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Mar 13 2014

Excessive Ice Causes Ducks to Starve

We are told we should weep for the plight of the polar bears, because according to liberal dogma, undertaxed and under-regulated human activity is causing a warming climate to destroy their habitat. In actuality, the climate has not been getting any warmer; the USA has been having its coldest 6-month period since 1912. Polar bears, which are unique in that they actively hunt down humans, are flourishing. But there is one animal in peril because of the weather — the ducks of Lake Michigan. From Chicago:

“We’ve brought in close to 40 ducks so far,” said Josh Engel, a research assistant at the Field Museum.

The bodies are now gathered in a Field Museum lab with other waterfowl that have been collected along the lakefront in recent days.

All of them were starved to death.

Record amounts of ice coating the lake is to blame, keeping the birds from their only source of food.

“It just seems like they literally can’t find enough food and are starving,” said Engel.

The dozens found dead so far are likely just the tip of it.

Politicians and media tools are so well-versed in duckspeak, you would think more of them would speak for the ducks.

If carbon emissions make it be warm out, clearly we need to generate more. Turn up the heat; leave the lights on; do some extra Sunday driving in your SUV. Do it for the ducks.

Al Gore doesn’t care about ducks.

On a tip from Lyle.

  • artfuldgr

    they gave them duck welfare, the ducks did not fly south
    hard times came, and they starve..

    same with humans if you wait long enough…

  • alistaire

    Anyone that cares about these damn vermin can go fuck a duck.

  • wonder if this ties into the recent taxpayer-funded study of duck penises…or is that penii?

  • libtard

    What? Animals die in nature? This must be mankind’s fault…… we suck!

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