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May 11 2014

Open Thread


Passed along by G. Fox.

  • Smith and Wesson and Me

    Enough is enough. Time to openly advocate for violent revolution against our tyrannical, fascist, leftist government!

  • Son of the Rabbit People

    Must pose with the latest fad to show how hip I am. Democrat voters mainly care about which party appears to be hip and asinine. Must maintain the image. Otherwise I don’t really give a…..

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Wait’ll she finds out most of those girls were Christians, not Moslems. All that concern will fall off the Obama radar faster than Sterling lost the Clippers.

  • Bodhisattva

    And that’s just how much it costs WHEN IT FAILS – you won’t believe the costs when it ‘works’ (if it ever does, that is).

    $474M for 4 failed Obamacare exchanges

    Nearly half a billion dollars in federal money has been spent developing four state Obamacare exchanges that are now in shambles — and the final price tag for salvaging them may go sharply higher.

    Each of the states — Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland — embraced Obamacare, and each underperformed. All have come under scathing criticism and now face months of uncertainty as they rush to rebuild their systems or transition to the federal exchange.

    And the above is just the tip of the iceberg – on the failure radar now – HAWAII

    Insurance CEO: Shut down Hawaii health exchange, act now to get waiver from federal government

    The chief executive of Hawaii’s largest health insurance company is calling on Hawaii to shut down its beleaguered health insurance exchange, which was set up as part of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.

    Michael Gold, president and CEO of Hawaii Medical Services Association, says the state shouldn’t keep spending money on the Hawaii Health Connector, a system that he says is financially unsustainable and does not work.

    Hawaii should ask the federal government for an exception to the part of the Affordable Care Act that requires states to set up and run their own insurance exchanges, Gold said. He thinks businesses should buy approved plans directly from insurance companies, as they have done in the past. Individuals would do the same, or the federal government could take over that part of the exchange, he said.

    NOTE THAT LAST about the fed taking over – in yet another state we’re on the fast track to single payer, another broken Obama promise as he and other prominent Democrats promised this wasn’t a ruse to force everyone into government run single payer, yet clearly it is.

    No surprise here.

    The top economic adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign on Sunday accused Tim Geithner of “lying” in a forthcoming memoir about a private discussion on tax increases they had during the 2012 race.

    R. Glenn Hubbard, the dean of Columbia Business School and the former head of George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, said Geithner fabricated a claim in the book that Hubbard endorsed raising taxes in a conversation the two men had in early 2012 at an Economic Club of New York dinner.

    Apparently that’s not the only lie from “Turbo Tax Tim”

    Besides lying about his taxes, or just failing to file them, or whatever (I’ve lost track of who did what in the Obama administration due to the large number of his cronies who had tax issues):

    In “Stress Test,” Mr. Geithner argues that, though he understood that Bear “was not that big—only the 17th largest U.S. financial institution at the time”—its failure could have been catastrophic because “there were too many other firms that looked like Bear in terms of their leverage” and had similar exposure to devastating housing losses.

    But that’s not what he was saying at the time, according to transcripts of the Fed’s Federal Open Market Committee. At a meeting on March 18, 2008, a few days after the Bear rescue, Fed governor Kevin Warsh said that financial institutions were undercapitalized. In other words, they had too much leverage and too much exposure to potential losses. Mr. Geithner objected, saying: “It is very hard to make the judgment now that the financial system as a whole or the banking system as a whole is undercapitalized. . . . But based on everything we know today, if you look at very pessimistic estimates of the scale of losses across the financial system, on average relative to capital, they do not justify that concern.”

    If you want to see the future of Obamacare, look at what’s going on with the VA now.

    Addressing the scandal plaguing the Department of Veterans Affairs, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the backlog is an issue that should have been looked at “years ago.”

    “I don’t think it just started with [Veterans Affairs Secretary] Gen. [Eric] Shinseki’s term at the VA,” Hagel said in an interview with ABC’s Martha Raddatz that aired Sunday on “This Week.” “This is something that should’ve been looked at years and years ago. So, yes, we missed it.”

  • Bodhisattva

    Nope, that would likely make things worse, not better, in the long run. Plus it would give Obama the excuse he’s been trying to manufacture to suspend elections and declare himself President for Life, like Idi Amin or some such. After all, that’s the way they do it where he’s from.

  • ThisObamaNation

    Are we having fun yet?
    It is time to topple the Obamatollah.
    It is time for an American Spring.

  • dan

    Ethanol myth shattered: Corn biofuels release more greenhouse gases than gasoline

    Learn more:

  • DJ

    Under PC tyranny, one misstep, no matter how unintended, will turn your life upside down. Paula Dean is a prime example. Here’s yet another.
    The Sun Has Got His Hat On—Cultural Marxism Has Its Goose-Step On

    By Sean Gabb

    Witch hunts usually run out of steam in one of two circumstances. The first is when the hunters turn on each other. The second is when they make absolute fools of themselves. That has now begun to happen in England.

    David Lowe worked for thirty two years as a disk jockey at BBC Radio Devon. He was always popular with his listeners—until recently he committed the ultimate sin.

    The Sun Has Got His Hat on was one of the biggest hits of 1932 in England. Released in the middle of the Great Depression, it is a bright and cheerful song. There are two versions available on YouTube. One is by Ambrose and His Orchestra, (embedded below) the other by Henry Hall. On the 27th April this year, Mr. Lowe thought it was worth another hearing, so he played it on air.

    Oh dear! He neglected to listen to the words. One couplet reads:

    He’s been tanning n*****s out in Timbuktu

    Someone complained. Once aware of his Hate Crime, Mr. Lowe offered to apologize on air. Not good enough for the BBC. {snip}

    Read more>>

    Now he’s coming back to do the same to you

  • alohasteve

    Breaking: Nigeria girls ‘shown’ in Boko Haram video – BBC News

  • dan

    CHEMTRAILS: There is NO Debate!

  • TED
  • TED
  • TED

    MORE Lib Logic…

  • Bill T

    DHS emails reveal Obama administration may have terrorist ‘hands off’ list

  • TED

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