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Jul 20 2014

Faith Fines

Ted Cruz blows away the smoke and the lies to put on the Senate record exactly what the Hobby Lobby case is all about: the war by the Democrat Party on the Christian faith.

Yet liberals are enraged by their Supreme Court setback. They will not accept defeat.

One more Supreme Court pick by Obama or his ilk and this country won’t even vaguely resemble America.

Via, on a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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    The First Amendment has become a partisan issue – to answer the Senators question, because the cultural Marxists of the Democrat Party are nothing more than totalitarian dictators. You will live, think, eat, sleep, work, and act as they dictate or will be deemed an enemy of the state thereby subject to arrest, imprisonment or death should you resist. Remember, the Constitution was a list of negative rights the government has. It is meant to constrain government, any lifting of those restraints is a lessening of personal liberty of the citizenry of this nation.

    Soviet Russia was a day at the beach compared to what these filth have in store for what used to be called America. Make no mistake, the timid assholes of the conservative movement who decry active war against this tyranny are as much to blame for the advancement of slavery as are the cultural Marxist. Anyone who thinks that people who litigate against nuns as Sen Cruz correctly observes, can be reasoned with is a fool,a coward or both. This threat cannot be defeated by rhetoric, votes, logic or money. It can only be stopped with lead.

    For a long time I have said here that civil war is coming to the streets of America, that is no longer true. Civil War is here – NOW! The shooting has not started yet but will soon. Every day we delay that battle is another day closer to defeat for us and the enslavement of our children for all time.

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