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Apr 15 2014

Illegal Aliens Given $Billions of Our Money by IRS

It is easy to go into a funk on Tax Day, when you think of how much of your life is spent generating wealth for our hostile federal overlords to confiscate and waste. Why not look at the bright side? For illegal aliens, Tax Day is like Christmas — and you get to be Santa Claus:

This has been going on throughout the country. Of course the Feds know all about it. Harry Reid, Obama’s cat’s paw in the Senate, has squashed efforts to put an end to the ongoing looting spree.

The purpose of the IRS is not to raise revenue. That task is accomplished much more efficiently by using the Federal Reserve to inflate the currency. To use the phraseology Obama did while exhorting Hispanics to vote for Democrats, the IRS is there to “punish our enemies” and “reward our friends.”

Normal Americans who work for a living are the government’s enemies. The illegal aliens it has been importing by the millions at our expense to displace us are its friends. Here we see how the IRS redistributes wealth from one group to the other.

On a tip from Glenwood183.

  • dan

    Just tell the iRS that all Mexicans are TEA partty members….

  • MicahStone

    To determine the exact number of ILLEGALS and d-cRAT slugs your tax money supports,use OBOZO’s handy calculator at YOURESCREWED.GOV

  • guest

    abolish the IRS

  • 762×51

    “For illegal aliens, Tax Day is like Christmas — and you get to be Santa Claus:”

    Dave – I’m going to disagree with you on that. We are actually the elves toiling in anonymous servitude for countless hours so that some otherwise unemployable, feckless, egomaniac can take all the credit and reap the rewards of our labors.

    Comrade Chairman Obama is Santa Claus.

  • I’ve got to admit, that is a much better metaphor!

  • No RNC

    Welcome to the Party Pal! Where ya been? The GD Illegal Invaders have been ignored by every 2 bit politician in this country. Time to go Postal!

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