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May 04 2014

Sharyl Attkisson Speaks Out

No wonder Obama’s Praetorian Guard at CBS News didn’t fire Sharyl Attkisson a long time ago, despite her disloyal habit of digging into stories like Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and Obama’s lucrative green energy money-laundering operations. Now that she’s a free agent, there is nothing they can do to keep her mouth shut. Here she speaks with Reason TV about what some might consider the merging of the government and the media:

On a tip from Patrick M.

  • Corporate interest, government, academia, the democrat party, organized labor are all the rods forming the fasces. When their actions work against the interests of the people as a whole then we have reached the point where a democratic republic, designed to protect the liberties of the people, has become a fascist state where the purpose of the government is to protect the lictors and their imperial malfeasance from the people. This isn’t socialism. It’s the tyranny of oligarchs and the public sector joining forces.

  • sybilll

    I would rarely sit through a video this long, but in this case, 18 minutes was not enough. Great find!

  • Rob Banks

    You might be interested in what this fellow has to say. Among the neoreactionarys, the media/academia/bureaucracy hegemony is known as “The Cathedral”.

  • Jester

    Miss Attkisson better lawyer-up in a hurry because she’s about to be aggressively and expensively audited by the left’s weaponized IRS. If she survives that she’s gonna need to bodyguard-up just as fast before she has an ‘unfortunate accident’. I sure hope she has a massive bank account.

  • joepotato

    The NWO hit squad has silenced many, but the tide is turning and they can’t go out and start indiscriminately start killing people can they? Well according to the NDAA their Puppet in Chief can give the order to do just that. History may begin to repeat in a very ugly way…. Despots never resign or give up easily….

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