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Dec 17 2013

Widow Living Off the Grid Has House Condemned

If you want to try living off the grid like everyone on earth had always done until a few generations ago, don’t let local authorities find out:

A Fla. city [Cape Coral] is set to evict a widow for her unique lifestyle of “living off the grid.”

Robin Speronis told WFTX-TV that she was given an eviction notice after the station aired a story about how she chooses to live in a home without modern amenities, such as running water and electricity.

“A code enforcement officer came, knocked on the door then posts a placard that says uninhabitable property, do not enter,” Robin said.

Robin, a widow, owns the house free and clear, and property taxes are up to date. If they throw her out of her house, she will be homeless. But at least the bureauweenies will have saved her from living without modern amenities.

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  • Bo Jangles

    Now they’ll put her on food stamps and welfare. As has become the trend in Amerika, our leftist rulers are not happy unless (everyone) depends on the govt.

    The next time you hear some fool tell you that this is a “free country”, laugh really loud.

  • Dr. 9

    “Asked” to leave? When they slap an official notice on your door, that’s not a “request” to leave. It’s an order. Who said the Gestapo no longer exists.

  • 762×51

    “Robin, a widow, owns the house free and clear, and property taxes are up to date. ”

    If that is true then this woman needs to be defended. I am willing to show up with my rifle and help her defend her property from tyranny. Remember this poem by Holocaust survivor Martin Niemöller:

    They came for the Communists, and I

    didn’t object – For I wasn’t

    a Communist;

    They came for the Socialists, and I

    didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Socialist;

    They came for the labor leaders, and I

    didn’t object – For I wasn’t a labor leader;

    They came for the Jews, and I didn’t

    object – For I wasn’t a Jew;

    Then they came for me -

    And there was no one left to object.

    Martin Niemoller, German Protestant Pastor,


    The poem is about indifference and cowardice, two traits that are rampant in modern Amerika. As I have said before you have only two choices now, kneel and live out your life as a slave to this totalitarian dictatorship or fight and die free. I die free.

    Who will join me?

  • Phil Wilson

    People talk about lines in the sand. I guess most of us have them. This widow’s situation (assuming there isn’t more to the story than that), would be crossing a line for many Americans I think.

  • Phil Wilson

    @ 762X51

    “Kneel and live out your life as a slave to this totalitarian dictatorship or fight and die free. I die free.”

    Not sure it needs to go straight to that. Peaceful non-compliance could still work. Remember the leftists in the 60′s that used to lock themselves together and shut of access to buildings and get in the way of bulldozers and such?

    One problem, of course: Those leftists of the past could usually count on cops playing by the rules and not hurting anyone. Now that lawless leftists are in charge, I’m not sure we can count on the cops (especially federal goons) to play by the rules anymore.

  • Xavier

    Interesting this is happening in Florida. Anyone who has weathered a hurricane has probably lived without electricity and running water – and undoubtedly were not as well prepared as Ms. Speronis.

  • Spurwing Plover

    The entire city council including the mayor needs to lose theier american citizenships

  • Son of Taz

    The way we can help this woman out and maybe put a stop to this kind of crap is for as many people as possible to call them endlessly until they back down. Here’s the number to call:

    Cape Coral Code Enforcement
    Address: 1015 Cultural Park Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33990
    Phone:(239) 574-0613

    The bozo that posted the notice should be slapped around because there was no inspection or anything resembling due process.

    We should keep in mind why building and sanitary codes exist. While this woman is clean and appears to be a good neighbor, it’s also possible that 10 or 15 “guests” of this country could be living under similar conditions and the codes would be the only way to stop them. Who’d want to live next door to a bunch of clowns with no running water, using the great outdoors as their personal bathroom.

  • 762×51

    Phil, you asked and answered your own question. “Peaceful non-compliance” or non-violent, non-cooperation as Gandhi said, will not work against Totalitarians. The enemy in this case has no qualms about destroying you, your family and everyone you know or that may side with you.

    In Soviet Russia and Maoist China entire families disappeared and were never heard from again because one member spoke against the regime. THAT is who we are facing and why we must oppose them with overwhelming force. The longer we wait the less chance we have of victory.

    I know multiple people who are “waiting” hoping it won’t happen in their lifetime or that someone else will take care of it for them or will just bend over and vertical smile for anyone in power. Fortunately the men who landed on Omaha Beach or took Mt. Suribachi were made of stronger stuff than those people. They stood against the darkness and forfeited their lives so that these cowards could snivel in fear or just blithely squander that freedom they sacrificed their lives for.

    Totalitarians cannot be voted out of office, they will not willingly give up power and must be removed by force. Civil war is here whether you want to admit it or not. Either you will fight and hand freedom to the next generation or your children will be slaves in a third world, totalitarian dictatorship. The choice is yours . . . for now.

  • big-pete

    Seems vindictive. I’m guessing there is more history here. Regardless, the woman pays her taxes, apparently lives quietly and is not asking for special treatment. A dark alley and a few baseball bats could work wonders on the attitude of these over-reaching local bureaucrats. They best remember that.

  • Alan

    Details, please. What does the house look like? Is it maintained and safe for habitation, or some hovel you’d see on an episode of Hoarders? Is the woman alone or does she have a dozen “friends” (or fifty cats) that have trashed the place?

    Moonbattery ran a similar article about a year ago regarding a fellow being evicted from his trailer on his own off-the-grid property in rural Virgina. He collected water from a (public?) tap, but no mention was made of sewage disposal. Do off-the-grid houses have septic systems or cellpools? Do the residents bury or burn their waste? How often do they bathe and wash their clothes? Would you want to live next door to someone like that?

    THAT SAID … the code enforcers better have some legal grounds besides “international property maintenance code” if they don’t want a fat lawsuit.

  • Anne

    Her “lifestyle” seems a little odd to me. But we have a right to be as odd as we want to be! She’s not hurting anyone. Her house appears to be clean and not a health hazard. What’s the problem??
    Now that this story has gone public, you would think the government would be praising her for being ecologically sound. Next thing you know, the government will want to force more of us to live like that.

  • Bo Jangles

    It’s not about her home. It’s about CONTROL.

  • JTW

    “Not sure it needs to go straight to that. Peaceful non-compliance could still work. Remember the leftists in the 60′s that used to lock themselves together and shut of access to buildings and get in the way of bulldozers and such?”

    The widow tried peaceful non-compliance and gets SWATted as a result if she doesn’t leave the non-compliant peaceful home she’s built for herself in accordance to the law of the land.
    The guys at Waco got murdered by the national guard for peaceful non-compliance (they shot back when fired upon, in self defense only).
    GMC dealers donating to Republican candidates had their businesses taken away from them by the government in punishment after Obama nationalised that company.
    The list of incidents of the government using violence against those who do nothing wrong except to do things that the government doesn’t like (like voting for the wrong guy) is staggering and getting longer all the time.

  • Chris Paul

    One must have the water turned on to the building in order for it to be inhabitable. That is all. Sanitation.

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