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Mar 23 2014

Cops Release Helmet Cam Video of Killing in New Mexico

If the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) would do this to some homeless lunatic with a pocket knife, think what the authorities might do to you when push comes to shove regarding the Second Amendment:

The story, via KRQE:

Police say 38-year-old James M. Boyd is the man who was killed in the shooting last Sunday. So far, they’ve been unable to contact any of Boyd’s family members.

New Albuquerque Police chief Gorden Eden said Friday the video shows that the latest officer involved shooting is justified.

How Boyd was killed:

As Boyd is moving [to leave], officers then threw a flash bang and released a K9 which appears to bite Boyd in the hand. Chief Eden said officers also used a taser gun and bean bag rounds. Two officers, Dominque Perez and Keith Sandy then both fired three bullets each from their department issued rifles, causing Boyd to fall to the ground.

Keith Sandy has weathered controversy before:

APD hired Sandy in 2007 after he was fired by New Mexico State Police over the Wackenhut scandal. Sandy was accused of fraud for making money doing private security work while on the clock for State Police.

When Sandy was hired by APD, the department said he would be a civilian employee and he wouldn’t have a gun or a badge. However, Sandy quickly rose through the department, landing on the ROPE Team, which goes after repeat offenders or some of the city’s most dangerous criminals.

I don’t envy police the job of handling mental cases. But if they can shoot people in the back for being difficult to deal with, all of us are in trouble.

In loosely related news from New Mexico,

Critics have attacked the recent changes to the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy curriculum, which they say now teaches recruits to exercise more leeway to use deadly force when pursuing a suspect. …

New Mexico State Police has drawn controversy following a series of shootings, including one involving an officer caught on video shooting at a minivan full of children during a chaotic October traffic stop near Taos….

Exercise extreme caution when interacting with New Mexico police. But whatever you do, don’t get nervous around them. If they think you are clenching your buttocks, you could be in for an experience you will never forget. Just ask David Eckert, whom New Mexico cops coercively subjected to two x-rays, three enemas, and a surgical colonoscopy after he failed to come to a complete halt at a stop sign. They got the idea he was hiding drugs. Or maybe they just didn’t like his face.

As James Madison wrote,

If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.

New Mexico is not governed by angels. Nowhere is.

On tips from Chris W.

  • Logic_Mine

    Isn’t revealing the name of the deceased before notifying next of kin a violation of protocol and civil rights, not to mention decency?

  • Logic_Mine

    Sure, police work is hard but it seems lately in the past 40 years that police have become more violent in solving situations when they could be more effectively handled by a little respect and human compassion.
    It seems that human compassion has lost out to military style tactics where everyone is treated like a convicted FELON and subjected to capital punishment on the spot
    Days of Judge Dredd seem to be upon us. Someone needs to remind these cops that they are not “JUDGE, JURY, and EXECUTIONER” !!

  • KHarn

    So four or five cops with robo-cop armor, tasers, shotguns, a dog and MACHINEGUNS, they couldn’t bring this guy in alive? Those son of a bitches are either incompetent or CHICKEN-SHIT.

  • 762×51

    “Exercise extreme caution when interacting with New Mexico police. ”

    Exercise extreme caution when interacting with ANY police. – Fixed that for ya.

    The victim is 50 feet away from the closest cop and has a pocket knife. Where is the immediate threat to life and limb required for such a shoot?

    If it takes five cops with shotguns and AR’s to take down one hobo with a pocketknife, they are toast when it comes to those of us who are prepared for them with real firepower. A regular police force is outnumbered by the population they are expected to control thousands to one. They are real tough against unarmed or insane people but will be slaughtered wholesale in an actual civil war. It is a gun fight they cannot hope to win. They should think very carefully about which side the want to be on, the ruling political elite or the citizenry.

    Oathkeepers are the only police I trust, the rest are the enforcers of oppression.

  • 762×51

    It only seems that way because they HAVE become more violent. They have been militarized and are no longer there “to protect and to serve” but are a para-military force equipped with armor and military grade weapons and trained in military tactics. They are intended to CONTROL the population, not protect or serve it.

    Every situation has the same response, military style force. Their political masters are fine with that as it keeps the population under control with fear.

  • Son of the Rabbit People

    I didn’t see where the guy was any threat at all. The guy would have had to do a crazy charge against obvious firepower or been one heckuva good knife thrower. Itchy trigger fingers looks like to me.

  • alohasteve
  • Son of the Rabbit People

    In any case, the guy was on the ground appearing lifeless when they set the dog loose on him.

  • Nomerica

    Cops need to be killed or at least crippled at every opportunity, they ARE the enemy.

  • barfomer

    Did those cowboys think they were in Afghanistan fighting Taliban? That’s one giant WTF. And Chief Gorden Eden says it was justified. Another large WTF.

  • Son_of_Taz

    Wrong. Not every cop is like this. Most are good guys just making a living. It’s the tac guys that take their jobs way too seriously that need to be restrained. If any citizen with a CCW did this, they’d be hung out to dry. No way should four cops have to kill someone in this type of circumstance.

  • Ditto Son of Taz. The idea that cops should be killed because they are cops is the property of irresponsible moonbats like Ice T. Just because we need restraints on the police doesn’t mean we don’t need the police.

  • Henry

    New Mexico LEO’s are rapists and murderers. The ones who aren’t cover for the ones who are.

  • Henry


  • JDMedia

    Judge Dredd America

  • Mr. Mentalo





    From my cold, dead hands…

  • Mr. Mentalo

    +1 Dave & Taz. This is outrageous, but I know a lot of cops and this is WAY out of anything approaching the norm. The idea that we wholesale turn on the cops is…well, it’s clear where “nomerica” is coming from. Apropos screen-name, too.

    What worries me (as alluded to in the story) is that we’ll be getting a crop of “police” that are beholden only to the government. When we say “no”, blood will be spilled…and not started by us!

    Whoever the cops are that did this, they need to be hauled into court. This ISN’T a Rodney King deal…THAT guy was asking to be shot. This? I see zero justification.

  • 762×51

    AFTER shooting his body a couple of times with 12ga bean bag rounds.

    Out of control? just a smidgen as Comrade Barry might say.

  • 762×51

    Perhaps a little of both.

    Either way, if they try to enforce the tyranny coming from government, they are out manned AND out gunned.

  • 762×51

    While suicide by police is fairly common these days, this is not a case of SbP. The guy was “armed” only with a pocket knife, 50 ft. away moving away from the cops and was shot in the back. No immediate threat to them or any other citizen, no justification for this shoot.

    I wonder if the knife blade was of legal length for that jurisdiction. If so and he clearly was not brandishing it in a threatening manner nor was he within threat proximity or advancing on them so this is straight up manslaughter.

  • 762×51


  • 762×51

    “When we say “no”, blood will be spilled…and not started by us!”

    Mentalo – Unfortunately, that is EXACTLY what is happening. This scenario has occurred with increasing frequency over the last several years as the Progressive agenda has taken hold.

    I have said here many times that the current situation ends in civil war and your fears are exactly what I see happening.

    Individual cops can be normal everyday citizens but their departments are controlled by the political machine. More so in cities than in rural areas but still the majority of the population will face this scenario.

    Laws are being passed today that people simply will not obey such as Obamacare and the increase in taxes. Add to that the huge increase in consumer prices for food, gasoline, etc and the $7,000.00 average decrease in household income and bloating of the welfare roles and you can be assured of one thing. Bold will be spilled and people will die. When people cannot feed their children, the fight is on. The police will have but one choice, enforce tyranny or side with the citizenry. The more police that decide to enforce tyranny, the higher the body count will rise.

    There is a gun fight coming, it is only a matter of time.

  • IslandLifer

    Yay disqus is working! This is disturbing. Plain and simple murder in the 1st. These taxpayer funded assassins need to be put on a very short leash like the dogs they are!

  • CRC60

    So why would the cops release a video clearly showing their crime of at least manslaughter? The lawsuit that is sure to follow should be a mind blower.

  • WTSherman1864

    Brutal and vicious. Very third world-like. Unforgivable.

  • WingMann

    Union Thugs With Guns.

  • Nomerica

    You’re wrong, they chose their occupation and what comes with it. The guy in the mountain being bean bagged as he lay unconscious, not so much, especially since the gangsters finally killed him.

  • ed357

    WTF did this guy do to deserve being shot?

    Was he a fleeing felon from heinous crime?

    or was he a mentally disturbed homeless guy?

    This is UNSAT…..there were many other ways to deescalate this and not have to kill this guy……

    I used to be in LEO….I don’t understand these actions.



    Ice T came out of the Compton and Newark – It is my sneaking suspicion that the cops were as brutal, corrupt and murderous in those neighborhoods then as they are across the nation now. The difference then was that it was confined to the ghettos of poor black and hispanics.

    I really think that Ice T was writing from his experience and was ahead of the curve. Police aggression and brutality isn’t kept to the hood now, it is in your neighborhood and mine. The police don’t confine their hyper aggression, corruption and murders to the lowly ghettos now.

    The only discrimination cops use now is seeing the world in Blue and not blue. In LEOs and “Civvies” or as Will Norman Grigg terms the rest of us “Mundanes”.

    BTW – I can’t stand Ice T…. But this very conversation is one I was having with someone I know that is an old-timer living in the Housing Projects…

  • scross47

    Stupid statements like this have no valid reason to be posted. Nomericas statement that all law enforcement officers need to be killed is nonsensical; for the poster to say that all law enforcement be killed is a nod for total anarchy which is not a sustainable way to live.

  • scross47

    Nomerica, you’re wrong for seeing this incident as what is happening everywhere in the U.S. It isn’t that widespread to indite all law enforcers of heavy handed tactics.

  • Jeff Edelman

    Glad they shot him. I know I felt threatened. But, then again, I felt that way once when a three-year-old came at me with a toothpick. If it hadn’t of been for his 18-month-old sister, there’s is no telling what he might have done to me. And, how about the callous attitude of these “brave” public servants, acting like they had just shot an animal. Look out! There’s no evading karma!

  • scross47

    It is astounding they would rather kill the man than process his arrest. I can’t believe the cops were that lazy, so it any info comes in offering evidence supporting the enforcer’s actions is greatly needed. Otherwise the law boys jumped to the killing point too soon.

  • Hanoisteve

    They probably vote republican.

  • Jester

    Looks like they edited out the part where they asked him: “Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the Republican party?”

  • jarhead

    This is disgusting murder! for all to see ,those cops should all be in prison over this!
    When will we have enough of this America?

  • WTH

    Don’t turn away this is what a police state look’s like.

  • Cameraman

    This is starting to become, a common thing, and people are getting no News from the MSM, about Police Killing in Cold Blood..Fuk these JBT and all the LEO you suit up like Soldiers, you Bring shame to this Country and treason to our Doorsteps, We are very close to unleashing Hell on all the Badge Monkeys..keep pushing you gutless SOB”s and it Will Happen!!!

    Semper Fi Bro

  • Tchhht!!!

    A few years back, Seattle cops had an incident with a mentally ill homeless guy armed with a samurai sword. The cops borrowed a ladder from the fire department and used it to pin the guy against a wall. He was then taken into custody safely and no one was injured. Looks like these New Mexican cops were just looking for an excuse to kill someone. I read somewhere that cops have a 21 foot rule. Anyone brandishing a knife within 21 feet can be justifiable shot.

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