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May 11 2014

Military Appreciation Day

You might not know it from watching the news, but there are still US troops fighting the terrorist enemy in Afghanistan, even if the “Commander in Chief” has chosen not to pursue victory. You can do your part to show active duty troops that they haven’t been forgotten by participating in Military Appreciation Day. This describes MAD in a nutshell:

A MAD event is a day on which volunteers take active duty troops out for a full day of offshore fishing. For the troops, the entire day and all activities and services are free. At the end of the day the troops, their families and boat volunteers are treated to a huge southern-style cookout – which is also free.

More info:

The next MAD is in Morehead City, North Carolina Saturday May 31. If you are in the region, strike a blow against moonbattery by volunteering. Read all about it at What Bubba Knows.

  • Donna

    This is an awesome event and the town of Morehead City, NC comes alive with true patriots during MAD. To see the smiles on the troops faces when they get back to the docks is incredible! What a great way to say “One Simple Thanks” for all that these men and women of the USA military do for us each day.

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  • rex freeway

    Beware of Liberal communist trying to put an end to this. My guess is Comrade Obama and his mindless mainstream media will be a no show at this event. By the way, how many times has the Muslim in chief actually visited our troops. Anywhere?

  • Remember our wonderful service personal in the armed services, actions
    speak louder then words and if Obama trying to block your rights to vote while
    you were over seas in 2012 did not speak loudly enough to you then when he
    removes all your rights will.

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