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Jun 12 2014

Five Taliban Terrorists Obama Released Were Only the Beginning

When Obama used dictatorial means to achieve treasonous objectives by unilaterally releasing five top terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, he was only getting started:

The White House is making plans to transfer more detainees from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay despite the mounting political furor over the exchange of five Taliban prisoners for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, officials said Tuesday.

The word “transfer” is a euphemism for “let them run free so they can go back to killing Americans.”

Squawks Caitlin Hayden, spokeskook for Obama’s National Insecurity Council:

“[W]e are fully committed to implementing the president’s direction that we transfer detainees to the greatest extent possible, consistent with national security and our humane-treatment policy, as we work toward closing the facility at Guantanamo Bay.”

By “human treatment,” they are referring to the treatment of the terrorists in whatever Middle Eastern rathole they are released in. There will be no humane treatment of the future victims of their terror attacks; nor would that be a concern of the Obama Regime.

The Terrorist Enabler in Chief elaborates:

“By definition, if we in fact are ending a war, then there’s going to be a process in which some of those individuals are going to be released.”

The only way you can unilaterally end a war without defeating the enemy is by surrendering. This Obama is doing on our behalf. He is making it official by releasing incarcerated terrorists who were able to bring about September 11 and in the future will bring about worse.

By law, Obama must at least notify Congress 30 days in advance before releasing Gitmo terrorists. But he ignored this law before and there was no consequence, so he will not hesitate to ignore it again.

If Congress is unable to stop this, the constitutional system that served us so well for over two centuries has finally been brought down by a tyrant.


On a tip from Jester.

  • ThisObamaNation


    Judge Napolitano Of Fox News: Obama Aided, Abetted Terrorists, Should be Facing 10 Years to Life

    The U.S. Sargeant At Arms Andrew B. Wilson Has The Power And Authority To Place Obama Under Arrest
    For Treason.

    You Can Call Him At His Office Between 8:30 – 5 PM EST And Leave A Message With His Staff.

    Please Be Respectful And List The Reasons That You Think Obama Should Be Arrested For Treason.

    Please Call

  • KHarn

    I have advocated for many years an all-out war on islam, but most people said “this is a different kind of war, you can’t fight it by normal l means” or words to that effect.
    1. A guerilla war is NOTHING NEW, it’s centuries old.
    2. America HAS fought guerilla wars before AND WON.
    3. Guerilla forces have NEVER won a war, they can only fight a delaying action. (See below)
    4. Guerilla forces can only fight when supported by OUTSIDE entities. Otherwise, they grow weaker and use up their own resources.
    5. In the current war, as in the Viet Nam war, the enemy is supported by AMERICAN groups who are eager to spread enemy propaganda.
    6. As the Viet Cong did in the 1970’s, the muslims are now using CONVENTONAL TACTICS to take over territory now that the US has given up.
    7. Does anyone else remember how the muslim leaders said that America was going to give up and leave the Iraqis “like in Viet Nam”?
    8. The United States has not tried to DEFEAT an enemy since the 1945.

  • oldguy

    I knew it was over for America when the people elected a Black Muslim from the south side of Chicago with a Muslim name just seven years after 9/11.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    The problem is ‘will’.

    There is none.

    Aside from the 40% (or more) of America that still thinks Obama is a good guy, we have lost our will to win.

    Victory means vanquishing the enemy. When (as you said), since WW2, have we done that? Never! We are afraid to win, because it means someone will accuse us of brutality or ‘war crimes’ or something. WAR IS HELL. War is awful. War means dead old people and dead children and ruined lives and broken cities. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO TO WAR.

    That said, if you must (and if we are to survive, we must), then you go in it to win. You use overwhelming force. You go for total victory, then you set the terms, take the spoils and stand tall.

    But “they” will say “Look what we did to native Americans!” Yeah, we WON, they LOST. I’d love to know what “they” think the native Americans would have done to US if they’d won. It wouldn’t be pretty, and rightly so. Winning means utterly vanquishing your enemy.

    No, KHarn…I think the era of America having the guts to be victorious is long gone.

  • F.D.R. in Hell

    Oldguy has the easy answer and it’s true.
    Mr. Mentalo has the difficult answer and it’s also true.

    America has been destroyed from within. Since World War II, everything has come too easily. For many, there’s no fire-in-the-belly to maintain Freedom. It’s too much work for people who have gone soft. The Regime knows it.

    “Amor Patriae Ducit” – Love of Country Leads.
    Choose – On your feet? On your knees?

  • barfomer

    Impeach bullsh-t. He should hang or at least imprisoned for life for what he’s done.

  • KHarn

    Agreed, with a heavy heart.

  • TED
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  • 762×51

    For over six years, Barack Obama has acted against the interests of the United States and the well being of the American people AT EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY. Not just by accident or even occasionally, but AT EVERY POSSIBLE OPORTUNITY!
    Those are the action of an enemy, not a leader. His actions have destroyed the free markets, jobs liberty and innovation and have advanced, Communism, Islamic Jihad and Russian and Chinese aggression while simultaneously weakening the United States.
    He has unduly expanded and enriched a political ruling class while destroying the middle class. Seven of the ten wealthiest counties in America are now those around Washington DC. That is no accident, just as the dictator in N. Korea and elsewhere uses wealth to keep a loyal following around him to maintain power, so the little dictator in DC is creating that same following around him. All while the population starves.
    The totalitarians must be defeated by force of arms, there is no other way to remove them from power. Anyone so foolish that they do not understand that is already dead or a slave.

  • 762×51

    I agree that going to war is a last resort but unfortunately, that is where we are. We did not ask for this and I may not survive it but that is the price of freedom, just it always has been.

  • ZaMan

    Yep, spoken like a True racist!

    This has to be one of the stupidest conspiracies of all times. If Obama was a Muslim, why would try to hide his faith if he was a Muslim?

  • randian

    Taqiyya. A Muslim is obligated to lie to the infidels for the protection and benefit of the Umma.

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