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Jul 01 2014

Libs Respond on Twitter to Hobby Lobby Ruling

By now you know that sanity prevailed in the Hobby Lobby case. By a slim 5-4 margin (evidently ObamaCare advocate Elena Kagan refused to recuse herself), the Supremes ruled that Obama cannot force certain companies run by people with strongly held religious principles to directly pay for what they regard as murder.

One more Supreme Court pick by Obama or anyone of his ilk and the ruling will be reversed. So that this may happen soon, liberals have taken to Twitter to call for the assassination of Supreme Court Justices. A few examples via Pundit Press:


Other libs called for the death of America, enraged that this had not already been brought about by Obama’s reelection:


Twitchy has collected other liberal responses, most barely more eloquent than the grunts and snarls of enraged apes. Calls to burn down Hobby Lobby stores predominate. Aside from its lack of obscenities, this one is typical:

This is the true believer liberal response to Christians not wanting to be compelled to pay for abortions. Keep that in mind if you are ever tempted to try to compromise with moonbats.

On tips from Henry and Artfldgr.

  • Lentenlands

    Haha, once again, this proves that those who deceptively label themselves ‘liberals’ are nothing but; they are actually NAZI’s, marxists, socialists, communists, God-haters, Liberty-haters and lunatics.

  • ScarletPimpernel

    So shouldn’t we be reporting these death threats to USG officials to the FBI?

  • Mr. Mentalo

    When conservatives actually start to change big things like ObamaCare and the homosexual take-over of our schools and the Scouts, the push-back will be a frenzied insanity such as the world has never seen.

    This is when we must stand tall, make no apologies and NEVER allow the progressives to set the agenda or “conversation”. We’ve been there and done that. They ALWAYS get the upper hand with their talk and spin and volume. No more.

    It will be ugly, it most certainly will get violent (just see their “tweets” above), and we must be prepared to respond in kind. They’ve insisted that there isn’t room in the world for them and anyone else. Since that is how they want it, it’s up to them as to how far they take it.

  • ODA315

    Their tolerance is refreshing……..

  • MannieP

    I’m starting to think that Democrats, Liberals, and other scum should be rounded up and put in camps.

  • sTF

    Report all the twitter as violent spam

  • Wilberforce

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.
    They’re all creatures of envy and hate.

  • jarhead

    Liberals are disgusting assholes!

  • Henry

  • dan

    Just imagine a libtard with guns….oh…i guess that would be a mass shooter

  • TaterSalad

    The Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court was only verifying a law /
    statute that was “already on the books” and signed into law by
    non-other than a Democrat President……Bill Clinton. Now the
    Democrats are complaining about their own laws they passed dealing with
    companies like Hobby Lobby.

  • TED

    Yah, besides that!

    Another Famous American converts
    to Islam

    It was
    announced today that Buckwheat,

    Of Our Gang fame, Has converted To

    The Muslim
    faith and changed
    his name to:

    Kareem of

    I just hope he doesn’t become a
    cereal killer!

  • TED

    I bet it really burns thier ass since more or less they OWN the Supreme Court. I don’t care WHO you are, THAT’S FRIGGIN’ FUNNY!!

  • Pork_Soda

    And endorsed then by the “Amphibious Driver of the Year”, Ted Kennedy. Bonus points!

  • Pork_Soda

    I would agree. This is not even a mere taste of things to come. When you threaten their abortion on demand altar AND challenge their expanding statist power you definitely hit ’em where it hurts though as this ruling illustrates.

  • Pork_Soda

    Ah the tears of leftists are as sweet as honeyed wine… Well for 5 seconds anyway and then they continue to hammer away again!


    We the secret service go after the clowns for the death threats?

  • Mr. Mentalo

    They’re going to crank up ALL their talking points, esp. War On Women and Christian slander.

    Let ’em. Let’s see how far they want to push it.

    You yell, I’ll out-yell you.

    You slander me? I’ll hit you back twice as hard.

    You think you can shut me up with charges of racism or sexism? I’ll just throw it back on you, and add “communist” and “traitor”.

    You’ll demonstrate? We will too…with twice as many people.

    You threaten violence? Just remember who is better armed, better trained and willing to defend a just cause.

    Be careful what you wish for, progs. You may just get it…more than you can stomach.

  • Jester

    Yes, progs, we know you lefties have a long and storied history of death and violence. The difference now, though, is that we PATRIOTIC Americans (unlike your willing victims in China, Russia, Cuba, Cambodia, et. al.) are WELL ARMED. So if you’re dying to get violent, BRING IT ON!!! I can certainly oblige.

  • whotothewhat

    What I can’t figure out why some dude like so called Argus_AKA_Todd and Kevin cares if SCOTUS ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby not having to pay for abortions. Either guys like this are just sad that now some chic might end up carrying their spawn to full term or these guys and guys like them are just beta males looking to score points with hippy feminists in order to get in there pants. Either way they are tools.

  • Cameraman

    Shillery is Bitchin about the Law her Husband Passed that gave Hobby Lobby the Win, talk about Brain Dead!!!

  • Lou Hodges

    you start the fight, we’ll finish it

  • 762×51

    For those that still don’t get it either because you cannot or will not recognize the truth, Civil War has begun. It is only a cold war for now but soon . . .

    Welcome to March 1861, prepare to defend yourselves.

  • Donna M

    Nobody takes greater pleasure or delight, than myself, to really give it to a “moonbat”! Oh yes, to figuratively, slap them upside their own heads and down to the ground using their own, unsubstantiated, error based, all out stupid rhetoric. And when they usually bring up “Bush” as a reference point, I always end up asking them, “When you ride your bike in the street, pedaling forward, why are you always, turned around, watching backwards, the traffic behind you?” Now come on, does this make me a mental moonbatterer? 😉

  • Softly Bob

    All talk though. They talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk.
    They will resort to violence but it will be the most cowardly violence imaginable, like a 300-pound wrestler picking on a toddler.
    They don’t have the stomach for a real fight. They are loud-mouthed, full of bravado, but ultimately have no backbone. Let’s see how the Moonbats stand up in a real fight. They’ll piss their pants, tell lies, try to talk their way out of it, pretend that they were on the our side all along, play the victim and scream like babies but they will ultimately die a coward’s death.

  • 762×51

    You are starting the lib, not us, I just know what it takes to destroy evil. As long as you are inviting me though it would be rude for me not to accept. I know a remote place where no one else could be hurt so you name a time and I’ll tell you where it is, single combat to the death.

    As a dirty libtard you don’t have the sand for that, you need others to do your dirty work for you. Here is your chance to finish lib.

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