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Mar 30 2014

Ted Cruz: Stand for Principle

Inspirational countermoonbattery from liberals’ least favorite Senator:

Ted Cruz must have led a perfect life. If not, the media would have found something to destroy him with by now.

On a tip from G. Fox.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Oh, they’ll find something to destroy him with…or make something up (to be revealed as a fraud only AFTER the election of Queen Bee Clinton).

    After all, they can’t have Ted get in the way of guaranteed loser Jebbie-Boy Bush (who gets my vote for the Repub nominee after the Christie distraction has run it’s course).

    The Repubs have ceded the election to Hillary for a promise of a win in 2024. It hardly makes a difference anyhow, since the RINO elite are on the same team as the Dems. A progressive by any other name…

  • ramrodd

    Please, No one is perfect – especially any politician.. Enough of this worship!!
    Maybe a break from the left vs right paradigm and call each politician out for who they are..

    Was brought to light months ago:

    Heidi Cruz is a Term member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
    Check out Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan..


  • IslandLifer

    He’s got my vote. Period.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    OK, so then the only alternative is to put our trust in Jesus Christ, stand against evil, live according to the scriptures (none of which is a bad idea) and forget all about politics.

    I say that for this reason: if every politician, every arm of government, all the media and all the schools are totally, irrevocably under the control of the Illuminati / Freemason / CFR / Tri-Lateral / Bilderberg / NWO cabal, if they have THAT much power, are that vast and omnipresent in scope, then what is the point of elections, candidates, etc? No matter what, the secret overlords are pulling the strings, and if they are THAT entrenched, then there is absolutely nothing we can do but put our trust in the Lord.

    So I don’t want to hear any more panicked “OH MY GOD, IT’S THE FREEMASON ILLUMINATI” stuff. We get it. They rule everything. So drop it already, get a copy of the King James Bible and ride out the storm. If they snuff you, you’ll be with the Lord. If not, you’re on the right-est side you could be on, so what’s to worry?


  • ramrodd

    So attack me when i point out what many already know?
    and who is “we”

    you talk of Christ and go down the list of a globalist cabal..

    but this i do know – Repub vs Dem is a lie from the pit of hell!!

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Attack you? Hardly, but I’ve known your kind for years. All they can do is say “SEE??? It’s the END! It’s the (pick the organization of your choice)!! They’re controlling the world!!!” Dems and Repubs are lies from the pit of hell. OK, and then…?

    Bottom line: if true, so WHAT? I’ll say it again: if they’re THAT strong, organized and all pervasive, then what is your plan of action? Any and every person in politics, business, academia and media will be involved or controlled by them, so if it’s all true (and I’m not saying it isn’t), WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION? What I hear is usually some lame “survivalist” thing (like a few rifles and a sand-bag bunker somewhere is going to protect you from an organization that can literally dominate entire nations) or some other equally futile plan.

    My feeling is that if you are right, the only hope is to put all your faith in the Lord and depend on Him. Period. Don’t worry about the rest, as there will be nothing you can do to fight it. Jesus will sort it out when He comes.

  • ramrodd

    been a while since ive been in a disagreement on this site..but i will only take this so far..

    you say that my kind are ruling the world? how can that possibly be true – i dont think anything like these people!!

    btw..i am no way a survivalist or

    answers? there are no answers but getting out the truth about whats going much as can be found..
    if you have any answers, please post them….

    but you just hate it when someone points out the problem with your so called conservative saviors…

    as i said…if anyone has any REAL answers – please post them…

  • wingmann

    Man Love.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    (a) I said your kind are ruling the world? Not sure what “world” your in, but I said “your kind” (meaning those that espouse this thinking) talk fearfully of the organizations ruling over us, but never offer any solutions (other thansurvival/prepper stuff…which you say you don’t, so OK).

    (b) You’re getting out the “truth” (and again, I don’t dismiss it), but I’ll say it again: if there are no answers, if these orgs are all powerful, then what difference does it make? If I have any answers? I gave you the only answer if your scenario is true: put your faith in Jesus. Pray. Follow God’s word.

    (c) Ted Cruz is not the savior. Jesus Christ is. One (very) last time: if your scenario is true, NONE OF THIS MATTERS and there are no political or social answers.

    So relax.

  • ramrodd

    1- i never mentioned all these organizations you are talking of – you did.. although i mentioned the CFR and Cruz wife, there are plenty of US members and their agenda is NOT of the US Constitution..

    2 – i only mentioned Dems and Repubs…

    3 – i will continue to post what i consider truth until i can no longer do so….

    4 – i am relaxed and my faith is in Christ!!

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Then we’re all good.

    Post away.

  • Son_of_Taz

    Mr. Mentalo and ramrodd, we need a good President, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that lawmaking occurs in the House and Senate – or it did until recently. It’s those elections that mean more than who sits in the White House. As idiotic as the current resident is (wanting to do something about cow farts comes to mind), it won’t be him that actually carries out the law. It will be the left-wing hacks and judges he appoints that will destroy what’s left of our country.

    Ted Cruz says the right things, but the Ivy League education does concern me. We’ve seen others with that educational experience and they’ve done us wrong. Our best President, Ronald Reagan, went to Eureka College and didn’t get the Ivy infection.

    Work on getting the Tea Party candidates elected to Congress, and that’s where we’ll win.

  • DJ

    I like Ted Cruz; I like him a lot! But I’m a realist. He has next to ZERO chance in advancing a conservative agenda. I say that because he is up against an overwhelming array of foes aligned against him.

    1) Republican establishment that is hostile to him.
    2)The entire Democrat Party.
    3) 98% of the MSM.
    4) The vast majority of big money donors
    and most important,
    5) The majority of Americano voters.

    In spite of 8 years of Clinton’s liberalism plus 8 years of Dubya’s “compassionate socialism” and 5 years of Barry’s racial-socialism, a decisive majority of the Americano voters want more left-liberal socialism.

    Look here:

  • Mr. Freemarket

    The democrats will suddenly discover the Natural Born Citizen clause if Ted Cruz is the GOP nominee in order to have him declared ineligible to be president.

    If the dems didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

  • 762×51

    Third party is a delusion. You play on their playground by their rules you lose, period. Look at how the GOP has gone after the Tea Party. The days when this could have been corrected at the ballot box have long since passed.

    It’s time for a civil war!

  • 762×51

    Won’t matter if the WH is run by another big spending, big government socialist jackhole like, Obama or Bush or Clinton or Bush. Now the Democrat Party Lite, I mean the GOP wants Jeb Bush, I say NO FUCKING WAY!

    The only difference between Jeb Bush and Killary is that Killary has bigger balls than Jeb.

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