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Dec 17 2013

Open Thread


On a tip from TED.


  • Bob Roberts

    I think maybe we been a bit harsh on old Mandela.

    Let’s remember what he stood for.

  • Bob Roberts

    Hey, just because Mandela sang songs about killing white people doesn’t mean he was racist.

    After all he and the others in the ANC hated/attacked/killed black Zulus too!

    They were equal opportunity terrorists – they did not discriminate in their killing based on color of one’s skin!

  • Bob Roberts

    Disabled military NOT exempt from cuts… but are Presidents, Congressmen and other rank & file government pukes?

    A provision cutting the pensions of military retirees in the bipartisan budget deal that the Senate will vote on this week does not exempt disabled veterans, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

    Disabled retirees were previously thought to be exempt from the changes to military retiree pay, which could cost servicemembers up to $124,000 over a 20-year period.

    The Free Beacon previously reported that military retirees under the age of 62 would receive 1 percentage point less in their annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in the plan crafted by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D., Wash.).

    The section of the U.S. code that has been altered also applies to disabled servicemembers, many of whom have been wounded in combat.

    Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, called the change “unthinkable.”

    “It is unthinkable that this provision would be included in a deal that spares current civilian workers from the same treatment,” he said. “An equivalent amount of savings and more can be easily found, and I hope the Senate will move to address the unbalanced treatment of our servicemembers before considering the legislation any further.”

    An original copy of a summary of the budget agreement, obtained by the Free Beacon, explicitly stated that disabled veterans would be exempt.

    Once again, the Democrats released lies hoping to pass a budget without reading/knowing what was ACTUALLY in it.

    Is this just a ruse to make us think the Obama administration actually cares what blacks do to whites?

    Law enforcement sources tell Eyewitness News, a 20-year-old Long Island man is under arrest and is expect to be charged with up to 7 counts of ‘knockout’ assaults that date back to April of 2013.

    Darryl Mitchell of Amityville is expected to be charged in the assaults of residents, at least two of them elderly in the Babylon to Amityville area.

    Note he’s such a pussy – he would go after elderly people, he would specifically pick victims who looked weak, frail, easy.

    They need to bring back the stocks and let people have a go at him. Teach him a lesson he’ll NEVER forget, assuming he lives through it.

    Cruel and unusual? No – turnabout fair play!

    And the LA Times believes in Global Warming, too…

    Hey, they LA Times just summed up what is wrong with liberals with this headline:

    Happiness is overrated: It’s better to be right

    What are liberals if not whiney, smug, always negative and miserable idiots who are never right but think they always are?

    Personally I don’t LIKE being wrong, but when I am I take it as a chance to learn something, to improve myself. I don’t run from it, I embrace it. Well, maybe if I were a liberal and I was finding things I was wrong about every minute of every day I might react differently…

    As many Americans struggle because of Obama and the Democrats…

    First Family and Dog Bo to Leave Cold DC for $4 Million Hawaiian Vacation

    Wasn’t there just a thread on this general topic?

    You would think that the money is where things are created, produced, well anyway things that HELP the population and the nation. Not things that HURT business, HURT people – but that is EXACTLY what Washington has become – EXACTLY WHAT THE FOUNDING FATHERS TRIED SO HARD TO PREVENT. Obama and the Democrats have finally managed to outfox them. Oh, they weren’t alone, Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Carter, Clinton – they all did their part as well as many in Congress who never made it to the White House.

  • Mr. Rational

    WTF do we let monkeys have guns… or vote… or be considered human?!

  • Bob Roberts

    Hey, if we can’t convince them to stop eating meat with all our lies & scare tactics, how about we make it so expensive they can’t afford it?

    The average price for a pound of ground beef hit its all-time in the United States in November, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    In January 1980, when BLS started tracking the average price of 100-percent beef ground chuck, a pound cost $1.82. By this November, the same pound of ground beef cost $3.61 per pound. That was up from $3.49 per pound in October.

    Sheesh, it wasn’t that long ago (November, 2008) when I could get a choice steak for $3.49 a pound!

  • Bob Roberts

    India responds to arrest of diplomat in NY by threatening to jail ‘companions’ of gay US diplomats in India.

    India’s deputy consul general in New York apparently lied on a visa form for her domestic help, who she claimed she was paying a reasonable amount but the story makes it sound like she was getting slave wages.

    Apparently the diplomat was treated pretty harshly, not sure of the full details or why, but now India is saying since homosexuality is apparently illegal there (?), they may start arresting all the gay American diplomats, or at least their companions, or both?

    The story suggests first ‘just the companions’ but also says something to the effect of ‘all of them’, perhaps including the gay diplomats. Is being gay really illegal in India as the story seems to suggest?

  • Bob Roberts

    And that’s a very, very low estimate…

    When the sequester cuts slashed $85 billion from the federal budget, crippling federal programs like Head Start and halting crucial research at the National Institutes of Health, the government continued spending tax dollars on things like 3-D pizza printers for NASA, a beachfront property loan program for millionaires, and a $300 million Army surveillance blimp that doesn’t work.

    Those are just three of the 100 examples of egregious government waste that cost taxpayers $30 billion this year–all detailed in Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) annual “Wastebook,” released Tuesday.

  • Bob Roberts

    Medicaid’s fine print holds surprise: ‘payback’ from estate after death

    It’s the anti-American dream! If you do well, you’ll pay (the government) in the end! It’s worse than the death tax because it’s added to it!

    If you’re 55 or over, Medicaid can come back after you’re dead and bill your estate for ordinary health-care expenses.

    The way Prins saw it, that meant health insurance via Medicaid is hardly “free” for those 55 or older. It’s a loan, one whose payback requirements aren’t well advertised. And it penalizes people who, despite having a low income, have managed to keep a home or some savings they hope to pass to heirs, Prins said.

    So you pay all those taxes into the system while you work then once you die the government comes and takes whatever you managed to save for yourself that should rightfully go to your heirs. Who, by the way, are paying HUGE extra amounts under obamacare for THEIR health care, to subsidize yours, too.

  • berlet98

    Tuffy the Rodeo Clown, (Sedalia) Person of the Year!

    Pope Francis fully deserves Time Magazine’s nomination of 2013′s Person of the Year, albeit for the wrong reasons, and Tuffy Gessling, aka Rodeo’s Tuffy the Clown, fully deserves Sedalia, Missouri’s Person of the Year Award, and for all the right reasons.

    You may recall Tuffy’s disgraceful performance at Missouri’s state fair last summer when he had the gall, the unmitigated nerve, to wear an Obama mask and tell the enthusiastic crowd that a raging bull was “gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha!” and then outrageously compounded his nastiness by suggesting it’s really President Barack Hussein Obama who acts like a clown!

    For those grossly offensive, unpatriotic, and allegedly racist actions, state fair officials immediately and permanently banned Mr. Gessling from ever performing again in their venue for as long as he lived on this Earth!

    The good citizens of Sedalia evidently disagreed with the slobberingly politically-correct, Obama-worshipping officials by voting for Tuffy by a wide margin as the town’s own Person of the Year over seven other worthy Sedalians. (As of this writing, voting was still in progress.)

    For his part, Tuffy was bewildered by all the kerfuffle over his skit.

    He made the valid point that, “Comedians all over the country have used political figures to make fun . . . ” (Read more at

  • Bob Roberts

    I think we should be more like the UK – On THIS issue – IF their government follows this advice!

    Brits tell Cameron: Draw a red line on immigration or else

    THE British people and The Sun today issue this “red-line” demand to David Cameron: Win back our power to halt immigration from the EU.

    Stop destroying our country with unfettered immigrants who bring crime, filth and disease, overburden our safety nets and think they deserve a life of ease at our expense.

    That’s the message the Democrats need to get from us, along with some Republicans who aren’t getting it, either.

    Time to repost this:

    Immigration gumballs

    Learn more:

    Numbers USA

  • Bob Roberts

    BTW let me clarify he said most of our immigrants come FROM Mexico – a lot of them are hispanics that come THROUGH Mexico from points further south.

  • Bob Roberts

    I just put it in the thread about Karl Pierson from a day or so ago, but did anyone else, or did I, post in a more recent thread about how the left-wing media is hard at work erasing any mention that Karl Pierson was a hardcore lefty moonbat? Their explanation is that was simply how a fellow student described him, not necessarily based on any facts. An opinion, nothing more.

    Yeah, right.

    Rewriting history by erasing/reversing one fact at a time.

    That’s the Democrat Moonbat’s way.

    No wonder they’re so angry.

  • Xavier

    Proof that an armed deputy in a school saved children’s lives without firing a shot is the worst possible scenario for the gun control movement. I believe they’d rather see kids* die than have their agenda weakened.

    *As long as they were someone else’s kids, just like Obamacare was supposed to be accomplished with someone else’s money.

    Five letters and numbers were scrawled in permanent marker on Karl Pierson’s arm, along with a Latin phrase that translates as “The Die Has Been Cast,” according to Robinson.

    The sheriff said investigators believe the letters and numbers on Pierson’s arm corresponded to specific classrooms he planned to hit, but he said investigators were working to determine whether the shooter had specific targets in mind in those areas of the school.

  • Xavier

    There are two distinct factions manipulating every high profile shooting incident, especially those involving children. First there are the revisionist progressives who will rewrite facts, both past and present, to smear the opposition any way possible. The targets may change over time but their tactics have been around forever; this battle is simply the cost of having political parties and free speech and for the most part it’s a never ending battle of words.

    Then there are the gun control activists, the more dangerous of the two. As with the first group, they will politicize and contort any incident to promote their cause but their demands put life and liberty at risk. The latest incident in a Colorado school has shown the effectiveness of armed security and this is exactly what the gun control crowd fears. Their “fish in a barrel zones”, like the Aurora movie theater and every school across the country, are being exposed as an agenda driven mistake that risks children’s lives rather than a solution to crowd targeted violence.

    The gun control activist’s intention is to disarm the public and repeal the Second Amendment. Schools that hire armed guards threaten this goal, and more will follow as it is shown that a massacre was averted in Arapahoe by the presence of an armed security guard who didn’t even have to fire his weapon. That’s important –the mere threat of a responsible citizen with a gun stopped the rampage almost instantly. The next time a mass public killing occurs the question will be, “Why didn’t you take steps to protect the children, like Arapahoe did?” Even a power crazed president dare not legislate against a nation that wants its children protected from murderers.

    This may be the turning point. The battle to preserve the Second Amendment isn’t over, and the gun control nuts aren’t going down without a fight. But one deputy has shown that firearms in the right hands can be a force for good. Thank God he was there.

  • Call of the Winter Moon

    Indians are pissed about the strip searched deputy consul-general, don’t they recognize the glow coming from the obamessiah’s halo, they are racists I tell ya:

  • Call of the Winter Moon

    Brits are pissed about free money going to China who can afford a nice space program that isn’t for muslim outreach:

  • Sad McCain, Always So Sad
  • Texas Radio and the Big Beat
  • Fiberal


    Fox Babes are stumped… BO hasn’t signed up for BOcare? Jay Carney says he will. Says he will (again).

    What the…? Babes are still stumped. What could the reason possibly be?

    Girls…BO can’t sign up for BOcare. Not until his handlers figure out how to get around the fraudulent Connecticut SS# number he holds.

    Moreover, if the administration decides to implement even the barest security measures on the website, things get even worse for BO. His SS# at present, won’t go through E-Verify.

    You heard it here first, girls.

  • Gutsy Call (TM)

    Various true believers and lefty pages are hailing this as a jab at Putin who know nows who is in charge:

  • Gutsy Call (TM)

    err…now knows

  • DJ

    Black Student ‘Lynches’ Two White Guys, Calls It Art

    “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

    Edwards says she chose to illustrate this time in history by using race reversal, in an effort to shine new light on an old but standing matter. And says she followed all campus procedures.

    Note: Edwards identifies as an “anti-racist.”

    Yes, and we all should be well aware by now that ‘Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.’

  • Fiberal

    Now here’s a good one:

    Bill O’Reilly goes listing off huge and outrageous lies (mixed in with a little one in order to adjust for contretemps by republicans) from BO and John Kerry and then has to re-twist factual statements by republicans in order to finalize a (pseudo)balance.

    bill o’cheesy….Still meekly polishing his president’s shoes after all these years.

  • Pookie’s Precious Participation Plaque
  • SR

    Obama ‘hijacks’ tech executive meeting to make ‘PR pitch’ on Obamacare website fix instead of dealing with NSA surveillance

  • TED
  • TED
  • dan

    RED ALERT: Obamacare allows FEDGOV to back-bill and levy your estate to pay for “healthcare expenses”.

  • TED
  • Hat Tip to El Rushbo

    Androgynous pajama boy ad for Castrocare:

    (LMFAO!) Bwahaha!

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