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Jun 21 2014

Mexican Army Routinely Crosses Undefended Border

It isn’t just defenseless urchins who are exploiting the undefended border to invade sovereign US territory. The Mexican Army has been doing it too. For some reason this explosive story from last April never got any traction:

Meanwhile, there has still been no word from Obama regarding US Marine Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been held in a Mexican prison for inadvertently committing a similar offense.

On a tip from Bill T. Hat tip:

  • Toa

    Are we sure these guys are renegades, and not getting orders from the Mexican government?

  • model_1066

    Mexico has an army? They are paid off by the cartels, anyway. Losers.

  • Daniel

    I see no problem is shooting first and asking questions later. They may be allies in the technical sense, but they are not and never have been entitled to operate in this country without official escort. They are not even entitled to defend themselves if they are fired upon. I hope someone takes up arms against these military criminals and tests the resolve of common American citizens.

  • grayjohn

    Obama hates the military and Tahmooressi is a Marine. Obama won’t do anything.

  • 762×51

    What makes anyone think these are “rogue” Mexican military?

    I wonder what would happen if these invaders were ambushed on U.S. soil and left rotting in the sun? Would the American Marxist media ignore that event?

    You know that the little dictator isn’t going to do anything about this, it is time for the American people to act and defend our borders since this rogue government will not.

    A small, mobile, heavily armed force, operating in a guerrilla capacity in the most heavily violated areas would create havoc among the invaders and their allies in D.C.

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