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Mar 21 2014

Obama Whimpers About Being Ridiculed for His Mom Jeans

Obama’s self-pity all but reduced him to tears during one of the hard-hitting interviews that characterize his media exposure. In a video released by Funny or Die, he whined to comedian Zach Galifianakis,

“I’ve been unfairly maligned about my jeans. The truth is, generally I look very sharp in jeans. There was one episode like four years ago in which I was wearing some loose jeans mainly because I was out on the pitcher’s mound, and I didn’t want to feel confined while I was pitching, and I think I’ve paid my penance for that. I got whacked pretty good. Since that time, my jeans fit very well.”

The country is going to hell, the international situation is spinning out of control, and this narcissistic child is still pouting because years ago someone laughed at his pants.

Apparently none of his communist mentors ever explained to young Barry that the surest way to keep people laughing at you is to respond defensively.

Wearing mom jeans because they don’t market weenie jeans.

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

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