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May 11 2014

Fauxcahontas Fundraises on Benghazi

Rather than take some responsibility for a change, Democrats and their media enablers have pathetically attempted to twist Benghazi around so that they get the moral high ground by screeching about Republicans “fundraising on Benghazi.” Want to see some real fundraising on Benghazi? Via Washington Free Beacon:


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) is fundraising off the Benghazi scandal, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis (h/t Lachlan Markay). Check out this item posted on Warren’s campaign website on Friday:


In a plea for money, the phony Indian Elizabeth Warren writes the following:

All three of my brothers served in the military, and I know firsthand how much Americans serving abroad — and their families — sacrifice. What happened in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012 was a tragedy. Four Americans died putting themselves in harm’s way in service to peace, diplomacy, and their country. I look at what happened in Benghazi with sadness, with seriousness, and as yet another call to honor the men and women who keep us safe.

So let me be blunt: that kind of seriousness is sorely missing from the no holds-barred political theater of the House Republicans.

The oceans will go dry before Democrats ever run low on hypocrisy.

On a tip from Ken.

  • Son of the Rabbit People

    “All three of my brothers served in the military, and I know firsthand how much Americans serving abroad — and their families — sacrifice.”

    If you know something because someone else experienced it and related it to you, you know this something secondhand. Firsthand experience is something you experience yourself.

    Maybe she really is an Indian. English can not be her primary language. Or maybe she just doesn’t give a carp because she’s a prog and everyone overlooks their lack of knowledge, skill, experience, character….

  • Mr. Mentalo

    All they do is lie. ALL THEY DO IS LIE. Politicians like Fauxchahontas are the lowest form of life on earth. There is no truth in them, no honor, no integrity. Nothing. They create nothing. They produce nothing. They serve no good purpose whatsoever.

    Most of them aren’t even truly the creators of evil, they simply are the expositors of evil, doing the mischief on behalf of their masters. (There are exceptions, like our President.)

    We must rid the public square of these vermin, and we must start at home. ANY support of these parasites, ANY vote for them is simply enabling them to continue their vampiric death-suck on we, the living.

    For once and for all, let us expel them from our midst.

  • Son_of_Taz

    The fact that she beat Scott Brown, surely no Tea Party loyalist but nonetheless better than her but an inch or two, is proof positive of the voter fraud that exists in Mass and many other states. Millions of dollars and thousands of votes came in from other states and that’s how she won.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Yep, and because there is no more watch-dog press, it will only continue.

  • Tess

    “All three of my brothers served in the military,” Does anyone Know this to be true? Does this embelisher even have three brothers?

  • rex freeway

    Pokeherhardest, I mean Fauxchahontas trully has zero morals. True Native Americans should be up in arm’s over her use of their race. She is living proof that Liberals are the true enemy of the state.

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