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May 12 2014

Unemployment May Hit 0%

If Obama continues his policy of lowering employment by every means at his disposal (ObamaCare, minimum wage hike, punitive regulation, crippling taxation) while keeping the official unemployment rate down by driving the able-bodied out of the job market and onto the welfare rolls (largely via “disability“), we may soon achieve perfection — 0% unemployment. Via The People’s Cube:

0% Unemployment

On a tip from Lyle.

  • BritCon

    This is what happened in the UK under the Blair government in the late 90s. The Labor government managed to produce decreasing unemployment figures despite their shitty socialist policies by shifting millions to disability. Doctors were tasked to check with the long term unemployed and ask if they were maybe feeling depressed, anxious or stressed and then sign them off work forever.

    Now 15 years later many of them are still there on welfare, screaming loudly about the injustice of the Conservatives actually means testing them for the first time ever, and we’re stuck with almost a quarter of the population registered as ‘disabled’.

  • Gayle

    Lord Obama anticipates becoming the first significant head of state to cause unemployment of large, two-digit NEGATIVE range – 100% NEGATIVE unemployment is within the master’s scope and powers. Obama will let us know when he gets there.

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