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Mar 05 2014

Hate Hoax in San Francisco Gay Area

By now it is expected. When a transgender “boy” (i.e., a girl dressed up like Rachel Maddow) squealed that she had been attacked by real boys in a school bathroom…

Police in the small Northern California city of Hercules have launched a sexual assault and hate crime investigation after a transgender student was allegedly attacked by three teenage boys while using a bathroom that matches [her] gender identity.

The 15-year-old Hercules Middle-High School student, who is female but identifies as male, said that as [she] was exiting the boys bathroom Monday morning [she] was confronted by “three unidentified male juveniles,” according to a news release from the Hercules Police Department.

The student told authorities that the three boys, believed to be around 16 or 17, pushed [her] into the bathroom’s handicapped stall, where [she] was then “physically and sexually assaulted.”

…she was lying:

A transgender teenager who said [she] was beaten and sexually assaulted in a California high school bathroom recanted the story, police said Tuesday.

The 15-year-old student at Hercules Middle/High School “admitted [she] fabricated the whole story” during an interview with a detective, Hercules police Detective Connie Van Putten said. …

The student finally admitted [she] had made up the story during the follow-up interview with a detective Tuesday, Van Putten said. She would not speculate on why [she] had lied.

Then I will speculate. Pretending to be victims is how perverts achieve power over everyone else. Since there is no actual oppression of perverts in our society (quite the reverse, in stark contrast to moonbat ideology), this oppression needs to be faked so that the perverts can justify their elevated status in the eyes of the liberal idiots who insist on nurturing their morbid delusions by referring to them by the wrong pronoun in news reports.

Don’t worry, libs. The little angel won’t get in any trouble for putting the police to the expensive trouble of a full-fledged investigation into the desecration of a sacred Person of Privileged Perversity:

Mario Trujillo, spokesman for the West Contra Costa Unified School District, said school officials are less concerned with punishing the student than making sure [she] gets the support [she] needs to feel safe and comfortable at school.

“We recognize that life is complicated, and at the end of the day this is a request for help,” Trujillo said.

As with the Tawana Brawley hoax, it doesn’t matter to liberals whether this incident really happened, only that it theoretically could have happened in the ideological pseudoworld they prefer to reality. The anonymous student’s lies are therefore essentially true:

“There is still an important piece of the story, which is that trans youth do face elevated levels of bullying and violence including physical assaults at school,” said Carolyn Laub, executive director of the Gay-Straight Alliance Network.

As with racism and Islamophobia, the elevated levels of bullying and violence consist almost entirely of hoaxes. A partial list:

Joe Williams
Andrea Brazier
Genesis Hernandez
Danya Morales
Toni Christina Jenkins
Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden
Meg Lanker-Simons
Olander Cuthrell
Charlie Rogers
Sharmeka Moffitt
Joseph Baken
Alexandra Pennell
Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin
Quinn Matney
Aubriana Banks
Sarah Marshak
Floyd Elliot
Tawana Brawley
Crystal Gail Mangum
Kerri Dunn
Leah Miller
Ahmad Saad Nasim

The next time a member of the higher castes in the liberal victim hierarchy claims to have been oppressed, go ahead and laugh. They haven’t left us with much choice.

On tips from Wingmann, Henry, and Muddypaw.

  • Jim

    It’s coming up on noon in the SF Bay area. Let’s see if the hoax makes the news. I’ll surf the web on the paper (trash liner division) and see if the report about it.

  • IslandLifer

    Shocker. Call them what you want but fags have serious mental issues. Thanks to the communist agenda of trying to make it an acceptable lifestyle the mentally unbalanced use the homosexual label to gain attention. The fact this one goes unpunished only creates more of the same behavior amongst others like it. Then you find wrongfully accused victims spending $$$$ trying to defend themselves in court while the media spins the story making the liar the poor victim. You faggots make me hate you more and more. Now the Catholic Church wants to infect itself further, from the mouth of the pope…

  • Mickey Shea

    Sick society is encouraging and empowering mental illness instead of treating it.

  • |

    I absolutely love lists like this because they really help put things into perspective, and pre-empt moonbat laundry listing of supposed moral equivalencies and other assorted imaginary gripes, while simultaneously educating the readership.

    I’d like to see more lists like these at, such as:

    Leftist Gunmen Shootings

    Voter Fraud/Election Fraud/Registration Fraud instances

    Border Patrolmen killed or injured

    Obama Scandals

  • IslandLifer
  • KHarn

    I’d like to see NORMAL people protest against the “climate of hate” perpetrated by the hoaxers!

  • |

    Here’s another great list of Liberal Hate Hoaxes:

  • MicahStone

    “…making sure [she] gets the support [she] needs”
    …might I suggest a STRAIGHT JACKET for support?

  • DJ
  • Pork_Soda

    This sh*t was all over the news last night in the SF Bay Area. Politicians and bureaucrats practically spit their coffee through their collective noses when being interviewed about the incident. Someone will probably say that this demonstrates that LGTG.TGIF.NTSF:SD:SUV
    kids need even more help because they feel the need to fabricate stories to ensure their safety.

  • Pork_Soda

    If you surf the airwaves of the Bay Area newscasts tonight and turned the reporting of this as a hoax into a drinking game, what do you think the chances are of you being stone-cold-sober tonight? I’m thinking they gonna be pretty high…

  • Rotohammer

    Matthew Shepard deserves an honorary position on that list. While his beating was real (and horrific – would wish that only on certain members of the administration), had he survived it, some liberal operative would have gotten to him during a sober moment and exhorted him to allege gay bashing.

  • |

    I’m willing to bet that in 2 weeks this will be revealed as a hoax.

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  • grayjohn

    It is a great dyke wing conspiracy.

  • Beef

    ““We recognize that life is complicated, and at the end of the day this is a request for help,” Trujillo said.”

    A request for help that could have resulted in felony charges against three innocent young men.

    But hey, that’s okay. It doesn’t matter if it’s actually true. The important thing is that it advances the Narrative.

  • Cameraman

    What a Dickless Little Bitch!!!!

  • Pork_Soda

    Yup I watched 4 different news casts last night in the SF Bay Area. No mention about the above being a hoax… Thanks Lib media puppet masters!
    (<—–Muttering incoherent swear words)

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