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Dec 17 2013

Pastor James David Manning’s Take on Obama

Pastor James David Manning has had plenty to say about Obama. But here he manages to sum it all up in well under a minute. Caution: forbidden vocabulary is employed.

On a tip from Fredrik Roivas.


  • Rich

    I dont know why Manning has to go there with the N word!!

    but I do know this – Obama is succeeding

  • dan

    If Hitler had a son …zeroe is following EXACTLY the steps that Hitler took to form the Third Reiche :

  • Goldenfoxx

    @Rich: What is Obummer succeeding at? Lowest ratings of any President? LOL! Keep on talking, he’s succeeding at voters led by the Tea Party to get rid of the liberals. I’m all in!

  • Jamie Maus

    The telling point in this video is the blatant racism. No, not the use of the N-word. “We gave him”. We, is black people, who overwhelmingly voted for an unqualified, unheard of community organizer based on what? The color of his skin.

  • Mike_W

    I wish black people would shut the heck up about black people; it gets really, really tedious.

  • ThisObamaNation

    From Day One Obama’s Plans Were Destined To Fail.

    In The End Socialist Policies Always Make Things Worse Instead Of Better, Because Of Their Unintended Consequences.

    The Bottom Line Is Socialists (And Communists) Always Fail To Think Their Proposals All The Way Through To The End.

    That Is Why Socialized Medicine Always Results In Rationing And Death Panels. Always.

    Their Whole System Of Government Is Ill Conceived, And It Simply Does Not Work Out Well In The Real World.

    Socialism Is Just Communism On The Installment Plan And It Sucks.

  • Sweep the leg

    Not a bit impressed.

    As a Whitey, I am not allowed to use that dreaded word – even here at Moonbattery – yet I am supposed to be in awe of one nuggler calling another nuggler, a nuggler?

    Sorry folks, but my negro fatigue is off the charts…

    Herman Cain/Allen West for prezydent an whatnot!

  • Lauran

    Note the operative words Pastor Manning uses here: “gave,” “not earned,” and “failed.”

  • Rich

    GoldenFoxx… I am no Barry fan…but in his 2nd term he has succeeded in his push(and his backers) to destroy the USA!!

    $17T in debt over $100T in unfunded liabilities), borders that are wide open with Univision attn boasting we are 50 million strong, the continuing push of moving corporations out of the USA and everywhere else on the planet etc etc etc and he is still in charge..


  • Kareem O’ Wheat

    None of those things were ever on the community agitator’s agenda Revrum Manning. No wonder the inbred “elites” laugh their asses off at the sheep serfs who hope the chains lay gently.

  • Cameraman

    If Pastor Manning can see this Failure, and call a Spade a spade. then Why can”t Congress Man up and Impeach this Idiot?

  • TED
  • 762×51

    “Cameraman says:
    December 18, 2013 at 9:53 am

    If Pastor Manning can see this Failure, and call a Spade a spade. ”
    I see what you did there, funny.

    Barack Obama is a total failure as an American President but as a totalitarian Marxist dictator, he is a stunning success. There can be no question that he is an enemy of the United States and should be treated accordingly.

  • chris farrell

    Obama is succeeding at advancing Islam.

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