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Apr 21 2014

Someone Who Knows What Communism Is All About

Escapees from the former Soviet bloc know just where we are going, because they have already been there. For some reason Polish immigrants don’t seem very enthused about Hope & Change:

On a tip from Infidel Joe.

  • 300lb Gorilla in the Room

    I’m married to a Pol and she said from the get go Bath House Barry was just like the communist of her childhood… Americans are fat, lazy, complacent and stupid!

    * Except for the readers here 🙂

  • joey

    only Muslims use the name Hussein,,,,,

  • 203333

    The founder of Communism, Karl Marx, was a dedicated Satan Worshiper. Literally a Satan Worshiper. People are for the most part ignorant of this fact. Communism is the product of a sick, sick mind.

  • Cameraman

    “That’s Right!!!!

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