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Dec 18 2013

Clean Car Crackdown

Watch in horror as citizens get a warning from police for washing their own car in their own driveway after they were ratted out for this crime by their neighbor in Garden City, New York:

You are well within your rights to burst out laughing next time you hear someone say it’s a free country.

On tips from Sean C and Muddypaw.


  • Groman

    Garden City is a very wealthy incorporated village on L.I., which surrounded by less than desirable neighbors. The village has rules for everything, intended to maintain the upscale aura. Judging by the condition of the hooptie being washed, I’m sure a neighbor who was not a fan, ratted him out. Do I agree with the law ? No, but then again I
    couldn’t afford to, nor would I want to live there.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Cant do anything anymore even in your own backyard without some long nosed snoop spying on you and rating to the authorities BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU 24/7

  • Czar of Diversity

    That neighborhood needs some vibrant diversity. Vee vill refiew hour taxpayer funded neighborhood vibrancy quota studies charts in the interest of fairness and equality.

  • Czar of Diversity

    Speaking of the glorious people’s republik of new york police officer in trouble for anti-dear leader messiah rant:

  • Softly Bob

    Public place is not the same as public view – just saying.

  • Logic_Mine

    New York is just a knats breath away from becoming Nazi Germany anyway. That’s why a lot of New Yorkers are and have been migrating South to places that still recognize that this country has a Constitution.

  • maggs1

    I live in that “less than desirable neighbors(hood)”, Hempstead (40+yrs). And you’re 100% correct, it’s 90% s#ithole but there are still some pockets of English speakers left.
    Garden City has a “hedge line” that separates it from Hempstead in some places. The contrast is night and day.
    In GC, you can’t have a front fence or park in the street in front of your house (I noticed somebody was in the video)and I think you can’t have a flag pole, I’ve seen flags mounted to the houses but I can’t remember ever seeing a flag pole. On the plus side, you don’t have to put out your garbage, they come to the back of the house to collect (same with leaves, no bagging) and have some of the best public schools.

    Oh…and BTW the cops in GC,maybe not the one in the video, but they do bust chops, driving around scanning inspection stickers (yeah, I got busted ;p )and have ultra low speed limits just to “get ya”.

  • Alan

    Police Harrassment is a bit overstated. The officer was following the letter of the law, and obviously didn’t want to be there either, but he could’ve been more polite about it. “I didn’t come down here to break your balls … you can’t make this shit up”. Hmm.

    That said, Homeowners Associations and Zoning Regulations exist because there’s always ONE person in every neighborhood who has a junked car on blocks in his front yard, or is an LA Lakers fan and paints his house purple and yellow. I voluntarily keep my lawn mowed and bushes trimmed because I don’t want to be *that guy* whose run-down house reflects poorly on the neighborhood and the property values. I also have well water, and would rather not end up drinking run-off soap, garbage or anti-freeze (Dad used to flush his radiator right into the street).

  • Son of Taz

    It’s easy to ask why anyone with half a brain still lives in these moonbat communities, but difficult to just uproot and go elsewhere, especially when the communists are destroying job opportunities.

    When my youngest kid is out of high school, we’re outta this whack job state, Massachusetts. I’ll burn the house to the ground to pay it off, if that’s what it takes.

    The northeast is turning into a totalitarian region. When the SHTF, this area will go down in flames because so few here are self-reliant. They’ve become zombies of the state.

  • Bo Jangles
  • Laura Castellano

    Rachel Maddow?

  • Goldenfoxx

    Sucks in the future to be the neighbor who squealed. It will end badly for them. I love it that the cop saw his self being filmed and he kinda backed off.

  • TED

    The comrads deserve everything they get in the Communist state of New York. THEY have made their bed.

  • WTF

    I think I would go out and get 500lb. of mud and cover the car with it. Better than having a clean car? Bet the neighbor would love that.

  • TED
  • Spurwing Plover

    If the nosie neighbor hasa dog that barks too much call in and complian get the dog shot and make nosie neighbor pay for the whole thing

  • Jan Snyder

    Beat the neighor’s ass.

  • bobdog

    Rights? RIGHTS? You got no rights here, boy.

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