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Dec 18 2013

Lynching Whites as College Art

The campus radicalism of the 1960s resulted a generation later in President Barack Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. The long-term consequences of the campus radicalism that holds sway today are too horrific to imagine — but this story indicates the direction we are heading in:

Students got an eyeful walking on the campus of Sacramento State University earlier in December. Two males dangling from a tree with nooses around their necks, portraying a time that many African Americans wish they could forget – lynchings, all because of the color of their skin.

Wish they could forget? What a preposterous lie. They could not possibly try any harder to remember something that hasn’t happened on any noticeable scale since generations before the vast majority of them were born.

“I think it’s more impactful when you use actual people, sends a stronger message that just a painting,” said Sac State student Alexander Richmond.

That was the message the artist wanted to get across.

An African American woman, Christina Edwards – a senior at the university – defended her project.

“The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

Sure it does, Christina. It must be awful to be so oppressed that you will rarely be held accountable for your behavior, and can be promoted all the way to the White House on the strength of your lucky skin.

For real impact, examine the effect Christina’s ideology will have on the white minority our rulers have been busily engineering. You won’t have to wait long.

When lynching becomes “social justice.”

On tips from Dean D and DJ. Hat tip: The College Fix.


  • Lauran

    Lynching for “social justice?” What a novice concept, Christina. Unfortunately, the idea was already conceived and later acted out–by the KKK.

    Seems the leftists have morphed into the very vileness they claim to detest–that can happen when history is removed from the school curricula.

  • Segregated Water Fountain

    1964 called and said it is now almost 2014.

  • TED

    YES, this is what MLK and all the “civil rights” horseshit has gotten us! NO good deed goes UNPUNISHED!

  • Coldwarrior57

    I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.
    Booker T. Washington.

  • TED

    Wanna HANG something Christina?!

    Forgetting means loosing the leverage.

  • Anonymous

    “…portraying a time that many African Americans wish they could forget – ‘lynchings, all because of the color of their skin’.”

    EHHHH!!! Wrong! The lynching of Negroes was for murder and for rape. Not “…because of the color of their skin”

    Jim Crow laws existed to protect white people from black crime and violence.

    Jim Crow laws still exist where black juveniles present a threat to law and order and safety.

    While shopping malls may no longer ban blacks from entering their property, they often ban groups of teenagers without proper adult supervision on their properties.

    Old Jim Crow laws dealt with black crime by banning all blacks; current Jim Crow laws deal with black crime by banning all teenagers.

    Learn the truth about it…

  • Harry Ball

    Between 1882 and 1968, the Tuskegee Institute recorded 1,297 lynchings of whites as well as the 3,446 lynchings of African Americans during that period.

    More blacks are killed EACH YEAR by other blacks when compared to the entire 86 years of recorded lynchings. Christina Edwards is a racist trying to play the race card.

  • Otto Octavius

    Who are the white lackeys that have gone along in the “performance”? They are equally despicable in my view. This shocking travesty would not be possible without willing white “victims”.

    Do not be deceived. This is the future they are working towards. Only it won’t be a sham.

  • Dr. 9

    Just where would these whiners be if they didn’t keep racism alive? Fact is, if we were to go back to public lynchings the country would be a much safer and better place. We would have (Trillions) of dollars to use for actually bettering the nation, rather than wasting those Trillions on generation after generation of useless parasites, both domestic and foreign.

    We are where we are because of our national weakness and our highly misguided sense of tolerance. The nation would have to be ripped apart for that change, and IMO, it would be worth it.

  • CT

    Too bad the two male models weren’t actually lynched for posing for this racial crap.

  • KHarn

    In a PROPPER lynching, after stringing the condemned up, he would often be SHOT. Someone should finish the job to make the “art project” complete.

  • oldguy

    Negros will not let you live your life without paying attention to them, will they?

  • Spurwing Plover

    I suppose the america tax payers is covering this waste

  • Anon

    I’ve heard BULLETS can make great “Performance Art,” too!

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  • grayjohn

    Looks like two waste of tuition morons in safety harnesses. Hanged people look nothing like those two retards. If that’s art. you can shove it.

  • ALman

    It’s amazing the number of these people who want retribution, justice, and revenge for what wasn’t done to them. Yet, they are the Perpetually Aggrieved People most of whom have little basis of any personal grievance. It’s all about attention, power, and acting self-righteous. If you believe otherwise, then let me tell you about the time someone gave me some nasty looks and how my life was forever changed.

  • Rotohammer

    I guess lynching wasn’t really that bad. These two guys don’t show any signs of discomfort. I feel much less guilty now.

  • gkruz

    So what is wrong with these two clowns that they would participate in this? They’re like white actors who take roles in Quentin Tarantino movies…scum

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