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Dec 17 2013

Phony Sign Language Interpreter Was Perfect Choice

When I found out the sign language interpreter at the Nelson Mandela memorial worship services, self-described violent schizophrenic Thamsanqa Jantjie, was an utter fraud, he struck me as a highly appropriate choice for the event, considering that the entire event was phony, based on an artificial conception of Nelson Mandela. Turns out Jantjie was an even better choice than we knew:

The bogus sign language interpreter at last week’s Nelson Mandela memorial service was among a group of people who accosted two men found with a stolen television and burned them to death by setting fire to tires placed around their necks, one of the interpreter’s cousins and three of his friends told The Associated Press Monday.

But Thamsanqa Jantjie never went to trial for the 2003 killings when other suspects did in 2006 because authorities determined he was not mentally fit to stand trial, said the four.

He was however fit to stand beside world leaders, making silly and patently meaningless gestures in obeisance to political correctness.

Here’s why helping murder people by placing tires full of gasoline around their necks and setting them on fire — i.e., “necklacing” — makes Jantjie a fitting prop for the Mandela spectacle:

Necklacing was a method of killing that was fairly common during the struggle against apartheid by blacks on blacks suspected of aiding the white government or belonging to opposing factions.

It was made famous by the African National Congress (Jantjie’s employer), the terrorist wing of which was founded by the allegedly saintly Man of the Hour, Nelson Mandela.

To be fair to liberals’ South African deity, it was his torturer/murderer wife Winnie who really pushed the necklacing. The benevolent Nelson preferred cutting off people’s noses for collaborating with Caucasians.

Thamsanqa Jantjie Obama
Mentally disturbed phonies on display.

On a tip from Jester.


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  • Jester

    Both pairs of dead eyes say it all.

  • Dr. 9

    What really saddened me was that the nut couldn’t come up with one of his violent episodes while on stage.

  • wingmann

    Now we know how the interpreter at Mandela’s funeral got his mad signing skills.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Just like with Slick Willie and the posed handshake between Rabin and Arafat more propeganda shots for der fuhrer

  • Veritas

    It would have been even better if he had made ballon animals.

  • Jodie

    You gotta wonder why this guy was put in that position. We still have not heard how he was chosen or who chose him, but it certainly seems like it could be sinister. I doubt that it was an oversight. There was so much concern about security, there’s no way that this guy would have been put there by mistake.

    Clearly Jantjie knew that he would be exposed as a fraud as soon as he started signing. He must have had a compelling reason to do it. With his history, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was under the mind control of a psychiatrist or psychologist.

  • Dennis

    I guess the title should be DUMB AND DUMBER PART TWO?


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