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May 12 2014

A Peek Behind the Scenes at the Madison White Privilege Conference

Via Progressives Today, here’s a taste of the brainwashing that went on at the 2014 White Privilege Conference in Madison last March, which was primarily intended to indoctrinate teachers on how to indoctrinate their students:

Cultural Marxists are discarding their do-gooder masks and stripping their message down to its raw essence: hate your own kind, and hate your own country.

Anyone who tries to turn you against yourself is your mortal enemy. That’s why progressives are America’s mortal enemies.

Hat tip: Hating Breitbart.

  • WingMann

    It is good that they fully reveal themselves to us. It will make it easier for us to deal with them properly, and without regret or remorse, when the time comes.


    Who knew the Klan would start making sense?

  • MicahStone

    The ONLY thing that can help save America’s children from the unioinst socialist indoctrinators is the fact that they are dumber than dirt – and even many children realize it

  • Mr. Mentalo

    You know, being a Christian I have to wrestle with God’s charge to turn the other cheek, show forgiveness and love one’s enemies.

    On the other hand, He never said “Hate yourself and commit social suicide”.

    These waterheads are SO entrenched in promoting racism, white privilege and victimhood that they will never, EVER EVER EVER be happy. Nothing short of killing all white people (or at the very least, enslaving them…fair is fair after all, right?) will satisfy them.

    Of course, because they hate themselves most of all, and because society would collapse into anarchy if white people were eliminated for the equation, they will keep us around just enough to provide them with a relatively comfortable existence.

    Unless, of course, we go on strike.

    Who is John Galt?

  • AtomicSwirl

    So how long will it be before these freaks start trying to lynch whites or try to send whites to the gas chambers? That is the logical conclusion on all this, isn’t it?


    They already lynch whites, but they call it “games” and “robberies.”

  • robohobo60

    Mentalo – These are the real racists. All race, all the time.

    What caused such self hate? “Cuz that was a bunch of white faces in there.

  • robohobo60

    Go back and look at the video again. They are mostly white. Are they going to lynch themselves? Gas themselves? Most likely just those they disagree with.

    Arbeit macht frei!

  • AtomicSwirl

    I’m not so much concerned that the specific people in the video are going to go on a killing spree, but rather I’m thinking about the youngsters whom they are teaching (indoctrinating). I believe that it’s a recipe for disaster when an entire generation of kids is brainwashed into thinking that whites are evil subhuman creatures who deserve to be punished.

  • TED

    The plan…

  • TED

    As long as THEY lynch THEMSELVES, no problem, in fact part of the solution.

  • DJ

    Genocide by Stealth

    by Sarah Maid of Albion

    (pull quote)

    “[a]lthough there is effectively only one word for genocide, it can come in many forms. To commit genocide, it is not always necessary to perpetrate acts of violence, or indeed murder. There are many definitions of genocide, all equally effective, albeit not all as speedy as the ones chosen in Rwanda.

    If one was prepared to take time and if one was sufficiently ideologically committed to embark upon a genocidal enterprise, the conclusion of which one might personally not live to see, then it is entirely possible to achieve the gradual genocide by stealth of a vast target group without the perpetrators ever having to reveal their blood stained hands.

    One need only create the conditions in which the target group will cooperate with its own destruction, and, with any luck, not awake to what is happening until too late.”

    Read the whole essay and learn.

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