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Dec 03 2013

Marking Milestones on Venezuela’s Road to Communism

As Vladimir Lenin helpfully explained, “The goal of socialism is communism.” You will know it has been attained when stored shelves are completely empty.

These days countries normally set off down this road not by losing civil wars to socialists, but by electing them, as with Barack Obama in the USA or Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. The longer socialists remain in power, the more people they are able to make dependent on government, the surer they are to win the next election.

Let’s check in on Venezuela’s progress along the road to communism. Here’s what department stores looked like before price controls inflicted by Maduro:

zara before

…and here’s what they looked like afterward:

zara after

The USA’s progress toward communism can best be tracked at the website, assuming it is working today.

Hat tip: Fausta’s Blog. On a tip from R F.


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