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Dec 18 2013

The Obamunist Vision of American Manhood

No wonder the oligarchical collectivists comprising the Obama Regime despise us. This is what they think American men are like:


Via Never Yet Melted:

Barack Obama’s personal little elves over at Organize for Action (OFA), web address:, want all of us to talk about healthcare, but their image of the typical male American (see Tweeted picture above), for some unaccountable reason, has provoked ridicule and negative commentary, including a Twitchy page of mocking images.

Here’s a good one:


Creatures like this must actually exist, or Obama wouldn’t have been elected, but it’s hard to believe you could find them outside of faculty lounges, TV newsrooms, and their moms’ basements.

On a tip from Hat Tip to El Rushbo.


  • KHarn

    there should be a counter-ad in the same vein. It could go something like this:

    (Same picture)
    The caption goes on to list the crap
    Americans have been subjected to and then says:
    “But it’s Christmas, and I’m looking forward to that Ruger rifle I’ve been dropping hints about.”

  • chronos the wonder pig

    “I live in my Mom’s basement. Why do I need Health Insurance?”

  • 762×51

    Someone needs to fix that image. It should read
    “Lets talk about my NO T”

    Talk about a metrosexual weenie.

  • Ummah Gummah


    Wear Pajamas

    Drink Mountain Dew

    Post Obama Talking Points from your mom’s basement 24/7


  • Ummah Gummah


    If John Podesta had a son..


  • Imagine That

    Went to meme maker page with script blocker turned off and made a few mocking castrocare and dear leader messiah. Within a few minutes it quit working. I was there to shit on the groupthink hivemind cliff edge running off circle jerk echo chamber and not to participate in it.

  • barfo

    Bathhouse Barry has wrecked this country. Lock-N-load.

  • Spurwing Plover

    This dip-wad would make PEE WEE hermin look like He-Man or Rambo in comparason

  • Xavier

    That’s Carney before he got his eyebrows dyed and plucked.

  • Sam

    Hipsters and metrosexuals need to be declared a terror threat.

  • Mr. Saturn

    I’m no manly man myself but I would never denigrate myself with footy pajamas.

  • Mickey Shea

    We call them kidults. Brooklyn is full of them.
    They’re all a bunch of skinny fuck i-phone zombies.

  • 127guy

    He looks like he’s a MSNBC anchor in training.

  • forest

    “I can’t believe we lost to that country. I should have been born in 1965.” – Hitler from hell.

  • Enabler

    I hate this limp wristed, self righteous, prissly little snot. I hate the way he holds his cup of “hot chocolate.” I stared at it and became angry. If anybody that looks like this man-boy ever tried to peddle Obama’s government on me, I would slap those black, non-prescription, hipster glasses right off his face.

  • Cameraman

    He”s a Nancy Boy. and Part of Oblowme”s Organizing for Amerika//This is the S cum That Voted for the Choclate Jebbus… Kick His Ass Indeed!

    Semper Fi

  • Momster

    Would any real man allow himself to be photographed wearing adult-size Dr. Dentons? I’ll bet he already cut the buttons off the trap-door for easy access.

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