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Apr 07 2014

The Demise of Chief Wahoo

Cleveland Indian fans should be saddened to learn that the beloved Chief Wahoo is on his way out, having been designated as politically incorrect by liberals who revel in their ability to ban anything they please on any foolish pretext. In cowardly response to moonbat tantrums, the cheerful cartoon Indian is getting replaced by a boring block C as the team’s primary logo.

Chief Wahoo isn’t going away. At least not yet. He’ll still have a home on the Indians’ jersey sleeves.

But the Chief is well on his way to the reservation. From there he will vanish entirely, rendering our culture just a little more drab, and a little more monochromatically politically correct.

For now Chief Wahoo is still on the home caps too…

In that sense, the impact of the logo redesignations would be more symbolic than practical.

But symbolism matters, especially when discussing Chief Wahoo…

[T]he logo redesignations would have ripple effects because media outlets — including “SportsCenter” and newspapers — would start using the block-C, instead of Wahoo, as their visual shorthand for the team.

Wahoo set off on his Trail of Tears a few years ago:

The franchise removed Wahoo from its road cap in 2011 and from its home batting helmet in 2013. At last summer’s All-Star Game FanFest — a merch-fest where teams generally slap all their logos on every product imaginable — Wahoo was nowhere to be found. Go to the Indians’ website and you’ll find the block-C near the top of the home page with Wahoo less prominently used. Several reporters have noted that the block-C has a much larger presence than Wahoo at the team’s spring training facility too.

The priggish liberals at ESPN unsurprisingly want the Chief banned immediately on the grounds that “ethnic caricatures such as Wahoo are harder and harder to defend in a modern, diverse society.” Next they will demand the team change its name.

Why should anyone care what logo is on the hat of a dying city’s baseball team? Because every time the totalitarian Left takes an inch, they move on to take the next inch. No matter how absurd the battles are, if normal Americans keep losing them, we will wake up one day soon to find our culture no longer exists.

Cleveland Indians  Cleveland Indians
Indians hats before and after a visit from the thought police.

On a tip from Shawn R.

  • Wild Bill

    The C stands for communism.

  • Son of the Rabbit People

    What about the Virginia Cavaliers and their depiction of a white guy? Talk about offensive to liberals!

  • oldguy

    I am awake. It no longer exists.

  • maudieNmandeville

    Chicago, silly.

  • JohnnyHandsome

    Yeah put a fork in it. Just a matter of what crawls out of the ashes I suppose.

  • 762×51

    “we will wake up one day soon to find our culture no longer exists.”

    One day soon?!! That happened many months ago.

    That is why I keep saying civil war is coming. I will not live in the ‘new’ Amerika, and the tards will not live in traditional America. Therefore someone has to die. Actually, thousands of people are going to die in the next few years. Death and destruction are part of the liberal agenda. Acceptable losses to achieve their pseudo-utopia.

    Only fools and collaborators believe otherwise.

  • 762×51

    Yes but you first have to make the ashes.

  • KHarn

    =“ethnic caricatures such as Wahoo are harder and harder to defend in a modern, diverse society.”=
    “Diverse” to neo-commies means “all who agree with us”.

  • groman

    I find more and more reasons to ignore sports altogether. From overpaid athletes, drunken moronic fans who make the stadiums unfit for a family, to spineless leagues like the NFL,MLB and NASCAR, kowtowing to the illiberal elites and to networks like ESPN which is a hardcore left wing outlet for Disney. Screw ’em. They’ll have to scrape by without my money.

  • itsatax

    They hate Chief Wahoo because he’s happy.

  • Son of the Rabbit People

    Never been much on sports anyway. Always seemed like mostly hype. Never understood people spending so much effort to follow something that doesn’t make a difference either way ( who wins or loses).

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