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Apr 22 2014

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley Sets Loose Illegals

When a society is governed by people who do not mean it well, the center cannot be expected to hold. Decline is inevitable as it all flies apart. From Dennis Michael Lynch’s DMLDaily:

While Homeland Security is reconsidering their position on deporting illegal criminals with ‘trivial’ crimes, Maryland’s Governor O’Malley has taken it one step further. He announced that the Baltimore City Detention Center will no longer comply with a federal policy that requires the jail to detain illegal immigrants for deportation. O’Malley said the Detention Center will now consider the severity of the charges a person is facing when reviewing I.C.E. requests to hold immigrants through the ‘Secure Communities’ program. The federal program ‘Secure Communities’ was intended to catch and deport dangerous criminals by coordinating with local jails.

O’Malley was appointed to the Council of Governors by Obama, who is highly unlikely to object to his thumbing his nose at the federal government on a matter of vital importance to our survival as a nation in the face of an ongoing invasion that threatens permanent demographic conquest.

Meanwhile, 200 heavily armed federal agents descended on a ranch over a dispute involving grazing fees.

Rule of law is disintegrating, but this isn’t anarchy. The term for it is anarcho-tyranny.

O’Quisling: Defying the law to facilitate foreign invasion.

On a tip from Bill T.

  • Henry

    ObrownMao ignores the laws he doesn’t like (or that impact the melanin enhanced); O’Malley is just progressing in Dear Leader’s footsteps.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    The left is working in a 24/7 frenzy to do as much damage as possible. They hate America, hate success, hate freedom, hate YOU and hate THEMSELVES (most of all), so they are driven by an irresistible obsession to tear down and destroy everything fundamental to our lives.

    Opening the gates to illegal immigration (or, at this point, any more immigration period) is the surest way to do the deed and not have to lift a finger. Our Latino amigos will come in, the rest will take care of itself…and guys like O’Traitor will be smiling that “we DID it…we ENDED AMERICA!” smile ’til the bitter end.

  • ODA315

    The shame is when one of these illegals commits a capital crime sh*tbirds like O’Numbnuts won’t be held accountable.

    Special shoutout to Obama. Thanks for turning this country into a lawless enclave for the favored few.

  • ODA315

    btw, nice comb-over, meatstick.

  • TED

    Let me guess, OMG, He IS a democRAT. Doing his best to do the worst job
    possible. With the talent for incompetency the left have it really IS a NO

  • 762×51

    “Rule of law is disintegrating, but this isn’t anarchy. The term for it is anarcho-tyranny.”

    Actually, the term is just tyranny, it needs no adjective modifier.

    Tyranny is the same wherever it is found and regardless of the ideoloigical motivation. Whether it is the Roman Emperor Caligula, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, The Il clan dictator dynasty in NK or Comrade Chairman Obama, all are the same, only the time frame within the reign varies. For example, Caligula was in power for ~1400 days. During the first 6 months of his reign, he was very popular and considered to be moderate and just ruler. As his personal failings became known and the criticism that followed, he became more and more oppressive eventually displaying a psychopathy that lead to his murder four years later. The citizenry and Senate of Rome allowed his despotism to continue for YEARS before taking violent action to end it. The same with every totalitarian despot on the list. In some cases they were allowed to continue because there was no means to resist by an unarmed citizenry, in others they were deposed by outside forces as Hitler was. The bottom line is that totalitarian despotism has an infinite number of source ideologies all of which are rooted in evil. People who impose laws that lead to the enslavement and destruction of the population are evil.

    The American left has demonstrated repeatedly that they will not obey laws they object to at every level of government. We, as conservatives are predisposed to obeying laws because we wish to be productive, valued members of society, the left does not suffer under that constraint. We cannot win if we continue to follow the laws they have put in place, basically Rules of Engagement. We must throw off this silly notion that we must follow their laws because it is the law even though it leads directly to our destruction.

    There is no more relevant example of resistance today than Cliven Bundy and what is happening at his ranch in NV. In America today, you are either a willing, obedient servant of the state or a “domestic terrorist” and “enemy combatant” following the Constitution. It is impossible to be both a slave and free at the same time, just as it is impossible to obey their laws AND oppose them at the same time.

    Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, I die free.

  • 762×51

    This is not incompetence, it is an act of war against the American people.

    We need to repay them in kind.

  • 762×51

    The elitist left has wanted a race war in America for decades to destroy whites and leaving them in power over their non-white army of followers. They haven’t been able to actually pull it off because blacks are still a small percentage of the population so importing non-whites is a way to speed up the process.

    Make no mistake, I blame the white liberals for this not the non-white useful idiots they are importing for their nefarious purposes.

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