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Jun 18 2014

Federal Government Is Going After Salt

As the liberal grip tightens, we can expect that any infringement on liberty that is advanced anywhere in the country will soon be inflicted on the rest of us. This makes progressive hotbeds like California and New York City into windows through which we can see the freedom-free future progressives have planned for us. Even former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s cartoonish excesses — like his war on the essential nutrient salt — are going nationwide:

Americans may have to get used to life with less salt, as the FDA is drafting voluntary guidelines for the food industry to lower sodium levels in food.

“Voluntary” generally means do what they tell you or faceless bureaucrats will draft official regulations that will be even more repressive. These regulations are gradually replacing legitimate laws passed by elected representatives.

But not to worry: to protect American tastebuds the change will be gradual, and higher-sodium foods like pizza, soup, and pasta won’t suddenly taste bland.

That’s progressivism in a nutshell. Bit by bit the tourniquet around our necks tightens. Each year food is a little more tasteless, politically permissible speech a little narrower, life a little less spontaneous. If they turned America into the Soviet Union overnight, the frog would jump out of the pot.

In addition to being tasty, salt preserves food, prevents bacterial growth, and even improves the appearance and texture of food. But our rulers have determined that salt is wrong. We can sprinkle their condescending sanctimony our food instead.

Bloomberg Cheeze-Its
Anti-salt jihadist Bloomberg munching salty Cheeze-Its.

On a tip from Henry.

  • Xavier

    A recent report commissioned by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reviewed the health benefits of reducing salt intake and the take-home message is that salt, in the quantities consumed by most Americans, is no longer considered a substantial health hazard.

    It’s all about control, not health.

  • rambler

    Just think……. we will be saved from salt so we can face the possibility of being over run by terrorists. Gee thanks fed gov! Save me from any poor choices that I might make for myself so I can get killed by something else. I didn’t elect politicians to control my diet while the border is wide open. I didn’t elect politicians to shut down energy production here to save me from being fried by global warming while the imports of foreign oil fund terrorists. I didn’t elect politicians to squeeze people out of jobs so that politicians could control banks, industry and businesses. I didn’t elect politicians to strip search me at the airports so I could put up with islamic sympathizers in the gov. I didn’t elect politicians to confiscate my property, invade my privacy and control my life so that they could stay in power.

  • TED
  • 762×51

    HA HA HA, I have been stockpiling salt for years now, it will be a fabulous barter item very soon, I love it. Salt has been an alternative currency for thousands of years and it NEVER goes bad. How funny.

  • 762×51

    “It’s all about control, not health.”
    As with all things liberal, witness Obamacare.

  • whotothewhat

    Well we serfs will be made to give up salt, the elites will still be in there estates air conditioned or warm depending on season. Heavily guarded by the former dreamers now Praetorian Guard, the elites will have plenty of good tasting food and pools full of booze to wash it all down. And after a cigarette they will select from the harem of sex slaves which one or ones to be serviced by.

  • KHarn

    I live on the Gulf Coast. I have a bucket and a source of heat.
    Come and get me, federal goons.

  • Savingstone

    If this proceeds they will end up losing in the Supreme Court when they try to ban kosher meat (which is covered in kosher salt right after slaughter in order to draw out the blood from the meat. The meat is then washed off, but obviously it contains higher amounts of sodium than regular meat).

    BTW it was a kosher slaughterhouse and butcher ( Schechter Poultry Co. v USA) that successfully fought FDR’s centerpiece of the New Deal, the National Industrial Recovery Act.

  • True Blue

    Remember when the moonbattish excesses of “Demolition Man” were funny?

  • Cameraman

    Here’s a Double Win for the Commie Libtards!!!

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