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Nov 22 2013

Seattle City Councilmember-Elect Kshama Sawant Calls for Seizing Means of Production

What will the changing demographics of America mean for our future, if Democrats and their RINO collaborators manage to displace the American population with Third World foreigners? The native Left is hoping it looks something like this:

Seattle City Councilmember-elect Kshama Sawant [a socialist from India] told Boeing machinists her idea of a radical option, should their jobs be moved out of state.

A deal that would guarantee that doesn’t happen for eight years was rejected because the union would have had to make pension concessions. It isn’t only state governments that could face bankruptcy if gold-plated pensions aren’t brought under control. But unions don’t make concessions, no matter how reasonable — not in the Age of Hope & Change.

“The workers should take over the factories, and shut down Boeing’s profit-making machine,” Sawant announced to a cheering crowd of union supporters in Seattle’s Westlake Park Monday night.

Mobs taking over factories sounds like something that could only have happened in the dark days of the Russian Revolution. Actually, it happened in Detroit during the Depression. A sympathetic FDR refused to send in the National Guard so that the “profit-making machine” could get back to producing cars. Obama used means only superficially less thuggish to help the UAW seize control of Chrysler, illegally stiffing secured creditors.

Consider that phrase — profit-making machine. To a moonbat like Sawant, it is an invective. They don’t believe anything should be able to function efficiently enough to generate a profit. They don’t believe anyone should enjoy the wealth profits create. They don’t believe in the freedom we have when we are able to create wealth through our own efforts.

What they do believe in is power. The dimmer among them may believe in some of the wacky rhetoric they use to dupe idiots into letting them have it. For example, here’s what Sawant plans to do with Boeing’s property after the means of production have been seized:

“We can re-tool the machines to produce mass transit like buses, instead of destructive, you know, war machines,” she told KIRO 7.

Democracy means that if the majority of the population becomes sufficiently debased to vote for people like Sawant, then people like Sawant will rule us.

Sawant: Imposing Third-World politics on America.

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  • Mickey Shea

    Retool this, you ignorant bitch. God, some people are so
    ignorant it’s amazing.

  • marcus t. cicero

    IS the Sawat wyman a Native American???
    Just a question…

  • Doug

    Just wondering how “Saw Ant” arrived on the continent? A Boeing aircraft? Or a log raft? The log raft might have killed some sacred trees.

  • Capitalism Works Use It

    The profit making machine is what pays for everything.

  • Rhetorical ?

    Will it be like the great leap forward where the mail room attendant was promoted to brain surgeon with zero credentials or qualifications and the brain surgeon was demoted to mail room attendant?

  • Conan

    Shoot the commie pig.

  • Jim

    This council-member should give Boeing all the incentive it needs to relocate all its facilities in the state of Washington to a more business friendly state.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Evil liberal bolshivek bitch

  • BobM
  • Musicmaven

    If Boeing decides to leave Seattle I am sure they will not leave their production equipment behind……because like not for nothing ….they OWN it! Well at least for now. Then those engineers will have no jobs and Boeing will have less money to pay their big ass pensions.
    Does this idiot know if the company doesn’t make money it can’t pay anyone?..
    Does she have a government job where her pay comes miraculously from the government…like free money… Not really out of the tax payers pockets or anything like that ……
    Then their is the Mayor elect of NYC.
    I am sure Satan could be elected if he had a D after his name.

  • Rob Banks

    Let’s see how long any business that wants to remain part of the productive economy hangs around Seattle. Maybe watching their economy crash and burn will bang some sense into the heads of some voters.

    Then again, maybe not. Again Atlas will shrug, and Seattle will end up looking like Detroit.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Burn her putrid T-Shirt

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    She should have thought twice before allowing her own intelligence to be redistributed

  • Ummah Gummah


    There is a reason the turd world looks like the turd world.


  • miamiharold

    A real-life Ivy Starnes….(if you don’t get the reference, read “Atlas Shrugged”)

  • Betty

    My brother is a machinist at the Everett plant at Boeing. He voted for the contract because it guaranteed they’d pay almost nothing (he currently pays $20 a month for a cadillac plan) for health insurance until 2024. Yes, they are trying to phase out the guaranteed pension, and replace it with other types of retirement savings, because that’s what companies have to do now, but again, it would have been phased in and not affected older workers at all. The annual pay raise was pretty small, but it was a raise. The older guys who would only have benefited from the contract who voted against it are voting against the idea that the pension plan will have to change. They are just not open to that inevitability. And Boeing knows that when the machinists say they’ll strike, that they will, because they have so many times in the past, so they are facing either future bankruptcy over pensions, or moving the plant to a friendlier place. If they do, the Everett/Seattle area will suffer greatly.

  • RayNAiken

    A fairy tale:
    Years ago Boeing owners took it upon themselves to pool their money to build a plant to break even, give people jobs at a ridiculous pay rate and make sure they could go to a doctor without paying anything.
    And if if a plane got built after all that …Hey! That was even better!!!

  • John Lewis

    I see from Wikipedia that William Boeing was already wealthy when he founded Boeing. Making money from selling aircraft must have been wildly speculative back in 1917. He probably worked from a variety of motives, as tech entrepreneurs often do.

  • John Lewis

    Kshawa Sawant is probably in American because she has worn out her welcome in India. It is of course shocking for a foreigner to arrive and start telling Americans what to do. The perfect revenge would be to relocate the Seattle plant to India. I would bet the Indian government would be very happy.

  • SandyS

    That mentality worked in Russia didn’t it. What a clueless loon.

  • Bob Roberts

    Surprised me that you left out the thuggish takeover of Government Motors which stiffed stockholders and enriched unions then also shafted taxpayers.

  • Bob Roberts

    Gee, rich people figuring out what people want then seeing that those things are designed and built. My only question is why aren’t people like those who thought of Starbucks and Apple included as villains in this light?

  • Bob Roberts

    “We can re-tool the machines to produce mass transit like buses, instead of destructive, you know, war machines,” she told KIRO 7.

    First, Boeing makes a lot of passenger aircraft which are clearly NOT ‘war machines’. Second, you can’t use aircraft tools to make busses, generally, they’re purpose designed and purpose built. Third, not too far southwest of where I live there’s a huge lot full of busses and I wonder why there are so many busses just parked there then I realize it’s the moonbat system to take over the decision making then overproduce the things nobody wants or needs. Then, of course, they blame it on capitalism even when they know it was them, not capitalism, making the mistaken production decisions. Like her idea to suddenly produce busses for which there is no demand or need instead of aircraft for which there IS a demand or need as long as we’re not forced, by excessive union demands backed up by fascists like Obama and the Democrats, to make too many union concessions that price us out of the world and domestic markets.

  • RNB

    Sawant talks about people’s jobs being ‘moved’ out of state. What is being discussed is the site where the new Boeing 777X model will be manufactured. The assembly line for the present 777 model is in Washington, but the 777X is a different airplane and will need a new production line. There are no current jobs building 777X’s, so no jobs can be ‘moved.’ The IAM’s demand is that this new work on a new airplane be kept in Washington state, where the IAM has a history of striking, most recently costing Boeing about a billion dollars in delayed deliveries and penalties.

    In the meantime, Boeing recently established a second production line for their 787 airliner in right-to-work South Carolina. And they just bought additional land on the north side of that factory site…

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  • Hill

    Ahh, Commies are good at taking over businesses but they could not and can’t run them to save their lives.

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