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Dec 18 2013

Memo to John Kerry: North Korea Has Nukes

Given the general cluelessness of the Obama Administration, a recent misstatement by Secretary of State John Kerry is unnerving. …

Read the rest at Absolute Rights.

Nuclear Blast

On tips from G Fox and Jester.


  • Dr. 9

    What kind of message do you send to the world, especially to an enemy, to show America’s strength? Here’s Mullah Obummer’s idea of American strength.

  • Czar of Redistribution

    @ Dr.9 Shhh…don’t tell the true believers and rump ranger McCain they just got outplayed by a KGB chessmaster in Ukraine via Vlad’s bailout.

  • Shecky Hennemann

    Does Hanoi Heinz know General Electric makes nuclear reactors that work so well in places like Japan?

  • oldguy

    Kim said he plans to take out an American city? Please Kim; DC or if you can’t reach it anywhere on the west coast will do.

  • Spurwing Plover


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