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Oct 31 2011

Jim Rockford Lays Into an Occupy Wall Street Type

If you need an idea for a Halloween costume, why not dress up as Jim Rockford and go trick-or-treating at the nearest Occupy infestation?

Via Big Hollywood, on a tip from Henry.


  • TrickleUpPolitics

    I’m just passing through on my way to Australia.

  • Martijn

    Blount… that was a TV show from Hollywood… they make propaganda for their political agenda… remember your open thread yesterday Sheesh!

    Now for some reality…

    Herman Cain… “Bla bla bla bla….. bla…. bla……blabla bla…”

    Translation…. “I did not engage in sexual harassment with that women”

    …he’s going down.


    Rick Perry’s ‘truly bizarre’ speech: Was he drunk?

    He’s finished…

    Thanks for the circus. Keeps me laughing.

    Especially seeing Ann Coulter so offended because liberals said ….mean things about Cain? Ann Colter accusing others of ….being nasty! REALLY? UNBELIEVABLE! HILARIOUS! It was probably Romneys doing anyway.

    Maybe America really is rotting away. It’s culture is no longer able to produce quality leaders… just hucksters, thieves, drunks, hypocrites, masochists… and lots of ignorant sheep.

  • Ha! The truth is like smoke to a hornet’s nest; watch them swarm 🙂

  • Gunther: Enjoy your god, you’ve seen your reward.

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  • Alan

    More of this clip: who’s paying for her meal? – And why is she eating the meat but not the bun?

    Also, thank you in advance for not feeding the troll ^

  • Festivus

    And yet the tin god stands naked.

    Enjoy it while you can libs.

    There’ll be no joy in Mudville one year from now.

    It doesn’t matter who the nominee will be.

  • Festivus

    Stings don’t it, Andy?

    The truth is not your side’s best suit. lol

  • Jodie

    When I was younger, I used to dream of someday being married to James Garner. The other night my daughter had a dream that she was married to James Garner.

    I hope he is a conservative!

  • Hail The Amberlamps!

    The Rockford Files’ Jim Garner depicts the hangover adults had in the 70’s with ten years of prog idiotic degeneracy and this scene certainly reflected that.

    Why the hell each generation has to relearn the perils of liberalism is a testament to how entrenched it is in pop culture and the education shitstem.

  • Trevor

    I tried to post a link to this on my liberal feminist sister’s FB wall cause I thought it would be funny. She wasn’t having any of that. Liberals have absolutely no sense of humor. There’s something wrong with an ideology if it’s adherents can’t laugh at themselves.

  • Hail The Amberlamps!

    Andy Gunther Martijn is a testament to insanity. Dude, really. Your schtick was funny for a couple of threads but the subsequent thousands of boilerplate progbot posts got your ass canned for a good reason.

    You aren’t funny. Your point is tired and annoying. Just go away.

  • HJ Bounel

    You believe in nothing. ’nuff said.

  • Tim from TK

    ” It’s culture is no longer able to produce quality leaders… just hucksters, thieves, drunks, hypocrites, masochists… and lots of ignorant sheep.”

    …but enough talk of the liberals/progressives/marxists…

  • Dr. Dave

    Huh? All I could think of was , “damn, that burger sure looks tasty! Why isn’t Jim eating it?”

  • Michelle

    40 years later and that idiot sounds EXACTLY like the ows morons….

  • TED

    Concluding his trip

    His END is near. 😎

  • TED
  • Graycat

    I remember watching on this site, a scene from “Dragnet” where Joe Friday and Bill Gannon rip into a moonbat. Dave, do you still have it and can you post it again?

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