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Mar 03 2014


In case anyone is wondering why Putin doesn’t expect Obama to thwart his designs in the Ukraine, let’s have another look at a famous open mic incident from 2012:

That is, Obama promised Putin’s flunky Vladimir Medvedev that he would sell out the USA and its allies once he had been reelected.

Little did Putin know that Obama would turn around and nix the presidential delegation to the Paralympic Games in Sochi. Our obligation to defend the Ukraine from invasion in return for its renunciation of nuclear weapons has now been honored.

Truth is, there isn’t a lot we can do about Russia’s activities in the Ukraine. But if we don’t find our way back to having a government that other governments take seriously, we will soon be saying the same about China’s activities in Taiwan or even Japan.

On tips from TaterSalad and Xavier.


    But, having a negated US in a world of emerging powers intent on expansion is the hopetopia that he promised. See, he is keeping his campaign promises…

  • Jim

    Neville Chamberlain would be proud of the big “0”.

  • Softly Bob

    Open fly slip from 2012.
    Sorry Dimitri but did my little cock accidentally dangle out of my pants when I told you that I’d have more flexibility after the election.
    Michelle thinks that I’m not flexible, but I am big-boy,oh yes, I am.


    I wasn’t sure what was taking place when this (slip in video) was aired. Now it all makes sense.

    Obama the Liar not only sold out America, as the article suggests…he is willing to sell out the Ukraine as well.

    It makes sense that Obama was probably agreeing to ‘looking the other way’ (be flexible) regarding the events occurring recently in the Ukraine by none other than Russia.

    Obama will “allow” himself, America, Ukraine and a host of European Nations to be ‘bullied’ by Russia (Putin).

    Putin has the pipe line…Putin has ‘control’ …sadly I fear,, this is not going to end well for the Ukraine and most likely a host of European countries tied to this Pipe Line under Putins control. The US has no legs to stand on in this issue.

    Obama’s ‘red line’ inferences are becoming a horrible joke…

  • Bjorn Thompson

    I don’t think Obama is weak on Russia, I think he’s a sympathiser.

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