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May 12 2014

Open Thread


Compliments of Zappatrust.

  • TED

    ALMOST, but they ARE permanently DUMB!

    Why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama

  • hiram

    I was just making tuna salad when it occurred to me that, given the speed with which demands from the entitlement class are becoming absurd, Al Sharpton should be setting his sights on agriculture soon.

    Why? THERE ARE NO BLACK ONIONS! Think about it… white onions, yellow onions, red onions… but no BLACK or BROWN onions!

    “It’s clearly calculated racism! Even our brown brothers who pick the onions are not represented! We demand equal onions for all!…. either that, or a big fat check. Cough it up & I’ll call off the dogs…”

  • Mr. Mentalo

    (a) Contributed to man-made global warming by burning the shirt.

    (b) Always a bad idea to toss a propane torch.

    (c) Has now become an even more clueless anarchist.

    Moral: You can’t fix stupid.

  • Bodhisattva

    Note MOST of Europe, where the standard of living is SUPPOSEDLY higher than here and the people are SUPPOSEDLY happier than here, has a drinking problem.

    World’s heaviest drinking countries revealed – A report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) looked at levels of alcohol consumption in its 194 member states.

    Europe is the region with the highest consumption of alcohol per person, making up the entire top 10.

    Australia and Canada also have high levels of alcohol consumption, with people on average drinking 12.2 and 10.2 litres a year respectively.

    The U.S.A. isn’t far behind.

    It’s a liberal plot to reduce the world population, one way or another.

    Chemicals in common household products such as toothpaste, soap and plastic toys have a direct impact on human sperm which could help explain rising levels of male infertility, scientists have found.

    Or it’s just a bunch of liberal loons trying to figure out the next way to attack corporations now that the “global warming is caused by manbearpig” farce is finally playing itself out.

    The left actually bowed to pressure and caved, for once.

    Time to redouble efforts and push in other areas, on other issues.

    Harvard Extension School Cultural Studies Club dropped its sponsorship of a reenactment of a satanic “black mass” ritual earlier in the night.

    But the farce ended up going on in some restaurant.

    Wreck of the Santa Maria found.

    More than five centuries after Christopher Columbus’s flagship, the Santa Maria, was wrecked in the Caribbean, archaeological investigators think they may have discovered the vessel’s long-lost remains – lying at the bottom of the sea off the north coast of Haiti. It’s likely to be one of the world’s most important underwater archaeological discoveries.

    And I thought maybe, just maybe, there would be one less baby daddy running around breeding.

    Wait a minute – maybe that goal has been attained after all!

    Andre Johnson, aka Christ Bearer, tells TMZ that contrary to the web site’s initial report, doctors were able to reattach his penis after he cut it off with a knife and jumped out of a window.

    The rapper told the website he has also regained full functionality, but may not be able to have kids.

    Which the site reports is kind of what he was after.

    A billionaire technology mogul testified that he didn’t recall details about the decision to deny public access to a once-popular Northern California beach.


    Khosla is accused of closing the only road that leads to Martin’s Beach in violation of the California Coastal Act. The beach is about 35 miles south of San Francisco.

    Under state law, the entire coast is public property, including beaches below the mean high tide. Without the road access, however, Martin’s Beach can only be reached from the ocean.

    Khosla purchased the adjacent property in 2008.

    George Soros isn’t alone in his attempts to bring down the U.S.

    Hedge fund titans are testing the quality of US democracy

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

    John Paulson made his fortune by taking a massive short position against the US housing bubble. Today the hedge fund billionaire is betting that the US political system will fail. This time he has company.

    Full disclosure – though it’s not a substantial part of my portfolio, I had some money in a fund which will gain if this happens. It wasn’t part of a plan other than an attempt to diversify.

    The fruits, nuts and flakes are seeing things again.

    An unusual cloud spotted in Stockton caused a storm on social media Friday afternoon.

    Photos started flooding social media a little after 2 p.m. Many people characterized the event as a UFO, using hashtags like #alien, #weird and even going so far as saying the earth was due for an extraterrestrial invasion.

    But, in all actuality, the event was probably just a hole-punch cloud – much like one that caused a commotion across Northern California back in 2010.

    As the National Weather Service told CBS13 back then, the distinctive shape of the cloud was most likely caused by an airplane that disrupted the cloud formation.

    This unique kind of cloud is actually relatively frequent, officials say, but is usually only seen in colder climates than what we see in the valley.

  • TED
  • dan
  • TED
  • TED
  • TED
  • TED

    The LEFT are the EVIL in the world.

  • TED

    Obama doing…

  • DJ

    Question: What does the old Soviet Union, Communist China and the Miami Dolphins have in common?

    Answer: They all have re-education camps.

    Dolphins player fined, sent for educational training after tweet about Michael Sam

  • DJ
  • gene lalor

    Liberal-Leftist Hatred

    Since they are often subjectively applied, the words “hate” and
    “hatred” have been deemed among the most volatile and combative terms in English
    language usage, exceeded in their volatility and hostility only by the newly
    popular “racist” and “racism” epithets.

    Certain words can be almost as hateful as certain actions and a
    few select words such as “nigger” and, most recently, “retard” and ”retarded,”
    have been judged so offensive that the judges want them banned entirely and want
    those accused of violating the latest hot button issue, “bullying,”
    be persecuted and prosecuted as criminals.

    There is certainly merit in voluntary restrictions on the use
    of objectively hateful terminology and actions. However, unofficially
    proscribing and officially criminalizing them smacks of censorship, thought
    crime, which was condoned in George Orwell’s Airstrip One but is hardly
    acceptable in currently free America.

    Ironically, the chief proponents of banning disturbing language,
    usually characterized as racist “hate speech,” and of prosecuting bulliers,
    commonly those who allegedly harass homosexuals, are precisely the same
    individuals and groups that, with relative impunity, practice the most egregious
    forms of hate speech and commit the worst hate crimes, namely liberal-leftists
    and the people they are supposedly protecting.

    Also ironic is the lib-left’s successful propagandizing, a success
    attributable to the complicity of Barack Hussein Obama and his mainstream

    They have convinced millions of Americans that they are benevolent
    sorts who only wish the best for people, that they love all mankind, that they
    merely want to change the world into a socialistic paradise where everyone is
    happy and content with their lots in life, that they are “liberal” in every way
    whereas in actuality their philosophy is an oft-proved social and economic
    failure which demeans and de-humanizes rather than benefits its hapless

    At the same time they push their benevolence, etc.,
    liberal-leftists spew the least loving, most illiberal, and most hateful speech
    imaginable in civilized society–and they get away with it!

    America’s lib-left must not have gotten Obama’s insincere 2011
    message of national healing and peace and civility in Tucson anymore than he
    got his own message.

    Let Sarah Palin espouse family values. and they are all over her
    calling her a troll. Let Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker balance
    the state’s budget, with a surplus, and he is denounced and his life and the
    lives of his family are threatened. Let conservative Supreme Court Justice
    Antonin Scalia support prayers at town meetings and “under God” in the Pledge of
    Allegiance or “In God We Trust” on U.S. currency, and the brilliant jurist is
    condemned as an ignorant reactionary.

    And those are among the most civil observations.

    Calling what they rant “free speech” instead of what it clearly is,
    hate speech, Obama’s acolytes on television and in the entertainment world tend
    to vomit the most vile invective, 0ftentimes involving the death of their
    conservative targets.

    A few examples . . . (

  • TED

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