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Jun 08 2014

Grade School Children Brainwashed to Celebrate Sexual Perversion in Oakland Public School

The establishment media is complicit in the “fundamental transformation” of America, so we can hardly expect it to be forthcoming regarding what that transformation entails. That’s why sites like this one are grateful for first-hand reports on situations unlikely to be exposed on the evening news. This email from a concerned parent is a prime example:

I am a parent in Oakland, California and I have a kindergartner in public school. My child came home [Thursday] and told me about the MANDATORY assembly for gay “pride” month. Parents had NO idea this was going to happen and I’m totally blindsided by it.

There is a video on the school’s website showing the assembly… It was nothing more than homosexual indoctrination about the meaning of the rainbow flag and “queer” history. On stage was the rainbow flag but NO American flag. And then a “gay men’s chorus” sang songs about homosexual “freedom.”

This is an elementary school and children as young as 5 were present. Like I said, parents were NOT informed in advance. My child brought home a bookmark with the rainbow flag on it and a quote from radical lesbian poet activist, Audre Lorde, whose work includes a book called “Uses of the Erotic.” This is for Elementary School! …

Then they show videos about how all “families” are the same – two dads, two moms, etc. The video of the entire assembly is on the school website:

If you send children to a government school, you may be subjecting them to this nauseating brand of brainwashing, which is intended to undermine millennia-old conceptions of family and morality. If you pay property taxes, you finance it.

Let’s close today’s lesson with a quote from a Founding Father of progressivism:

When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”


Shine a light on cockroaches and they run for cover. The original video was pulled. Thankfully Jimmy Z and Caiden Cowger saw that coming and downloaded it. The Cowger Nation version is now shown above.

  • Ric the Magnificent

    This is SICK. Time to pull your kids out of public school…

  • garrardfisher

    Is it just me, or is this “celebration” down right awkward and uncomfortable?
    Even for the bull dykes and sweet pickles.

  • KHarn

    This is part of the plan to tear down the (formerly free) western world. Is this being done in COMMUNIST countries? Of course not. Communist agents and their sympathizers have and will do ANYTHING to wreck America. It does not matter if America becomes fully communist, we would still be a threat to “mother Russia” or Red China. Communists can’t have rivals in any form.

  • WingMann

    Of course, if this “new community” and all of it’s members were to methodically cease to exist, then our children would not be at risk of facing the evil it represents.

  • This is sickening. I predicted this years ago and people thought there was no way that they would show such things to kindergarteners. These people have no lower limit.

  • SineWaveII

    The Rev Jerry Falwell back in the 1980s warned that this is what the left wanted to do. He was accused by the “news” media of “wearing a tin foil hat”. At what point does being right mean something?

  • SineWaveII

    Way past time.

  • ThisObamaNation

    Judge: Obama Aided, Abetted Terrorists, Should be Facing 10
    Years to Life

  • Mr. Mentalo

    (I apologize in advance for this, but I’m so angry I cannot see straight.)

    “Family pride day”! How nice! How cute! How disingenuous! Why not say it? “Anal sex and carpet-muncher pride day!”

    “Hey kids! It’s time to learn about how men love men! They are really into trolling bars for “soul food”, and when they hook up, they go home…or into the nearest public rest room…and get started with some quick rimming action, pop a couple of amyl nitrates and then butt-wang each other like bull elks. Here’s a tip for when you do this: use Preparation H for lube. You kill two birds with one stone! Later in today’s program we’ll cover strap-ons and feather-tickling…”

    I’m glad I have no children in that school. There would be a severe teacher shortage at that school after they subjected my kid to that filth.

  • And that pos is privy to the secrets of our national security.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Being right mean something? Never in today’s society. I was watching some overnight Fox thing…I think it was “Red Eye”, and the whole conversation was “Isn’t using psilocybin mushrooms actually beneficial for people with problems?”

    Wow, that took…what…six months since marijuana was legalized? Now psychedelic mushrooms are just great. They help you out, make you better, open your mind, heal your wounds, find that stray cufflink hiding under the chase lounge, remove lipstick stains from you collar…

    I know a LOT of people who are basically psychotic from using mushrooms. They still see faces in the carpet, feel trees are threatening them, have a total paranoid personality and never fully “came back”. But hey, if Fox News says it’s good for you, let’s go.

    Next we’ll be saying heroin isn’t so bad if you simply have a clean needle and a safe place to nod out…

  • These parents need to either pull their kids out of those schools–or make enough noise to make those freaks fold like cheap lawn chairs. It’s do-able.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Not in Oakland it isn’t.

  • Don’t mean to sound like a simpleton but where there’s a will, there’s a way–those freaks certainly understand the concept.

    Parents don’t have the luxury anymore of assuming their children are in the best of hands after sending them off to school. The teachers are as perverted as the curricula–they have to be.

  • johnnycab23513

    That along with a city supplied needle in Santa Cruz killed my son in 2000. Nothing new.

  • At least you’re apologizing.

  • DurkaDurka

    This is California. They are beyond fked. Just make sure to aim for the head when they flee the apocalypse.

  • Understood–but why wait?

  • Henry

    They don’t do that kind of stuff in church…

    No wonder 100 times more children get raped in school by their teachers.

  • SineWaveII

    Yep. That’s the ‘slippery slope’

  • That’s awful, friend–very sorry.

  • But the ‘war on guns’ is a priority? Not when guns are less dangerous than public schools.

  • nosocialism29

    Im telling you one day, child molestation will probably be legal in this country.


    This is why the “tolerence” crowd can’t be trusted.

  • nosocialism29

    The government is the parents in these types of community.

  • But even those so-called priests knew they were aberrations.

  • Certainly to those parents who don’t have the stones or the smarts to raise their own children.

  • They can’t be trusted to be tolerant, for starters.

  • You’re probably right–it already is in Italy. Charges were dropped against a 60 year old pervert who molested an 11 year old girl after she told authorities she was “in love” with him.

  • RKae

    And, of course, they’ll leave the public school system one day having no idea how to use an apostrophe.

    And they’ll fly into a rage if you try to tell them how.

  • Queef Odorman

    It already is….when Democrats do it.

  • Queef Odorman

    clean needle…?….that’s East Vancouver you’re describing.

  • TED
  • TED

    Sounds like they are raising liberals.

  • theBuckWheat

    When a person asserts that who they are fulfills their vision of the world, they have told us about the liberal mind: an inside out world.

    This is dangerous to teach to children who are learning to come out of early-child mind of “make-believe” and to come to understand that reality must constrain their thoughts rather than allowing them to escape reality by living inside their dreams.

    Homeschooling yet?

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  • keyplate

    what will America be like in 20 years if we continue on this path? only God can help us. but he may punish us for this

  • This should work out real well in predominantly African American Oakland.

    Real well.

  • yooperpatriot

    Vote out your school board!

  • MirrorKrys

    There should be a separation of state (schools) and sex. Concentrate on what is above the belt and train the minds in subject matters such as English, Math etc. Leave the below the belt subjects out. No adults other than parents should be discussing sexual issues with minors. Except in high school health or biology classes, leave sexual issues out.

  • But that does not further advancement of The State, MirrorKrys.

  • Adrenaline Junkies

    omg , the religious freedoms are being stomped on by these progressives.. Send the babies to private schools, or home school

  • Adrenaline Junkies

    Man oh man I hope they scream to the roof tops.

  • magic1114

    It seems to me that our community Homos are doing everything in their power to eventually paint a target on themselves. Personally, I plan to get the hell out of the city and retire to country life where there aren’t any militant homos. People, get your kids away from the gaystapo!

  • ohio granny

    Bet they didn’t tell them that gay sex is having sex where waste products are removed from the body thru the anus. I know not supposed to talk about that or even mention it.

  • Lots of AA and Hispanic children in that assembly – I’m sure their parents are none too happy.

    The real crime was subjecting all of those kids to the “choir” – sounded like cats being strangled….

  • Yeah…but the mythical “conservative Hispanic” remains, nonetheless, a myth.

  • I just meant that HAs don’t especially like the LGBT message being spoon-fed to their children.

  • We can but hope.

  • Me_Mongo

    Enough is enough. Marriage is between one man and one woman and no, same sex anything is not normal. Leave the kids alone.

  • D_Smith2020

    The more little children the liberals can turn to homosexuality, the greater their political position. They don’t care that it’s a great sexual immorality that will result in life long personality changes and problems for the children robbing them of what they could have been as a moral heterosexuals. They don’t care about the kids themselves. All they care about is their sexual immorality and pushing it as far as they can on as many people as they can to increase their political power.

  • oldguy

    Don’t worry. The Mexican government will straighten it all out when they take over California.

  • jaxx

    Big shock this happened in Cali. it is after all, the Land of the Fruits, Nuts, n Flakes. And hell no they didn’t advertise it. They knew if they did the decent parents would have pulled their kids from school that day. Progressive filth by stealth indoctrination.

  • Summetime Martin

    I have said it before and will say it again… as a 25 years retired teacher, I know that parents have klout and can gather en masse and railroad these perverted ‘educators of immorality’ out of the school board, out of their positions of principal, superintendent, and teaching. This is abominable and like one person said, it makes my blood boil, I am livid that this happened and more distraught that parents are not rising up in righteous anger. It does not matter if the parents are atheists, agnostics, or Christian or Jewish, they need to band together in a town hall meeting and fire these sin-filled lunatics who have their children’s souls in their hands every single day. Home schooling cannot always be done and I look for the day when Obama, unless he has been guillotined by then, we can pray for this, but I look for him to pass a mandate against home schooling. I look for government to clamp down on parents’ rights to their children’s behaviour/ attitudes/upbringing.

    This was done on the sly, under the table, knowing full well that it was a tactic to indoctrinate vulnerable little minds into their nasty life-style… already, I see the handwriting on the wall….. . sex with kids being legalized … I see already pedophiles being allowed to molest kids and no charges. This has to be stopped and the ball rests in the parents’ court.

    Schools are not in our society for this type of instruction.

    It is math, reading, writing, social studies, science, government, history, physical education, (sports ““`not how to reproduce), and throw in some literature and other languages, such as French. German, Spanish.

  • bittman

    You are so on target. When we lived in CA, they were teaching about gays and lesbians in elementary school and earlier. It is essentially brainwashing. I suspect that many kids who come out as being a homosexual as young as these students will discover later in their life that they are in fact heterosexual.

  • Summertime Martin

    I was a teacher in the 60’s-80’s in Calif. and at that time none of this nonsense was even on the drawing board, and if anyone had dared to put it in a curriculum, that person would have been tarred and feathered, not literally, since we are not in the days of yore, but symbolically given the boot out of the Educational System.

    Just at the point when I quit to retire and move away, was the faint rumblings that no teacher was to write a Bible verse for the day on the chalkboard ( something I had done for years with no repercussions from any parent or student).

    That was probably the beginning of changes, but it had nothing to do with Obama. He was still in his cups.. somewhere in Chicago, I bet.

  • B B

    ‘véry famous quote…’
    no one’s ever heard of her…

  • B B

    i see you’re of the myth-belief that AA’s don’t go for gayness; they’re probably the highest concentration of…liberal media spin has you
    tricked again……

  • B B

    they won’t…..

  • B B

    where did the senator menendez scandal go??????????????????

  • B B

    mr falwell fell on the wrong side of the chosen people, the very folks who engineered all this trash we’re witnessing; instant kaput!
    bub bye…..

  • B B

    well put. no lower limit. cause we’re there.

  • The 2008 election wherein Def. of Marriage won in California even as Barack Obama won strongly suggests influence of socially-conservative AAs.

    But then, that was 6 years ago, and times they are a-changin’.

  • SineWaveII

    Yep that’s the long and short of it. Still I have to wonder. If a person makes a prediction, and that prediction turns out to be accurate, how can the person still be crazy? Another example is H Ross Perot and NAFTA. Take a look at our current situation and compare it to the predictions of Ross Perot and Al Gore. Which prediction more accurately describes the situation of the economy and immigration? Is Ross Perot still crazy?

    At what point do we say “wow look at that Jerry Falwell and Ross Perot were right and Al Gore the democrats and the news media were wrong. Maybe we need to go back and review what these people were trying to tell us”. Doesn’t making a prediction being right about it carry some weight? It always used to. It seems to me that the news media has been wrong about almost everything for the last forty years.

  • lesbian101

    Hmm..I have to disagree. I’m an out and proud lesbian. Never will you hear me say “sorry guys, I’m straight!” Let me ask you this, did you decide to be straight? I’m sure you did not. It is just who you are. Same with us queers. But thanks for thinking we would one day “decide” to be straight.

  • lesbian101

    You are all so wrong. You judge us but don’t even know us. We are all the same. Human. Love is love. Why should you care how we live our lives or who it is with? What business is it of yours? I’m happy this school is promoting gay pride and showing kids that having two dad’s or two moms is just as normal as one mom and one dad. My step-kids have two moms and two step-moms and they are wonderful, top of their classes, personable, beautiful children. People love them because they are so open. I fear for your children’s futures if you teach them the garbage that you are spouting on here.

  • Observing humans

    Lesbian, it does not matter how loving you are to your children. You are, apparently, an atheist, or if not an unbeliever, you think that God will turn His
    Face from the abomination of your life style. If you do not know the biblical scriptures that refer to homosexuality, male or female, you would benefit by looking them up.

    God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. When He mandated that man should not lie with man, and woman should not lie with woman, He was not talking about a sleep over. He meant sexual aberrations.

    You can rationalize till the cows come home, but in the end, when Judgment Day is upon ALL of us, including believers, you will be sentenced to an eternity of non-life, during which you will regret, forever, your rejection of the Word.

    Yes, the White Throne Judgment is a ways down the road. However, it is a promise to mankind and womankind, that we will all stand before our Creator. If we are not in the Book of Life, having lived sinless lives and accepting Jesus Christ as our Saviour, then we are not ever to enter His kingdom. Maybe you don’t care about your eternal destiny and you think that the long centuries ahead will somehow make it all forgotten by Him.

    He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO one comes unto Him except through Jesus and His dying for all of us. When you become a child of God, and baptized, you throw off the old creature and become a new creature in Christ. No one with dirty garments will enter the Kingdom of God. Homosexuality is a dirty, filthy garment.

    It is not I, or others, who judge you. I could not care less about you. Truly. I do not know you and never will know you, but we are required to give the Word to the unsaved, and that is what I am doing.

    I, personally, do not care how you live your life or with whom. It is not my business, you are correct. What we believers teach children, and adults who have fallen, is God’s desire for us to live in purity.

    God is judging you even now as you rationalize your lust for another of your gender. He will continue to watch you until the end of your life.

    You were not ‘born’ this way. You have deliberately chosen to become a lost soul. You have time for sincere repentance, but I feel it will never happen.

    So be it.

  • Observing humans

    As I wrote above, I do not for a minute think you will ever change and ‘decide’ to become a normal, godly human being. You are one who has turned away from the

    natural and become unnatural in your carnality. That’s the bottom line. Why? Maybe no man ever wanted you. Maybe you think that a good friendship with another woman is really LOVE… sexually? You may confuse a good friendship with the love of a woman for a man… who knows?

    Whatever your reason, it is a deception.

  • Josh Wilson

    As as seminary student and a devout pursuant of learning about Christ’s message and the church father Irenaeus’ perspective of the entirety of human history being a lengthy recapitulation and reconciliation story between Creator and Creation, I must say, Observing Humans, that of all scriptural figures, your remarks most closely resemble those of the legalistic and ignorant Pharisees who were so consumed by their own supposed enlightenment that they failed to see the story as a whole.

    “God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow” — yet it is through a progressive revelation and relationship that our Creator works and wills responding to the activities of human history just as He enacts them. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but does He command you to kill every male in your battle against homosexuals (Numbers 31:17-18)? Does He perhaps encourage slavery (Leviticus 25.44-46)?

    Or is it remotely possible that your theology is grounded in a caste system that separates you from the muck and mire of the sinners, casting yourself as saint and neglecting to recognize that you, too, were once lost? We are all of us patients in the hospital, Observing Humans. The minute you believe that another human is the disease, or that you are the Doctor, is the minute you become a grossly false representation of Christianity, and become a poor reflection of the One whose image you bear.

  • 11Bravo4life

    I could give 2 rats bums, about you and your agenda, DO NOT TALK SEX TO MINORS! that is a crime called PEDOPHILIA! children less than 16 years old ARE NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO BE SEXUAL TO BEGIN WITH! and sex ed teaches full well how all the parts work, are you implying to teach young children on HOW to perverse the works of MILLIONS OF YEARS OF EVOLUTION? you are going to deny the deceases? the health risks? if you will be complicit to EARLY ON, confuse children as to how things work, AND DENY THEM THEIR CHOICE when they reach the age of adulthood and THEN are legal to decide which path to follow OF THEIR OWN VOLITION, then YOU are a corrupter, and a PEDOPHILE!

  • 11Bravo4life

    I actually CHOSE to be straight, thank you very much, BITCH, you know nothing of other peoples lives, STOP PRETENDING to know shitt!, when you say: “i’m sure you did not”, WHO THE FUCK do you think you are? making assumptions about me, or any one else’s life? YOU LGBT’s, are a bunch of NAZI’S trying to infect children with your VILE THOUGHTS you want a generation of GAYS? how many bloodlines will END! when there is no factual reproduction, just a bunch of same sex tax payers voting Democrat, to perpetuate a cycle of TREASONOUS behavior against the economy and sociology of the nation! WORSE! talking sex to children IS A CRIME! it is called PEDOPHILIA!

  • 11Bravo4life

    for good reason, she is a FASCIST, a MARXIST, and a socialist, none things any one wants as public knowledge to protect the future generations from her VILE POISON, a lesbian HITLER!

  • 11Bravo4life

    I could give 2 rats bums, about you and your LGBT agenda, DO NOT TALK SEX TO
    MINORS! that is a crime called PEDOPHILIA! children less than 16 years
    old ARE NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO BE SEXUAL, nor sexually active TO BEGIN WITH! and sex ed
    teaches full well how all the parts work, You LGBT bastards are implying to teach
    young MINOR children on HOW to perverse the works of MILLIONS OF YEARS OF
    EVOLUTION? and risk INJURY TO THEIR BODIES! not to mention attampting against the very lives of the future of entyre BLOODLINES of peoples! who will be ended by every single homosexual individual you generate, you are going to deny the deceases? the health risks? if you
    will be complicit to EARLY ON, confuse children as to how things work,
    AND DENY THEM THEIR CHOICE when they reach the age of adulthood and THEN
    are legal to decide which path to follow OF THEIR OWN VOLITION, then
    YOU are a corrupter, and a PEDOPHILE!

    In your world, of self inflicted genocide, there will be no more EINSTEIN, NEWTON, WASHINGTON, no more MOZART no more, because since you want every one to become a couple WHO CANNOT PROCREATE!, there will be no more descendants to carry one the gene who can bring the next step in evolution, the next scientist or engineer, WILL NOT BE BORN! because of you LGBT PEDOPHILES talking sex to children to a context that HALTS society from reproducing,

    But you know who dont give a dman about you LGBT’s in fact they KILL LGBT’s? MUSLIMS, they breed like cuckroaches, they spread SHARIA(the law that calls for the death by dismemberment of all homosexuals) they spread, and take over the world, because THEY ARE BREEDING! while, you IMBECILES try to turn our children gay AND WEAKEN THE Country’s ABILITY TO KEEP MUSLIM TERRORISTS AND SHARIA IN CHECK!, the AMERICAN ARAB SPRING! is the end game, culmination, and only after THEY EXTERMINATE every LGBT, and that can only happen if there are engough LEFTIES in control that they can take over the numbers and change the law, and mark me, that is exactly how it will happen, if you LGBT’s are allowed to change this country, it will make is thin, and weak as people, a nation of HIPPIES, and the scorpion will strike the frog, even after it was the frog who helped the scorpion cross the river, the scorpion will turn to kill the frog, while saying, SORRY FROG, it is my nature!

  • bittman

    My niece’s best friend has been a lesbian since high school — she is getting married to a man this month.

  • Al Aleman

    God of the bible is not a “progressive ” God where did you get that ?

  • Al Aleman

    many of the texts that you quote are out context, this is with all due respect hilarious….Creator works and wills responding to the activities of human history just as He enacts them. ????????

  • Josh Wilson

    Every time God spoke to His children, was He not telling them something they had not heard before? Progressive revelation is not an uncommon theory within apologetics. Matthew 13.35 suggests there is more to learn about God. God’s revelation to humankind is progressive, because humankind is progressive. We grow, we change, we learn more, and so the relationship between Creator and Creation deepens. Inclusion of Gentiles in salvation plan, the deity of the Messiah, the doctrine of the Trinity…these are all things unveiled over a course of time through progressive revelation.

  • Josh Wilson

    Saying that I’m quoting out of context without actually providing an adequate delving into the texts to suggest an alternate interpretation isn’t really much of a rebuttal or contribution to the discussion. =/

    And the sentence you’re assaulting with question marks: The idea that God’s will is twofold — Howard Marshall and John Piper both suggest that there is a difference between what God wills to happen and what He would like to see happen. His will is predestining (preserving omniscience in what is to come) yet responding (reacting to events that unravel in human history). Therefore, through predestination, one can say He enacts the activities of human history, and through his reactant will, He responds to them.

  • Got2bGod

    Trinity is not in the bible. Mans words to try to conform God to their image not his. Soddom and Gamorah. That’s why soddomy is still illegal. It is wrong. God doesn’t change. We try to fit him into a box. Jesus came to save everyone but you best believe when Paul said that homosexuals along with liars,drunkards,fornicators will have no place in heaven. He meant it. You can have feelings for another but it is the sin of acting on them that God despises.

  • Observing heretical thinking

    Your monologue is doublespeak and actually teaches nothing that is remotely in sync with the scriptures. If you are a seminary student, you really need to find another outlet for your in-depth study of our Bible. Nothing you wrote makes sense and it is appalling that your learning is so completely in error. Progressive revelation and relationship? Who knew?

    None of us who are born again Christians dissect the Word in such a obtuse manner. It is simple.. you either believe the Word as it is written, or you analyze it to meet your own twisted thought processes.

    What the heck to you find as relevant to this discussion, in your reference to Numbers and Leviticus scriptures?
    You are apparently in some other world of your own.

    MY THEOLOGY is not a theology. It is a faith in that unseen and it is knowing that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and of His Son Jesus. I don’t change the connotations to mean anything other than that.

    We are not to fellowship with sin, we can guide and teach to an open mind and heart, but yes we are apart form the chaff. You got that part right.

    Casting myself as a SAINT… we believers are SAINTS, who will live with Him forever. I recognize that once we all were lost and some of us have since been found… . we call it being born-again, and baptized in Christ.

    This reply is over. with only the admonition to you that you find another seminary if that is indeed from where you deduced these erroneous thoughts regarding

    being a Christian.

  • chriskro

    I don’t care how you live your life but when you expose young children to sex, you go too far. You are darn right that we judge, as parents we have to judge what is good for our kids and what isn’t. To sexualize young children shows your lack of concern about the mental health of the youth and your own perverse way of manipulating your agenda. Live any way you like but stay away from my children.

  • chriskro

    This is not an argument about your being gay, this is an argument about what a school has the right to teach the children. Your need to make this about your gay pride shows lack of respect for others who feel they should have the right to teach their children about sex when they chose. Again, if the shoe were on the other foot, how would you feel if your child had to attend a mandatory church meeting or for that matter a white supremacy parade. Would you be arguing about white pride? Schools do not have the right to push agendas period.

  • lesbian101

    I didn’t say I’d subject them to learning about sex. Just that they should know that it’s ok if their friends have two moms or two dad’s. Just like their other friends have a mom and dad or one parent. I don’t subject my own children to sex. That’s not what my comment was about at all.

  • lesbian101

    You are obviously just an angry, closeted homosexual who is upset because I had the courage to come out where as you do not. And you are saying some things that do not make any sense. I didn’t promote having sex with children? Where did that even come from? Maybe it’s something you had on your mind? That’s sick. Should probably seek help for that. So apparently we homosexuals are now Nazi pedophiles who are looking to rule the world! Yes…you have discovered our secret! Bravo!!!!

  • lesbian101

    Ha. Do not compare me to a man who attempted to destroy races, homosexuals and people who just looked differently! Actually, you sound more like him than anything. The fact that you are hating on a person who you don’t even know. It’s sad that people like you even exist.

  • Josh Wilson

    “Doublespeak”…you use that word, but I’m not convinced you have a clear understanding of the phrase, as it’s not really applicable here.

    Saying one doesn’t have theology is rather like saying one doesn’t have life, they just breathe. Of course you have life, and it is apparent by and composed of the breathes you take and what you do with them. Similarly, what you read and receive from the Word and the manner and depth of your understanding of it and of its Divine Writer comprise your theology.

    In any event, I think discourses amongst Christians would be better suited to contain fewer patronizing admonitions, so I’ll be ducking out of subsequent instances of your “brother’s kiss,” if this is how you interpret Paul’s encouragement towards union within the Church. Blessings be with you.

  • lesbian101

    So are you telling me that you don’t eat shrimp?? Or that you stone children if they are disrespectful to their parents? Same for cheating wives right? I’m going to assume no. I’m not religious, but I know those are verses in the bible. The rest of your crap is …well just crap.

  • lesbian101
  • Observing Humans

    Depending on the ages of these children, one day they will KNOW ABOUT REPRODUCTION and that it is done via male/female, even as with the birds and bees. “Mommy, did you and Mommy get me by being the boy bird and my other Mommy being the girl bird?”

    AH>>>> at that point you will subject these kiddos to sex, and it won’t be a pretty picture.

  • lesbian101

    I have to disagree. Any child asks this question. Therefore, every parent has to someday discuss this with their child. In our case, yes it’s a little different. Guess what though? with you heterosexuals, you get pregnant with an unplanned child. We homosexuals, we have to plan and save for it. So our children are no accidents. We did discuss it with our oldest child, because she asked. And we put into words safe for a child. We didn’t use any adult works or make it complicated. She understands and is proud of her moms. What you said about boy and girl birds, makes no sense. At least with gays and lesbians, our children are always wanted when brought into this world. It’s unfortunate for those who have children that don’t want them. You never see gays or lesbians giving up their children. Just giving homes to those aren’t wanted by you heterosexuals.

  • Observing humans

    You are, once again, rationalizing and using the Old Testament as your guide. Before the coming of the Saviour, these were the ways of mankind, and it was a thorn in God’s side, that He had created a species that was so very rebellious and cruel, barbaric. So, the Son was sent to Earth to give us a new life; they called him a Teacher.

    It is within the New Testament that you should be searching for God’s desires for mankind, which do not include stoning or torture, such as the Muslims proclaim is Allah’s will for anyone who does not claim Allah (a figment of their imagination) as a god.

    True, you are not spirit-filled, as evident in your denigrating the truth to ‘crap'( as you put it in so lady-like a manner).

    Your children will emulate you. Be proud of that.
    Your plans for them will not be God’s plans for them.

  • lesbian101 they won’t be gods plan. Since we are not believers of your god. We believe in evolution. And I’m hoping that evolution will do it’s part and that eventually people like you will not exist. Isn’t that similar to what you bible believing fucks say? That god will one day wipe away all homosexuals! Right?! Oh I’m sorry, was that too unlady like for you? And I do hope my children emulate me, because then they will believe that everyone is equal. They won’t treat people the way you do. They won’t judge before knowing someone. You..are not worth my time. So therefore I will not be responding to anymore of your comments. You are just rude and I hope that one day, when you are of old age and withering away, you at least have one person by your side. Because you sound like a miserable, lonely fuckhead. Again, not lady like enough for ya? Have a great life!

  • lesbian101

    Oh and by the way, I’m full of spirit! Hence the reason I don’t let people like you bring me down. But thanks for trying to push your beliefs onto me. I used to go to church and preach the words of god, and then I woke up and realized how stupid all of these words coming out of these people’s mouths sounded. So I guess your bible had the opposite effect that you hoped it would have, instead of “turning” me straight. I was finally able to admit that I was gay. I’m so happy that I did give that whole church thing a go though, made me realize how ridiculous you people truly are. I’m only talking about those who believe that we gays and lesbians should be killed off, or live somewhere else. There are church goers who support us, who treat us like anyone else. I respect them. I do not respect people who attempt to push their beliefs on me or try to change me.

  • Omowale Sia

    Lesbian 101, you are totally confused just like most other lgbtqi people., the i is for idiot. You ask, Why should we care how you live your life and with who , and what business is it of ours. In case you don’t know those ARE our children you chose to secretly indoctrinate with your filth , THAT makes it our business first of all. Then you make stupid comments that heterosexuals don’t want their children because of unplanned pregnancies , most couples I know do want their children planned or not. I’m not a religious person but you people are creating a hell on earth trying to justify things that will cause your own destruction. I could write more but the handwriting is already on the wall. Again don’t make silly comments about it’s none of our business and then try to force your business on us.

  • Nodreid

    Garbage? Teaching a child this kind of filth is garbage. I can’t stand you vile bags of corruption. Do we who God has set as man and woman teach children at 5 years about Sex? NO!!!! But you lgbtqi are all corrupt and immoral and can’t even see the damage your doing, or, you can actually see the damage your doing. Many may not know, but I know about your wicked ten point plan. I pray God’s judgements on you all you sack of filth.

  • Justarandomguy01

    At the assembly of 5 year olds the words bi-sexual were heard. That word sex to a 5 year old that can’t even comprehend. You think that is ok? Can I talk to the kids about sex then? How bout I just teach them how dogs have sex then? The same freedom you use to do this and then deny others to have their say on this matter infringe on our rights as humans. If you think you can have the authority to do this and have no basis to be morally good to children you have surrendered your own righteous indignation for anyone else and there view point.

  • thesaraheffect

    YES! Finally a chance to teach 5 year olds how to have gay sex! After years of conspiring we’ve finally done it! Here’s to the end of the world!

    -Sexual Pervert With Aspirations of Destroying Your Family

  • thesaraheffect

    Not the place for reason, especially when it comes to “gross” gay stuff. Props for trying though.

  • greenman89

    A coalition of parents should get together in that community where the school is and sue that school into oblivion. This can’t stand. I don’t care if your Christian or not, believe in God or not, and certainly don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom with other consenting adults but once you tell a child these concepts of SEX it’s wrong. Wrong. FULL STOP. Out of your own mouths the words that have to do with sex.

  • Alice Canty Williams

    There video has been removed, by the user it says only this now…
    Family Pride Day – June 5th, 2014
    A special thanks to Howard Kong for filming, editing and putting this video together. He did a fantastic job!! If it was so fantastic, why did they remove it? Must have got too many negative comments about it, rightly so, I am sure!

  • Alice Canty Williams

    Read this lesbian101, it kind of blows your theory of children always being wanted by lesbians….and it happened in California too.
    …The girl and a 5-year-old boy were adopted, he said, while a 3-year-old boy is the biological son of one of the women, who are domestic partners…

  • Matt Hostettler

    hateful old twat

  • Mr. Righteous

    I have a lot of gay friends, and they too would be very, very, very upset if they found out anybody is talking to their minor children about any kind of sex. You cant justify this in any way. ASSHOLES!!!! Leave my children alone.

  • Obsderving heretical thinking

    Please look up ‘doubletalk’ in the dictionary. It is definitely applicable here:

    “language that appears to be earnest and meaningful but in fact is a mixture of sense and nonsense. Inflated, involved, and often deliberately ambiguous. “

  • I also saved the video. I edited out the unnecessary parts and can be viewed here:

  • Pingback: Covenantal Divide | “But that’s California. My kid’s school is different!”()

  • Peeved

    But it’s NOT OK. Get it? I will NEVER give in to your insane, demented perversion.

  • Peeved

    You are so full of feces, I can smell you through the screen. I have seen HUNDREDS of child abuse cases, vile, sick stuff perpetuated on your “wanted victims.”

  • Peeved

    I always ask them, in the heat of “passion” when you pull it out of your “lovers” anus, do you get up and go in the bathroom and wash it off before you stick it in his mouth” They turn green and then start screaming “homophobic.” Because they don’t, hence the vile diseases they cause and spread deliberately. They deliberately spread it to women and the blood supply, because frankly, I remember when aids first hit, no one cared the homosexuals were killing themselves with their perversion. Now look at the money maker it is for them. Why is our tax money used for research and treatment when they REFUSE to stop being irresponsible sluts?

  • Edward Nims

    Because teaching acceptance and tolerance is so horrible. But boy will he yelp and kvetch about others not tolerating his intolerance. F-ing hypocrite.

  • Gordon

    I don’t give a damn who thinks I’m wrong. This is complete bullsht. About 4% of citizens are gay and this 4% can change the natural law as well as the man written law. You call me a homophobe just because I don’t agree with the guy/queer lifestyle.
    If you want to be gay then so be it, but I don’t like it and I don’t have to be around it. With (YOU) yes YOU people it is no longer a movement to be accepted in society, but it’s a matter of you trying to sell your homosexuality as normal and moral.
    Heterosexuals, at least most of them could give a fck what you do in your home they as well is I don’t like being forced to like you and embrace your life as normal. It’s like you are trying to justify your homosexuality by force feeding it to children as well as adults. No I do not associate with homosexual, nor do I go around protesting and displaying in public
    my heterosexual life style. That does not make me homophobe. And I might add, phobia means scared of somthing. There is not a queer or lesbian in this country that I am afraid of. I just simply don’t like you and I’ll let you alone if you will do the same. I have all the right to not like you. When I was eleven years old, I had a job at a restuarant. I was sexually molested by, you guessed it. A faggot. As I stated I do not hate you I just don’t want to be around you.

  • entarotassadar

    Girahim would be proud.

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