah’s realizes that her remarks are a double-edged sword concerning blacks who have hated whites for generations and have no intention of living in peace with non-blacks.

  • Problem is I don’t see her as a black human, instead just another liberal idiot. I hear that color blindness is the new rascism. so I am I bad?

  • Pep

    Yesterday evening I watched a documentary about a Marxist/socialist that people were willing to murder or commit suicide for. His name was Jim Jones. Just sayin’.

  • Softly Bob

    Oprah sold her soul years ago. She’s reaping the profits of that now. Come pay back time, the Devil will get what’s owing to him and I wouldn’t want to be in Oprah’s shoes when that happens.

  • Negroes are such a smaller fraction of our population than the “racist” whites. It would be much easier to eliminate the negroes. Without negroes, there will be no racism.

    For the sake of ending racism, all the negroes will just have to die!

  • Mannie

    The Opra is calling for the death of the President of the United States? Isn’t that a crime? And she is calling for her own death.

    What a worthless piece of garbage.

  • Louisiana Steve

    I just want to know what books Oprah wants us to read next…pant, pant, pant.

  • TED
  • TED
  • DJ

    TED says:

    November 18, 2013 at 11:09 am

    Tyrannical Criminal.


    Good one, Ted!


  • Spurwing Plover

    Never ever watched ORPHANED WINDFREAK just another Black biggot

  • Mark

    To be fair (which she is not), she in no way called for genocide. We should not get involved in the same kind of hyperbole they do. Let their actual words and deeds show who and what they are. We have no need to sink to their level.

  • DJ

    “We have no need to sink to their level.” ( –Mark)

    Maybe we shouldn’t sink to their level; rather, we should RISE to their level.

    After all, the level they’re operating at is highly successful in terms of beating our (conservatives) brains out at every turn. Mark, just look at the results!

    At least think about it.

  • Mark

    DJ: If we practice situational ethics, we are no better that the slime we decry.

  • Mark

    DJ: If we practice situational ethics, we are no better than the slime we decry.

  • Gary Benson

    Ugly is an an ugly fat bitch, a hate filled anti-white bigot asshole.

  • Bryce Talbee

    The fatass was whining that a “racist” store clerk in Europe wouldn’t show her a forty thousand dollar purse. How awful! What suffering! Now she’s whines that we hate Barry because he’s black! Doesn’t even occur to this fat bitch that we hate Barry because he’s a LYING COMMUNIST ASSHOLE.

  • Veritas

    I thought Oprah was referring to herself and her pals in the WH.

  • DJ

    Mark says:

    November 18, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    DJ: If we practice situational ethics, we are no better that the slime we decry.

    I agree with that, Mark. But what I really would like to see is people taken to task to the fullest extent when they incite animosity and hatred towards white people whilst having the unmitigated audacity to do so in the name of as fighting racism. That is exactly what the duplicitous Oprah is doing. She and her “anti-racist” ilk need to be publicly exposed then condemned once and for all.

    “Anti-Racist Is A Code Word For Anti-White.”

  • mable pritchett

    Oprah is a racist idiot. I have nerver been so sick of seeing anyone airing their stupid opinions as I am sick of her,, with the exception of Barack, Michele, Beyoncé, Jz. Since when does a President belong in office when he has rapper friends? I will never watch Oprah on tv again after hearing her make this racist remark born of pure hate.

  • mable pritchett

    Oprah is a racist idiot. I have nerver been so sick of seeing anyone airing their stupid opinions as I am sick of her,, with the exception of Barack, Michele, Beyoncé, Jz. Since when does a President belong in office when he has rapper friends? I will never watch Oprah on tv again after hearing her make this racist remark born of pure hate.


    I hate this fu**ing bitch!


    I hate this fu**ing bitch!

  • ndk13

    Okra should die

  • ndk13

    Okra should die

  • Confused and angry

    In missouri, racists thrive moreso now days inside black communities. Public school has indoctrinated us to have a dream. My generation is very anti-racism. However being classifieds as “Caucasion” I also run into a lot more racist blacks looking for anyone to take their angst out on. To me that’s just being a NAZI. I call for genocide on racists regardless of any personal data. Oprah is a NAZI. Fuck you Oprah! And your racist ilk. You perpetuaton of evil. I am 1/16 African, 1/16 british, 1/4 german, 1/8 italian, 1/4 irish, 1/4 native American and 1/8 human. people classify me as “Caucasian” Fuck You! especially around town I have experienced episodes of racism against me just because I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Get fucked. It’s my fault somehow? Pshaw. I hope Ebola gets every fucking biggot Fuck on the globe.

  • Hon

    Oprah is fully “marinated”. This woman is a billionaire, all thanks to naive white women. She is a narcissistic racist liar. What a truly horrible person.
    She says she has been discriminated against? right, discriminated to the tune of billions of dollars. We should all suffer like Okra.

  • Dee

    I’m so sick of this racism. Us young generation must suffer. The world needs to devide the bad and the good and then we need an atomic bomb to bomb them all so the good people can live in peace. Who cares if your white black pink or purple. They label them selves cause they not happy with the colour of there skin. They all have a chip on there shoulder and think the world ows them. Who gives a rat’s ass if your black coloured white Asian fucking Chinese we all human so lets fucking act like it.

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