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Jan 06 2014

Morrissey Completely Jumps the Shark

Normally moonbats fall back on a simple strategy when people stop listening to their sanctimonious nonsense: shriek louder. But that won’t work for has-been singer and animal rights fanatic Morrissey, who is already shrieking loudly enough to shatter eardrums. How could he possibly escalate rhetoric like this?

Smiths singer Morrissey has said he sees “no difference” between eating animals and paedophilia.

In case that makes no sense, Morrisissy explains,

“They are both rape, violence, murder.”

Not only is eating a normal human diet the same as pedophilia, it is also the same as genocide:

“If you believe in the abattoir then you would support Auschwitz. There’s no difference.”

Morrisissy confirms that like many on the outer fringes of liberal ideology, he is incapable of distinguishing between humans and animals.

In another bizarre post, he wrote: “If Jamie ‘Orrible is so certain that flesh-food is tasty then why doesn’t he stick one of his children in a microwave?”

Morrisissy pontificates that lambs are baby sheep, and therefore eating a lamb is the same as eating a baby human. Yet if he is like most liberals, he would not have a problem with sticking scissors into the back of a baby’s neck if the baby had not technically been born.

Other nuggets of wisdom include his suggestion that we rename Thanksgiving as “Thankskilling.”

Morrissey also threatened to “slip into permanent unconsciousness” if any journalist ever asked him again about the Smiths.

Come on somebody, step up and ask him about the pretentious metrosexual band he used to front. It isn’t often these days that we see a journalist do something beneficial for society.

Disapproves of the human diet.

On a tip from Dean D.

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  • Edmund Gray

    That big gay fag doesn’t need any free press. I’ve always wondered if it was true about Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr leaving the band because Whorissey was trying to get in his pants.

  • F.D.R. in Hell

    Is he one of the “Village People”?

  • Eleanor in Hell

    You’re half right, Franklin.
    He’s one of the “Village Idiots” :evil:

  • Even Meaner for 2014
  • Mannie

    Can we use these things for medical experiments?

  • Nick

    He must be a paedophile.

  • Henry

    Oh yeah, he’s the vegan with the serious gastrointestinal problems; probably not the best person to get dietary advice from…

  • hiram

    What a douche.

  • Katya Kakhov

    Ya think if I quit eatin’ scrambled eggs on the veranda , the birds would quit shitting on my car ?

  • Softly Bob

    Morrissey is full of shit because he eats it. If he had a bacon sandwich, the blood would flow, a little bit of protein would reach his braincells and he might start thinking straight.
    I don’t expect anything but nonsense from somebody who has spent years eating a diet only fit for rabbits, cows and slugs.
    If he started eating properly, he might be able to write lyrics that use different words to rhyme instead of using the same word, and he might be able to write lyrics where the words actually fit into the verses and the correct words are accented instead of the irrelevant ones.
    Anybody who listens to the songs of this talentless weirdo will know exactly what I am talking about.
    I’ve never rated him, even during my spotty teenage years. He only made it big because he was some sort of neurotic car crash!

  • Xavier

    We’re getting ready for our annual butchering of 6 cows and 7 pigs. I’m going to name one of the cows “Morrissey”, since they sound alike.

  • tom@drum

    What a wanker.

  • MissAnthropy

    Well I think we know where Morrissey gets the protein in his diet from.

  • Spurwing Plover


  • KHarn

    =“If Jamie ‘Orrible is so certain that flesh-food is tasty then why doesn’t he stick one of his children in a microwave?”=

    Neo-communists always deal in extremes, there is no middle ground.

    Vegetables are living things! Rights for plants! Shoot a vegetarian!

  • Spurwing Plover

    That jerk needs DVD or VHS of James Crmwells crappy movies BABE and BABE II PING IN THE CITY and GORDY shoved up his private parts another brain-dead liberal in the making

  • Bob Roberts

    RE: Morrissey Completely Jumps the Shark


    What, all the other times weren’t good enough?

  • Bob Roberts

    MissAnthropy says: January 6, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    I’m going to be chuckling at that one all the way to the beach! That’s right, I said beach. Despite the unreal cold gripping the nation, Florida and good old San Diego are enjoying nice temps – it’s almost 80 where I sit and the warmest part of the day is yet to come.

  • Bob Roberts

    Xavier says: January 6, 2014 at 12:25 pm
    Dude, no way.

    He sounds more like a squealing little piggy than a cow.

  • Bob Roberts

    F.D.R. in Hell says: January 6, 2014 at 10:55 am

    Eleanor in Hell says: January 6, 2014 at 10:56 am
    Good one… now you two just go and get a room or something.

  • Beef

    This is my favorite Morrissey picture.

  • Bob Roberts

    “They are both rape, violence, murder.”
    Eating animals is not rape. Rape is a sex crime, there is no sex (well, at least not at my house, maybe there is at his) involved in eating animals.

    Eating animals is not violent. Now slaughtering them some may see as violent, but my understanding is it has always been carried out by normal people (again, with the possible exception of him & his ilk) in a humane and reasonable fashion.

    As for “murder”, silly moonbat, doesn’t even know the definition of commonly used words!

    Murder is the unlawful killing, with malice aforethought, of another human. You can’t murder an animal, they’re not human. Plus there’s no malice involved, only hunger.

  • Bob Roberts

    “If you believe in the abattoir then you would support Auschwitz. There’s no difference.”
    Yes, there is.

    In the abattoir, animals raised for human consumption are generally put to a humane end and prepared for that original purpose for their very existence.

    Auschwitz was a place where humans, which are different than animals, were deliberately put to death for no valid reason other than to steal their property, real and private. Their bodies were generally burned, not used to feed a needy population.

  • Bob Roberts

    Henry says: January 6, 2014 at 11:12 am
    Yeah, deliciously ironic, I thought, when I saw those headlines. And entirely justified.

    With any luck his chosen diet will soon take him out of our misery.

  • 762×51

    I’ve never heard of the Smiths but if it will rid the world of this asshole, I’d be happy to ask him about them. I mean, who cares about the answer?

  • Bob Roberts

    Mannie says: January 6, 2014 at 10:59 am
    Target practice.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Another liberal PETA blabber mouth with a walnut sized brain IDIOT

  • Rotohammer

    Morrissey talks like there’s something wrong with pedophilia. He needs to get with the times, because veganism is hardly cutting edge stuff any more. Pedophilia is where it’s at. He’ll come around.

    Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with Morrissey that a Wendy’s Classic Double and a girlfriend wouldn’t fix.

  • Son of Taz

    Hmmm…I have no idea of who this clown is, nor do I want to know. Besides, he probably doesn’t want to know me either.

  • Ummah Gummah


    When the question of halal butchery came up, Mr. Morrissey – like all good liberals – could not be reached for comment..

    He was also unable to respond when presented with a Syrian “rebel” eating the intestines of a freshly killed government soldier.



  • whotothewhat

    I guess hanging with Morrissey at Burger King is off my bucket list.

  • Ned the Mumbler

    Oh, he will respond alright when presented with the intestines of a freshly killed government soldier.

    He will want to insert his penis into them.

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