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Jun 15 2014

Kit Carson Becomes an Unperson

As George Orwell observed,

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

Even as progressives consolidate their control of the present, they are using it to remake the past to support the future they intend to inflict. This means obliterating the cultural heritage of the American West, which consists mainly of qualities such as rugged individualism that liberals cannot abide and intend to eradicate.

The glorious chapter in our past that provided so much inspiration for Hollywood during its glory days forms a key component of America’s identity. Therefore, historical figures associated with the Old West must be demonized so as to justify reducing them to unpersons and stuffing them down the memory hole. For future generations, it will be as if they had never existed.

In the current political climate, demonization is easy to accomplish. Simply accuse the person to be erased of holding attitudes toward certain racial groups that in today’s society would be considered politically incorrect. For example, the great Mark Twain, a writer of the West, has been subjected to this treatment; his works will eventually be banished from libraries for including the forbidden N-word.

Kit Carson was arguably the personification of the Old West. Taos, New Mexico has the high honor of having been his home. But…

…the name of Kit Carson, the famed scout, explorer, trapper, soldier and Indian agent, will no longer grace Taos’ centerpiece downtown park. The Town Council passed a resolution Tuesday night to change the name to Red Willow Park.

You can guess where this is going. Carson — who lived among Indians but who also fought them — is now regarded as having been insufficiently 21st century in his attitudes and allegiances. Sure enough:

“This is about trying to begin to reconcile the transgressions of the past,” council member Fritz Hahn said Wednesday.

The park, named Kit Carson Park as long as locals can remember, gets its new name from Taos itself. The town’s name is derived from the Tiwa word for red willow. Kit Carson, who died in 1868, is buried in the cemetery at the park.

The council voted 3-1 in favor of the change after a presentation from Linda Yardley, a Native American…

“She feels uncomfortable in the park, which is named after someone who egregiously hurt her people,” said Hahn. “We have got to heal the wreckage of the past, and Kit Carson is part of that.”

By “the wreckage of the past,” he is referring to the establishment of American civilization in the Southwest.

Those of us who feel “uncomfortable” about having our history erased don’t have a voice in the matter. Moonbats call all of the shots these days.

Within a few generations, the only representatives of the 19th century anyone will remember will be the likes of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Maybe Robert E. Lee will be kept around for the Two Minutes Hate.

For liberals, it isn’t enough to import millions of illegal aliens from the Third World to displace us. They feel compelled to eradicate the foundations of our culture, so that it will be as if real Americans had never existed.

Progressives intend for the Culture War to result in total extirpation. That it is why it is absolutely unthinkable that we would let them prevail.

How long before they dig up his grave?

On a tip from Chris W.

  • Rotohammer

    Hypocrites. All those lefties in Taos are enjoying the comforts of hot and cold running water, electricity, TV, paved roads, etc. If they want to make reparations, then they should tear it all down and bury it, to restore the land to its original state. You can’t spit on western civilization and enjoy its fruits at the same time. Native Americans were not going to be evolving out of the stone age any time soon.

  • Henry

    Nah, Native Americans never egregiously hurt settlers of that region either… Nah, they were noble savages.

    Take your fake outrage and shove it, Linda.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Right on it. This is exactly why Iraq is spiraling into chaos, why Viet Nam is commie, why Central America is lurching to total socialism…on and on.


    We feel guilty for winning. This is like feeling guilty because things die so we may live (i.e. eating animals for food, or plants, or even bacteria…bigger things kill lesser things to survive). No one ever stops to think about the fact that once WE become soft, passive, weak and unable to defend ourselves, THEY (whomever) will conquer US with no qualms whatsoever. THEY GET IT.

    Sorry progs, that’s just the way it is. To survive, there must be a top dog. No amount of “progressive” thought will change that. Our enemies know this, and THEY are absolutely not afraid to win. When they do, THEY will never feel guilty and change “Mohammed Square” back to “Pussy Willow Park” or whatever it was.

  • Queef Odorman

    It’s hightime for lefty blood, along with illegal Third Worlder’s blood to run in the streets. We need to vanquish them, and their backwards ideas once and for all.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Test 2

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  • formwiz

    Of course, these morons never heard Kit Carson not only had an Arapaho wife (also a New Mexican one), but adopted several Indian children, in addition to his 2 Arapaho daughters.

    They also never heard he was one of the best of the pre-civil War Indian agents and probably did more to keep the Navajos alive once he beat them than anyone else..

    I don’t know if “Queef” is a troll, but his line, “We need to vanquish them, and their backwards ideas once and for all”, is right on the money.

    The Left has been waging war on America for 50 years, it’s time they get it back.

    PS IIRC, Taos is one of those chi-chi artist colonies, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Things are coming to a head in America, and violence could be a part of it…


    Calling for blood in the streets? I call B.S.

    I will defend myself, my family and my property. I will work to re-establish a constitutional republic. I will never renounce my faith, and fight to maintain it. I do NOT, however, look forward to the conflict. I always hope that “blood in the streets” will be avoided. If we DO fight, we must fight to win, but always as a last resort.

    That kind of “Oh BOY, let’s git our guns and start killing” talk is what leads to a French Revolution-style outcome.

    Think long and hard, Queef. Once unleashed, the dogs of war are hard to get back into the pen. We ARE smarter than them, and should be able to outfox the Progs without a shooting war. If it comes to armed conflict, so be it…but it’s never something to look towards with eagerness.

  • Son of the Rabbit People

    Linda Yardley; sounds like an authentic Indian name to me….

  • Leonard Jones

    formwiz, it is the same with Mark Twain. He was a liberal in the old sense
    of the word. Nigger Jim was sympathetic character, and Twain was no
    doubt making a political statement with him. The boys were mulling
    over the institution of slavery and one of them saw it as the natural
    order of things, but both swore an oath that they would rather burn in
    Hell than rat out their friend. That was the moral choice.

    Liver Eating Johnson (The inspiration for Jeremiah Johnson,) will be
    remembered by liberals for killing a few hundred Indians, who will never
    bother to learn that it was in retribution for the murder of his Indian
    wife. After he killed the raiding party responsible for his wife’s death,
    the chief spent 20 years sending one or two Indians at a time to
    try and take him out. It was not his fault that he was hard-ass
    mountain man!

  • sandyaz

    I’m done with the Cult of the Perpetual Offended. They can just blow away. Shall we hold these current mental midgits (oops I’ve offended someone else) to the same hight standards they are holding those of the past to? No one is perfect, but they must be judged by total life. He was a good man. I have no issue with him.

  • DM

    Hold on to your real books that are printed on real paper. They are precious. Books you have on your “Ipad” or other device can be removed or edited at will by the publisher.

  • Juan Too

    This is mean spirited anti- hispanic attack. Kit would not have been over here if it were not for the hispanic queen Isabella funding Columbus.

  • rex freeway

    I trully dont believe in “tagging” But someone needs to tag “kit Carson rides again”, Everywhere in that park

  • “She ‘feels’ uncomfortable”. Progressive don’t think, they ‘feel’. Feeling does not require synaptic effort to reason.

  • Meg Decker

    Maybe if you people showed a little sympathy and understanding, you wouldn’t lose your precious Kit Carson name. No side is entirely true. But when people insist on being entirely right, as all the commentators here do, then the other side will insist on entirely having their own way. The Native Americans have been written out of history for centuries. Yes, they were subject to genocide. We should not be surprised that they resent it. Paying attention to someone else’s perspective occasionally does not make you a liberal, it simply means you’re civilized. So try it. Shut up and listen. Empathize. Get over yourselves. You might be able to help us survive into the next century.

  • Archibald E. Bunker

    Suck my dick, Meg.

    Then after you swallow my cum, go make me a sandwich.

  • Archibald E. Bunker

    What do you tell Meg Decker when she has two black eyes?

    Nothing. You told the twat twice already.

  • Archibald E. Bunker

    Why don’t you get Meg Decker a watch for Christmas?

    The stove has a working clock already.

  • Jakareh

    “That kind of “Oh BOY, let’s git our guns and start killing” talk is what leads to a French Revolution-style outcome.”

    If you study the French Revolution, it actually started out with rather moderate objectives. But one characteristic of revolutions is that the more radical faction sooner or later gains the upper hand. The reason seems to be that as things develop, moderation becomes equated with sympathy for the hated old regime. On the other hand, things have come so far that the only alternative to a cataclysm is the gradual transformation of America into Oceania, only with better technology of oppression than Orwell envisioned and with Muslims as an adjunct privileged class.

  • KHarn

    Several American indian tribes have been wiped out BEFORE the white man arrived in the Americas. Who did that? It was their “brothers” in other tribes. Those who were not killed were enslaved. Boy I’ll bet that YOU’RE surprised that THEY resented it!

    But what’s your answer? “Shut up and listen.”
    All you know about the American indian is what you see in politically correct movies like the half-witted “Dances With Wolves”.

  • Jakareh

    “We should not be surprised that they resent it. Paying attention to
    someone else’s perspective occasionally does not make you a liberal, it
    simply means you’re civilized. So try it. Shut up and listen.
    Empathize. Get over yourselves. You might be able to help us survive
    into the next century.”

    In other words, because this squaw does not live in a teepee like her recent ancestors but in a civilized house with electricity and running water, because she is not subject to starve to death in case of a minor drought, and because she doesn’t have to rely on her own two feet as a means of transportation, she has the right to denigrate and destroy our culture.

    The only thing that matches liberal stupidity is liberal arrogance.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Don’t get me wrong, Jaka, I am well aware that we are this close to things going “revolutionary”. I’m just saying let’s not be calling for blood in the streets as if it’s the first (or most desirable) option.

    That said, it may well be that these progs are SO entrenched, SO evil, SO ideologically driven to destroy our republic, that it becomes necessary. If so…well, “When in the course of human events…”

  • Mr. Mentalo

    Hey Meg, WE WON, alright? We beat ’em. We conquered back in the days when we weren’t ashamed of it.

    Also, genocide my ASS. If that were true, it would be like Orson Welles’ character says in The Stranger “As a historian, I must remind you the world hasn’t heard much from Carthage in the last 2000 years…”

    The Indians were disorganized, tribal, feuding amongst themselves and unable to fend off the white man. Oh WELL! They had larger numbers, knew the territory, had been here for centuries…and we kicked their asses. If they’d been more civilized and sh*t-together, they’d have done that to US, and more power to ’em.

    Someone has to be top dog, Meg. When you win, you get the goodies. When you fail to claim victory and go in for “nation building” or “reparations” or anything other than an unconditional surrender from your enemy, then you get the morass we have today.

  • Meg Decker

    Wow, these responses certainly prove your point. Sexual threats, foul language, yes, it really does demonstrate the superiority of your argument and civilization (that’s sarcasm, in case you don’t get that). I’m sure you’re all very proud of what you contributed to rational dialogue today.

  • Meg Decker

    I cannot believe what a foul and threatening conversation is hosted on this site.  Doesn’t anyone monitor this garbage?  I will not make the mistake of wasting time on this site again.

  • Archibald Edward Bunker

    Well, if you suck my cock, you won’t have to look at the screen, princess.

    Fuck you.

  • Justin_Igger

    Whites came to America as conquerors, and that’s exactly what we did. That is simply what we do. Don’t like it? Then prepare to be conquered. It really is that simple.

  • Justin_Igger

    It is the natural order if things, for niggers to be slaves. As we can clearly see in current times, they are completely worthless when not in their proper position.

  • Justin_Igger

    They never did, sadly.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    OK, I’ll give Meg some wiggle room on “foul” (re: Archie’s comment), but threatening? Who’s being threatened? The Indians? Too late, we won (and they got the casinos, built on that oh-so-sacred land of theirs. I guess ancestors graves don’t rate much when you can rake in several billion a year with slots and crap tables).

    Are YOU feeling threatened, Meg? Why? Is it because we don’t all cringe at your admonishments and feel shame for our white-ness? Is it because we don’t get all sensitive and decide to become vegan or show our penance by going to sweat lodges and praying to rocks and trees?

    Or could it be that you’re a typical progressive troll who says “Well, I’m CONSERVATIVE of course, but…” and then hassles everyone about how UNCARING they are, then acts all shocked because they go “nyah nyah nyah” at you?

    Yeah…you’re a prog. Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Tchhht!!!

    Progressives love to run around claiming that life is all about evolution and the survival of the fittest. Well Meg honey, what happened to the Indians fits right into that narrative so go take your carping somewhere else. The Indians were not the fittest, so they got their asses kicked. Your claim of genocide is a flat out lie. At one point in time, the army had virtually every Indian in the country on reservations and could easily have killed them all. So, how does your claim of genocide explain why there are so many Indians running around today? Duh!!!

  • 762×51

    Good bye and good riddance, libtard.

  • 765×51

    I was just in Kit Carson County, Colorado yesterday. I suppose that sniveling libtards would prefer that it be renamed Barack Obama County. He is an enemy of the United States and so is high acceptable to them.
    BTW – FAT CHANCE that will happen!

  • 762×51

    Things ARE coming to a head and there WILL be blood in the streets, there is no other way now other than to accept the enslavement of totalitarian Marxism. Civil war has begun, a cold war to be sure but a war nonetheless.
    Unfortunately, the disease of liberalism has so corrupted our system of government that the system itself must be replaced, rather the PEOPLE within that system. The current ruling class is so entrenched in all three branches of our government that the safe guards designed in by the founders no longer function to protect us and the only way to remove them is by violence. No totalitarian has EVER been voted out of office and the enemy controls the courts. The Marxists have reached a point where they blatantly disregard the rule of law, see our pretend president or a multitude of examples. They will do anything they can to retain power over us, to believe otherwise is to ignore the facts.
    This ends in a gunfight, anyone who believes otherwise is either foolishly optimistic to the exclusion of reality or a collaborator. have said this was coming for years on this site and elsewhere. The tipping point has been reached, preparing to defend yourself is only the most basic of preparation. Freedom cannot be regained by defensive action, no one ever won by only playing defense.
    I do not want to see a war on the streets of America, however, our only other choice is slavery. My children will not become slaves to a totalitarian government while I can still hold a weapon.
    Like you, I didn’t start this war and I may not survive it, but I WILL NOT simply sit back and allow it to happen.

  • Tchhht!!!

    Hah, Archie is probably a Meg sock puppet.

  • formwiz

    Jim is the hero in Huckleberry Finn; the only real man in the book (with one exception, Col Sherburne) and clearly is the best man, better than most of the white men portrayed. He is the one who teaches Huck to be a man.

  • KHarn

    LIES, LIES, LIES. You can’t prove one accusation; but COMMUNISTS don’t think they have to provide evidence, accusations are as good as a conviction to you fools.

  • Archibald Edward Bunker

    I went to college with Meg.

    I graduated Magna CUM LOUDLY all over her face.

  • Mr. Mentalo

    “Meg” is now “guest”. Whoa! Amazing. Man, if we just stand up to these losers and call their bluff, they’ll run like roaches when the lights come on.

    I guess she thought she’d come in here and get away with the same crap she spews on (I’m guessing) HuffPo and Kos. “Whaaaat? I said in so many words ‘You’re white male racist pigs’ and you didn’t grab your ankles, cry and say ‘may I have another please’? How can this BE?”

    Yeah Meg, running into people with actual principles and character can be pretty shattering, especially (for you) if they’re real men. Sorry we ruined your day.

    Well…not REALLY sorry.

  • What is true is that Carson was asked to lead a campaign against the Navajo because they were raiding the Pueblo tribes and Hispanic communities; murdering and enslaving the residents. They asked the government to intervene and deal with the Navajo. That side is not disputed.

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