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Nov 13 2011

More Bitter Half Veterans Day Reverence

Doesn’t she just radiate respect for those who have served the “downright mean” country that she recently became proud of for the first time?


Maybe they put that black heart on her Raggedy Ann dress so she would know where to put her hand during the National Anthem:


Come on Michelle, think pure thoughts about internationalist oligarchical collectivism but get your hand up there to placate the toothless peasants out in Jesusland. If Barack can finally do it, so can you. There you go:


Now if she could just get that “all this for an f-ing flag” look off her face.

On tips from Mary and Gary. Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld.

  • Kevin R.

    A black heart? A black heart?

  • Steven

    Could Hussein touch his jacket any more lightly? You get the feeling that he is secretly giving the “F.U.” but not holding firm his hand against his chest like everyone else? Then he goes back to his plane, winks at the Wookie like they won some contest…

  • The brand new bomber jacket is a nice touch…

  • Hail The Amberlamps!

    Real love of country on display by First Lady. /

    But then again, she is a Leftist and this is how they feel.

  • Fiberal

    Moose in the White House is like a mudslide in a Corvette.

    Were she not First Affirmative Action Ho, I imagine this inappropriate, deranged, arrogant, entitled, tasteless, mentally-dimunitive beast would be beating up the elderly to pass the time.


    I told people that Thunder Thighs didn’t put her hand over her heart as the colors were lowered on the USS Carl Vinson. They didn’t believe me because was hard to see on TV. I noticed the angle of her and knew it wasn’t were it was supposed to be.

  • Bubba

    I f*cking hate that bitch.

  • Tess

    Creepy. . . just totally evil. She’s “more man than he’ll ever be, and more woman than he’ll ever get”. (can’t remember what movie thats from) I think she would eat her own offspring to further her cause.

  • chuck in st paul

    ‘Ghetto trash’ is a mental state. Apparently she’s a member in good standing.

    BTW… does Where’s Waldo know she’s borrowed the shirt?

  • Scott B

    Is he REALLY holding his hand up, or is he just making sure the lapel doesn’t block his spiffy name tag from view?

  • Path

    Sometimes words just arn’t enough to express what we feel. So,…………………. Please vote to get them out of our house.

  • Val
  • AC

    They display the body language of persons feeling inconvenienced by the need to attend. They can’t wait to get back to the Wagyu buffet at the White House.

    What’s going through her mind?

    “I’m not even supposed to be here today.”

  • Turbo

    She’s despicable, beneath our contempt. So is her hubby.

  • jtm371

    you can take the hildabeast out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the hildabeast.i agree i hate this FING bitch.maybe they will leave earth at a early age.

  • Fiberal

    Liberalism is like a dish of raw oysters.

    They come in crowds after having been in a cage; they are dimunitive, look awful and have to have their foul taste obscured with something like cocktail sauce.

    Notably, the oyster eats nothing but raw sewage for breakfast, lunch and dinner over its entire life span and consequently, can produce serious systemic toxicity and death.

    And once it has been learned that the oyster has absolutely nothing to say– its best to just move on.

  • T

    It is past time to rid ourselves of this hateful bitch and her moron husband.

  • Patriot

    You s*ck you black-hearted, hateful witch (spit).

  • Graycat

    chuck in st paul: Darn it! You beat me to the Where’s Waldo joke!

  • wingmann

    I was watching that and was yelling…look,look,look….she can’t even put her hand over her heart at this event….AMERICA HATERS AT THE HELM…..I HOPE WE MAKE IT TO THE VOTE NEXT YEAR…RID THE VERMIN.

  • Conan

    What a fucking apey looking bitch. I’ve seen better heads on green cabbages in my garden.

  • timt223

    Where is Waldo?

  • Zim

    This woman has no taste or class

  • Adam

    Crass, disgusting, classless, mean- spirited, racist pig of a woman, always trying to find new ways to disgrace the position of First Lady, even as her moron husband is always trying to find new ways to disgrace the office of President. She’s probably just enduring this horrible (In her eyes, anyway) event so she can get to the inevitable buffet afterwards and stuff her porcine face with foods that she thinks regular Americans shouldn’t be allowed to eat. I’m glad that they’ve never shown video footage of her eating, it would probably make me lose my appetite for days.

    Tess, I believe the movie you’re thinking of is ‘Rent,’
    “I think she would eat her own offspring to further her cause.”
    Well, she has publicly humiliated her own daughter on national television to further her cause (Pointing out on national television how one of her daughters is starting to possibly look overweight, and how she’s so scared the girl will become as obese as other Americans).

  • TED
  • TED
  • Vanzorge

    that is a black hole, on her dress, where her heart is supposed to be.

    what a national disgrace mooch and barry are!!

  • When they Leave the WH next year, they will need to throw out all the Bedding, China, Utensils, and Toilets, and Have a Pest Company come in and Fumigate…What a Couple of Low Lifes,,,,

  • Eric

    I make every attempt I can muster to not be racist, because I believe that every person is created equal in the eyes of God, and His judgement is better than my own. However; after seeing this, and other displays of this type from this ‘type’ of person, I am left with no option other than believing that ‘these kind of people’ are NOT human, let alone American. In such case I can only think in my mind of one definition of this particular person….


  • Nathaniel M

    Tess says:
    November 13, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Creepy. . . just totally evil. She’s “more man than he’ll ever be, and more woman than he’ll ever get”

    Actually I believe you’re thinking of the Movie Car Wash Tess and the cross dressing character, Lindy;

    Lindy: Honey, I’m more man than you’ll ever be and more woman than you’ll ever get.

    Greaaaaat… now I’m gonna have to watch again for the umpteenth time. Time to get funkaaay!

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